Video: 10 Carb Up Meals. Why You Should Carb Up… and How To Do It

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10 examples of what a carb up looks like in a ketogenic eating style(with pictures) and how I carb up. Plus, a plate guide so you can do it, too.

My success with low-carb, keto living came when I embraced CARB TIMING.

So many women that I speak with about eating keto (low-carb, high-fat) tell me that they “can’t do it,” they often feel “off” and only, “last 30 days” or, “start losing their hair/energy/mind” and stop before the going gets good.

Upon further investigation, it ALWAYS comes up that these keto ladies did not practice carb-ups. Maybe this woman is you. Maybe you’re eating keto but not feeling right? Maybe you’re convinced that carb-ups are the way to go, but you have no idea where to start? Or, maybe you’re deathly afraid of carbs and confused why the “low-carb, keto girl” is recommending we eat carbs.

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Need more guidance on whether carb ups are right for you, how to implement a carb up, my different Fat Fueled profiles, and more? Check out my digital programs, The Keto Beginning (pages 108 through 109) and Fat Fueled (pages 55 through 67).

Lucky for you, you’re not the only one. Of all of the keto questions I receive on a daily basis, there are the most common (and they’re all about carb-ups!):

  • Why should I have a carb up day on keto?
  • Should women have carb nights while eating keto?
  • Who benefits from carb ups?
  • If I decide to do this carb up thing, what do I eat during a carb up?

If your brain is a mess trying to figure out this whole carb-up thing on keto, today’s keto video is a must-watch.

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  • What a carb-up is
  • Why carb-ups on a low-carb, keto eating style work
  • Who should do carb-ups
  • 10 meal examples of a nightly carb up for women


Carb ups were a total game-changer for me, and I think they can be a great fit for keto warrior women!

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  1. Hi Leanne!
    I am new to Keto however I discovered your book The Keto Diet and was hooked overnight. I have had a healthy lifestyle and have enjoyed weight training for the past two years. Eating and macros is easy for me and many things you have said in your book relate to me personally. A trainer had recommended trying keto to get past a weight loss plateau in which I researched and jumped on board. I absolutely loved it. 4 weeks in and I lost 11lbs and had such a wonderful feeling in regards to health and wellness. Unfortunately starting week four of the diet I broke out in what we probably think is the Keto rash. I am devistated and discouraged. I had to up carbs to 50grams to hopefully restore balance and clear up what is occurring all over my torso and ribs along with being on prednisone prescribed by the doctor. 6 days of the rash now and it’s slowly fading, maybe at 50% less. I am now reading the section of your book on carbing up and would love maybe your insight so that I can enjoy the benefits of keto but remain in a state where I’m not covered in an ugly rash.

    Much appreciated,

  2. Hi Leanne,
    I’m on my throws week of keto and I have been having the worst time trying to sleep. I don’t think my hair is falling out or anything but I’m feeling extremely fatigued (thinking it’s because insomnia got so bad). Do you think I should do one carb up meal? I can’t tell if I’m fat adapted or not because I have been feeling not hungry, no cravings, no lost weight, and quite exhausted. Please help! Thank you!!

    • I’m sorry for typo! I have been on keto for Three weeks now” was what I was saying.

  3. HI,
    Do you carb up every day or once in a while or weekends. Isn’t that messing with your keto? So just go over the 20% carbs is considered a carb up? And if you carb up then you reduce either fat or protein right?
    So lost

  4. Hi !
    Just started keto about 5 days ago. When should I start introducing carb ups? And do I do it EVERYnight or every 3 or 4th night or once a week? I workout about 3x a week! Would just like to know what you suggest :) Thanks!

    PS were the meals you showed in the video carb us you do each night? or every 4th night? or once a week?


    • Hi Kara! Generally it’s best to wait until you’re fat adapted before starting a carb up practice, but everyone is different! As for frequency, play around with it to find the balance that best suits you! I’ve done them three times a week to three times a month depending on where my body is at!