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Audio: Keto, High-fat Living a Breeze? Solutions for making the switch easy

by November 3, 2018

Audio: Keto, High-fat Living a Breeze? Solutions for making the switch easy. #keto #lowcarb #paleo

A recorded keto Q&A session on why your body may not be thriving on the high-carb, whole food approach to “healthy” eating and how to make the switch to a keto eating style rich in healthy keto fats.

“Healthy eating” is opting for whole grains, preparing glorious fruit bowls, piling on the vegetables, saying HELL YES to fresh-pressed juices, glorious dried fruits, and more… right?

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Are you doing this right now? Is your health top notch? Craving things? PCOS? Infertility?

Clearly, what we’re doing isn’t working, and we owe it to ourselves to do something different.

That different for me, was adopting a higher-fat, lower-carb eating, keto style.

Myra; our guest today, has done the very same thing, shifting from the high-carb whole food approach to a keto life filled with glorious keto fats.

In today’s keto Q&A we reveal,

  • why carbs (and protein) are making you hungry
  • solutions for shifting from “healthy” high-carb to keto
  • how to develop high-fat, keto recipes
  • how to stay motivated on a high-fat, keto eating style
  • our keto experience, from start to now, 5 months later

A must-listen for keto health seekers interested in understanding what to expect (and look forward to) when switching from “healthy” high-carbs to a keto eating style rich in healthy keto fats.

For listeners/readers who want to check out Myra’s recipes and approach to whole food-based nutritional ketosis with fabulously rich fat-filled recipes, head on over to The Happy Health Freak.

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