Video: 10 Carb Up Meals. Why You Should Carb Up… and How To Do It

10 Carb Up Meals #lowcarb #keto #carbup #hflc #ketogenic

10 examples of what a carb up looks like in a ketogenic eating style(with pictures) and how I carb up. Plus, a plate guide so you can do it, too.

My success with low-carb, keto living came when I embraced CARB TIMING.

So many women that I speak with about eating keto (low-carb, high-fat) tell me that they “can’t do it,” they often feel “off” and only, “last 30 days” or, “start losing their hair/energy/mind” and stop before the going gets good.

Upon further investigation, it ALWAYS comes up that these keto ladies did not practice carb-ups. Maybe this woman is you. Maybe you’re eating keto but not feeling right? Maybe you’re convinced that carb-ups are the way to go, but you have no idea where to start? Or, maybe you’re deathly afraid of carbs and confused why the “low-carb, keto girl” is recommending we eat carbs.

Lucky for you, you’re not the only one. Of all of the keto questions I receive on a daily basis, there are the most common (and they’re all about carb-ups!):

  • Why should I have a carb up day on keto?
  • Should women have carb nights while eating keto?
  • Who benefits from carb ups?
  • If I decide to do this carb up thing, what do I eat during a carb up?

If your brain is a mess trying to figure out this whole carb-up thing on keto, today’s keto video is a must-watch.

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  • What a carb-up is
  • Why carb-ups on a low-carb, keto eating style work
  • Who should do carb-ups
  • 10 meal examples of a nightly carb up for women


Have you added carbs to your nightly keto routine as per my keto program, Fat Fueled? How are you feeling?

Let’s chat about it in the comments so that other women (just like you!) can see just how powerful a practice this is!

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  1. Hi Leanne! I came across your Channel on YouTube and you ARE awesome! I love and appreciate the info you share. It’s been very helpful in my Keto journey.
    I have a question/concern…
    I’ve been doing Keto for 3 months and was doing great but recently I have been feeling tired at times and noticed my hair falling. I want to do carb ups at night as you suggested but Before Keto I suffered from SEVERE candida. It was depressing. Periods, sex, nothing, AND everything would trigger an episode. I haven’t had one since!! I’m worried that carb ups will trigger them again but I’m worried about my energy level and hair loss. What would you do?

    • Thanks so much, Andrea! I’m thrilled you’ve found what I share helpful :)

      You could try a protein-up instead of a carb-up! Instead of increasing your carbs, increase your protein and see how that goes for you. There’s more in-depth info on protein-ups in my new book, The Keto Diet. Also, here’s my video about candida on keto if you haven’t already seen it. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi Leanne,
    Just a few questions first of all how many carb meals can you have a day or is it something you just do once in a while. Second question I use armor as my medication which I really like an my body feels good with it other than with that synthetic drug Synthroid, but I find myself very constipated is that one of the side effects of armor? Would you know and can you answer me that question I would truly appreciate it.
    Last question I really enjoy drinking kombucha and I make my own is it okay to drink it on this type of diet for the benefits of the probiotics?
    In advance thank you for answering my questions.

    • Hey, Maria! It really depends on the person, but if you have hypothyroidism, you may benefit from a carb-up meal every night. It’s best to chat with your doctor about the side effects of your medication, though! Kombucha can be great on keto, especially in the evening with your carb-up. I hope this helps!

  3. Hello Leanne,

    I enjoy your vlogs very much and was wondering whether you customize meal plans for individuals with cancer?

  4. Hello there again Leanne, I’m having some problems being on Keto. I’m losing weight and inches (that’s GREAT!) skin has totally cleared up for that time of the month (Whoot Whoot). My blood work HDL, LDL, and cortisol have all came back good. I take all of the supplements that you have suggested plus a couple of others that I’ve been taking on my own (I’m not on ANY medication). Here is my issue…I’m not sleeping, I’ve had chronic insomnia for years and for the past year it’s gotten into dangerous insomnia. I have gone to my doctors many of times and she has prescribed sleeping meds that my body gets use to in two days then she has given me something different. The last time I went she suggested that I go to a sleep specialist for this issues. I’m on his calendar for November 10th!! I have used ALL herb remedies for sleep. And right now I’m at my whits end. Since I have been on Keto I’m in constant ketosis and I’m fat adapted…my problem is that I have NO energy what so ever…it seems that I’m just getting by. I just wanted no know if you have ANY suggestions for me to do to get some much-needed sleep. Today I’m going to try and carb up for dinner to see if that helps with some organic yams, broccoli and a piece of meat. I’m sorry if I’m all over the place, I’m trying to stay focused to finish my plea. Also, I have stopped losing weight for the past 2 weeks and I have done a fat fast for 3 days to break the plateau and lost 5 pounds. I have looked into your fat fueled program BUT I don’t eat pork or shellfish. Leanne, is there something that you can suggest to help me?
    Thank you in advance for your help
    Keto Rocks!
    Tammy B.

    • Hey, Tammy! How did the carb up go? I hope that it helped! There’s a whole section in Fat Fueled about how to thrive on keto without pork, and there’s only one recipe that includes shellfish, so I wouldn’t worry about that too much. There’s also a section all about insomnia with tips on how to resolve it. I definitely recommend checking that out. Good luck!

    • Get a sleep study. I did and have sleep apnea. Now THAT I use the CPAP nightly I sleep great and feel like a new person. Sleep deprivation is horrible for your health. Get a sleep study !!!! Good luck.

    • Men are welcome to follow! If you purchase any of my programs, it’s likely that men will need to eat more than what is recommended, though.

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