Video: How I Stopped Binging on Carbs

How I Stopped Binging on Carbs #overeating #binge #lowcarb

How I shifted my keto perspective and got out of the funk of binge-eating carbs and sugar last month.

A couple of weeks ago, I got lost in carbs. Like, seriously… I couldn’t stop eating sugar to the point where I was waking up, having carbs, and falling asleep at my desk 1 hour later. It was a messy situation, and I was ashamed of it.

Then, I had a realization, worked through a bunch of emotions and developed a solid strategy that helped me get out of the funk, within days. No guilt-based goals, restrictive eating or negative self-talk. Today, I’m sharing the keto strategy.

If you’ve forgotten about you started eating high-fat, keto, have gotten stuck in the rut of overeating, binge eating or have a case of the ‘fuck it’ mentality, today’s keto video is for you.

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  • How to define your diet without negativity
  • The feelings behind wanting to change your body
  • Freeing yourself from emotional eating


What tools do you use to get yourself out of a slump like this?

Let’s chat about it in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the revisit to this, I’ve totally had a “fuck it” mentality since probably Halloween. I had a very painful health issue come back (trigeminal neuralgia) and it was excruciating nerve pain 24/7, and I could barely handle breathing, much less meal plans for keto. Thankfully, the pain stopped a few weeks ago (before Christmas…woo hoooooo!), but now I’ve been getting my daily energy back. The New Year is a classic time for a reset, but I’m not making it about “I shouldn’t” at ALL. It’s all about what I WANT, and I WANT the energy I get when I eat keto :-D Thanks for reminding me to remind myself to do what I WANT! Lol.

    • Yesss, that’s totally the way to go! Good for you, Kimbereley. Good luck on getting back into the groove!

  2. Hi Leanne,
    Thanks for your great podcast and books. I have been following Keto with the use of your book The Keto Diet. I am wondering if I could join your Facebook group?
    Thanks Kim Basher
    Kelowna, Bc

  3. Thank you SO much for this post. It is such the thing I needed to hear I’m in tears. Thanks for all you do. Loved your site for a long time and just got all your audible versions last week.

    • I am so happy it was helpful, Deb! Thank you for all of your support <3