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My New Keto Audiobooks

by October 1, 2018

New Keto Audiobooks #keto #lowcarb #highfat

Thrive on fats and bust through cravings. You don’t have to read it to do it!

My two best-selling keto programs, The Keto Beginning and Fat Fueled, have been made into keto audiobooks!

Guide on how to start keto.

Keto shopping lists, recipes, and more! Start keto with this FREE 5-step guide.

I'm ready!

I locked myself in a 2-foot by 2-foot box for a solid week; sounds way more risqué than it was, and read aloud all 9 hours of my two best-selling keto programs. End goal: to provide you with two solid keto audiobooks for your high-fat, keto life.

Get all of the keto audiobook details here.

With The Keto Beginning and Fat Fueled audiobooks, you’ll be shown how to…

  • Boost your body’s ability to heal, naturally.
  • Gain the power to end food obsession and strict eating schedules.
  • Bust through plateaus to create a life you love.
  • Mega-charge self-worth, self-respect, self-trust and self-love.

With over 9 hours of ultimate fat-burning, keto content.

All of the keto recipes and keto meal plans, included…

Each of the audiobooks comes with a complimentary keto resource guide filled with the keto recipes and keto meal plans you need to make things HAPPEN.

Get Yours

Learn while you live.

Press, “play” and learn how to make a life-lasting change to your health and body while you’re driving, walking the dog, bathing the kids, shopping…

End constant cravings, eliminate bloat, and feel awesome in your skin, I’d love to show you how to do it.

Listen to the keto audiobooks directly to your phone, tablet, computer or mp3 player and listen to my (calming, fantastical) voice as I show you how to fuel with fats, free yourself from cravings, heal your body, and generally, be awesome.

Once you’ve purchased your keto audiobook(s), you’ll receive an email with a link to the audio file. The keto audiobook has all chapters and sections in it so you can skip between chapters, without having to download each chapter on its own. Alternatively, though, I’ve also included streamed audio files for those interested and one large audio file with no chapters. There’s a format for everyone!

Yay for keto audiobooks!

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