Quick Tips for Your First Keto Carb Up

Quick Tips For Your First Keto Carb Up #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

Switch up your low-carb routine with carb-up pick-me-up. The essentials for your first keto carb-up are hot off the press: when and how often you should do a carb-up, how many and what type of carbs you should get.

Okay, you’re loving keto. You’re finally getting the results you’ve always dreamt of and your body is beginning to heal. Yet, things are just getting a little, well, stale. On top of that, you’re not feeling so hot, certainly not as good as you felt when you first embarked on your keto expedition. Welcome to the wonderful world of carb-ups.

When you first wade into the ketogenic waters, it’s easy to assume that carbs have the same place in your diet as paint thinner. But they’re not the boogeyman they’re made out to be. The occasional carb-up can actually save your keto butt, especially if you’re a woman. The key is to utilize those carbs strategically. Not sure if carb-ups are for you? Check out this dandy video and blog post.

If you’re finding yourself stuck, if your hormones are still a bit out of whack, or if you’re just not feeling up-to-par, this video will deliver the lowdown for your first keto carb-up.

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  • Why carb-ups?
  • Carb-up timing & frequency
  • What type of carbs to eat
  • The amount of carbs to get


Have you consummated a carb-up? How did it switch up your keto? Give the family your inspiration and know-how in the comments!

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  1. So I just purchased the Keto Diet book…and it is AMAZING!! Here are my two questions! #1. I purchased the book from amazon not your site..but would LOVE to be in your private fb group, is that a possibility? #2. I know you talk about your Fat Fueled profiles in the Keto Diet book, is the Fat Fueled more in depth? Or is it just that same section of the book? Thank you for all the help you give!!

  2. Hi Leanne! Love your videos! I’ve been keto for about 6 weeks now (no cheats) and down 17lbs. I’m thinking of doing my first Carb up next week. I’m thrilled with the weight loss and haven’t had any plateaus yet, but still not feeling fantastic (adrenal fatigue). So I hope maybe a Carb up might help. Could I do sushi or a gluten free pizza for Carb up? I know that carbs should be replacing fat, so how does that work with the cheese from the pizza?

    • I recommend sticking to paleo carb sources like sweet potato, potato, squash, and fruit for your first carb up. But if you’re out with friends and want to enjoy some pizza, I’d time it as a carb up and not worry so much about the balance of fat and carbs. Just live and enjoy it! ;) For more on balance and how to eat keto without having to count or track anything, I recommend checking out my program Fat Fueled.

  3. hi mam
    i was 100 kg before 6 month i reduce it to 86 now
    but my weight is not going down from 86
    now my friends told me about this diet can you explane how i should plan my keto diet

  4. Hello, I just started keto for a few weeks and I like how I’m feeling now, the amount of energy that I’m getting, not feeling hungry at all. :) I haven’t cheated at all, even though I’m a baker. I don’t normally taste my baking goods because I have tasted them in the past. The challenge is when I am trying out new recipe. Like the other night, I was trying out a caramel recipe and I needed to see how it tasted. So I used a toothpick and dipped it into the caramel and tasted it. I don’t think the amount I tasted would void me from being keto. But how do I balance?
    Btw, love your book.

    • Hey Winnie! I’m so glad you’re feeling good :) A tiny amount like that shouldn’t affect you too much once you’re adapted. If you have to try larger amounts, I’d time it so you try them in the evening as a carb up.

  5. Thank you so much! I’ve learned a lot from watching your videos! I’ve been doing keto since Feb. 19th, no cheats, and down 22 pounds! Thinking about doing my first carb up next Friday. Any advice on what to eat at an Italian restaurant???

    • Wow, that’s amazing! If you’re not looking to carb up, you can usually ask to replace the pasta with a bed of steamed veggies like spinach or broccoli :)

  6. Can you also tell me where I’m at with my weekly menu subscription?

  7. Absolutely, 10000% LOVE this strategy! It has helped me FEEL so much better, and has helped many of my clients bust through weight loss plateaus. You are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

    • That’s so great to hear! You’re so kind ;) Thanks for sharing your experience, Kate!

  8. Hello
    Can you buy the fat fulled book, not a ebook or the program? I see on Amazon.ca its 410 pages any only a kindle. Thanks
    p.s. thans for the video book tour for those of us in the boonies.

    • Hey! Fat Fueled is only available as a digital program. You can purchase it here or from Amazon. I hope this helps!

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