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  1. Ah…. I remember this place! I was there during summer of ’96. I have swept most of the ashram as a part of karma yoga practice. Loved the mite work and plain food and the lovely climate. An indian myself found the life at ashram a wonderful relief, i was in 6th grade then but the memories are still fresh, those rainy days, and mindless stares at the night sky….. phew
    thanks for the pictures! :)

    • What great memories and so fabulous that you got to experience such a great place at such a young age!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful retreat. I looks so relaxing.

    Actually, I think that this would be the one thing I’d really have a hard time doing, if I were there: relaxing! I’m so used to being “on the gun” all the time, it would be hard to just sit there and RELAX! Do you find it hard to do that, Leanne?

    Mind you, I guess being in such a calm and quiet environment must truly help. Seriously. Your surroundings are simply astounding!

    You are making me wish I was right there, too!

  3. I can’t find the words to express my thoughts but I LOVE this post. You managed to tell a whole story without a single word. It was more then just a story but a feeling as well. Amazing. Simply amazing.