Quick Tips for Your First Keto Carb Up

Quick Tips For Your First Keto Carb Up #keto #lowcarb #highfat #theketodiet

Switch up your low-carb routine with carb-up pick-me-up. The essentials for your first keto carb-up are hot off the press: when and how often you should do a carb-up, how many and what type of carbs you should get.

Okay, you’re loving keto. You’re finally getting the results you’ve always dreamt of and your body is beginning to heal. Yet, things are just getting a little, well, stale. On top of that, you’re not feeling so hot, certainly not as good as you felt when you first embarked on your keto expedition. Welcome to the wonderful world of carb-ups.

When you first wade into the ketogenic waters, it’s easy to assume that carbs have the same place in your diet as paint thinner. But they’re not the boogeyman they’re made out to be. The occasional carb-up can actually save your keto butt, especially if you’re a woman. The key is to utilize those carbs strategically. Not sure if carb-ups are for you? Check out this dandy video and blog post.

If you’re finding yourself stuck, if your hormones are still a bit out of whack, or if you’re just not feeling up-to-par, this video will deliver the lowdown for your first keto carb-up.

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  • Why carb-ups?
  • Carb-up timing & frequency
  • What type of carbs to eat
  • The amount of carbs to get


Have you consummated a carb-up? How did it switch up your keto? Give the family your inspiration and know-how in the comments!

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How to Start Keto


    • Hi Kaycelyn! This can actually be a great time for a carb up, since your endocrine system is working overtime when you’re on your period!

  1. Hello help Im 52, I started IF in september 2016 and I started keto july 2017 for health cause all my familly died from cancer so I said not me, it as been a 7 mounts amazing feeling in bonus lost 20 pounds also as my husband, so now my question is I started to have heart palpitations and hair thinning and it seems it started after my fisrt 40 hour fast, and I felt great and can we get keto flu 6 mounts in? My hair is thinning and im loosing alot, my mood is not good, I have heart palpitations or vibrations hard to explain and pressure in my chest, I tought I was diying sunday night did not sleep at all, not been sleeping for 3weeks, never went to emergency before but my husband said we are going, went to hospital the ECG is ok, waiting for holter 48 hours results next week, I HOPE) saw a keto doctor last week, she said that my blood work is amazing especially my triglyceride :D we will wait to see the results of holter, but I really suspec keto flu, or hormones, going for bioidentical hormones check up next week, I been taking magnesium for a couple of mounts, I put himalayen salt on my food in my water, drink bone broth, today im doing better my night sleep was better. But when it happens its like im going to die going crazy here, I burp alot, I saw a dr at er she prescripbed pills for heart burn,the keto dr thinks that maybe my metabolism is slowing down?? I dont count my calories I eat until im stuffed and to not do long fasting anymore.
    thank you for your help xox
    she said to up my magnesium, more salt more water but If I do dont sleep better ♥

    • Hi Lyne! From what you’re describing, it sounds like you may need to start a carb up practice. Use some of the tips in this video, and try one as your last meal of the day to see how you feel in the morning!

  2. Ok, so My husband & I are reading your awesome book right now, & I had a question about carb ups: is the amount in carbs (in grams) that I eat during a carb up the exact amount in in fat grams I should be taking out of a recipe? Say I want to carb up 1 time per week with 110 grams of carb…does this mean I have to take away/reduce the fat grams (in 1 of your recipes) by 110 grams of fat? I’m just trying to figure out the ratio when swapping carbs grams for fat grams… Thanks & look forward to hearing from you!!! SO excited to start our Keto journey!!!

    • Hey! It doesn’t have to be that precise– with a carb up, just try to keep the fat to 1 tablespoon or less per serving. Super excited for you, too! :D

  3. Hi Leanne! How soon after a carb up meal should I check my (blood) ketones to check and see how particular foods affect me? Thanks for being awesome!

  4. I have been on Keto for three weeks no cheats, I feel great but I could use more energy when I exercise. My question is, will doing a carb up knock me out of ketosis and will I experience any of the dreaded “keto flu” when I go another 2 days in 20g of carbs? I plan on sticking to veggies for carbs initially. You had me at beets…I miss beets so much!

    • When done correctly, you should slide right back into ketosis the next morning without keto flu symptoms. Start small if you’re worried about it!

  5. I had my first carb up today and I am nervous! What did I do to myself!? Although it felt great! I am a little confused, is it best to do a carb up meal, or carb up day? I ended my day with 107 net carb and 13g fat. Am I doing this right? I hope I didn’t mess this up!!

    • Most people find that a carb up meal in the evening works best for them, but it’s totally up to you! I’m glad it felt great– you must have done something right ;)