#137 What Really Happens When You Eat Keto

By March 19, 2019

What Really Happens When You Eat Keto #fatfear #ketoisgood #ketobenefits #ketobasics #howketoworks

Overcoming fat fear, why fat is good for you, how keto works in the body, and so much more.

The idea of consuming a diet of mostly fat after so many years of eating low fat can be a bit terrifying, right? I mean, the dogma of fat fear is drilled into us: from doctors to food labels, magazines, and health resources everywhere. Fat is bad! So how can keto be good?!

It took a lot of faith for me to leap into eating keto, but once I tried it out, the benefits spoke for themselves. Keto makes me feel amazing, and my body has learned to thrive on fat. If you’re scared to jump into eating keto, I put together this episode just for you — it’s exactly what I needed way back in 2013 when I was just starting to research that crazy keto thing.

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If you want even more resources on getting rid of that fear of eating fat, head on over to pages 12 and 13 of my digital program, The Keto Beginning.

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What Really Happens When You Eat Keto #fatfear #ketoisgood #ketobenefits #ketobasics #howketoworks
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