Traveling Through India: The Streets

By June 9, 2015

For more on my backpacking trip through India, check out Mumbai experience, Kallikadu, Sivananda ashram introduction, Indiathe basics, Sivananda ashram I, Sivananda ashram II, waterfalls and temples, the streets, and varkala posts. One of my first India experiences was having to cross the road at the Mumbai airport to find my shuttle. There were people everywhere, new smells, yelling, endless honking… it was like nothing I’d ever experienced. After I got more comfortable venturing out on my own, I spent more time roaming random streets sucking in as much culture as I could than I did yoga, if you can believe it! To give you an idea of what it was like, here’s a video I shot of a portion of my cab ride through Trivandrum: httpv:// My favorite moment of them all was during Siva day where the people of Kallikadu played om namah shivaya over the intercom in celebration.Thankfully, I had my phone with me and ended up taking a video of it. When I’m having a rough day I play this video, close my eyes and bring myself right back to what is now my favorite place on Earth, chanting on Siva day. httpv:// In addition to the chanting, there were a lot of motorcycles and pedal bikes on the sides of the roads, beautiful old taxis with some of the most uncomfortable seats I’ve ever sat on. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, though. Busy streets in larger cities, and quiet, forested streets in small villages. Ladies with umbrellas to protect their gorgeous skin from the sun, and me on a mission to explore it all!

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