Video: 30 High-Fat, Keto Solutions For Women

30 High-Fat Solutions For Women #keto #highfat #lowcarb #FatFueled

How women can adjust a keto (high-fat, low-carb) eating style to work for them. 30 answers to 30 of your top-asked ketogenic questions. Addressing menopause, amenorrhea (missing period), hunger, cravings, energy crashes, adrenal dysfunction, thyroid imbalances, and more.

17 months ago, when I was entertaining the idea of going high-fat, keto to heal my body, lose weight and balance my hormones, I had a lot of unanswered questions around the concept. I felt alone in my attempt and unsure of how I was going to make sense of things when there was literally no one around to guide me.

If/when you decide to heal your body with healthy fats, I don’t want you to feel the way I did or waste the time that I did.

Over the weekend, I invited a handful of ladies from our community to jump on a Q&A call with me. We chatted about all things high-fat, low-carb, keto and how we, as women, can adjust the standard high-fat, keto protocols to not only work for our bodies, but heal them, too.

If you’ve tried a keto, low-carb diet and it didn’t work for you, or you’re new to the concept of healing with fats and have a bunch of unanswered questions about keto, today’s recording is for you.


  1. How to approach keto when you’re post-menopausal
  2. What to do when keto gives you energy highs and lows
  3. Why keto Bulletproof coffee may not support your body as a woman
  4. How to keep your fatty keto coffee practice while supporting your adrenals and thyroid
  5. What to do when you’re hungry after a keto Bulletproof coffee
  6. How to improve blood pressure
  7. How to support adrenal dysfunction with a high-fat, keto eating style
  8. Signs that point to you needing a regular breakfast on keto
  9. The best salt for low blood pressure
  10. How to heal hypothalamic amenorrhea
  11. How to approach keto when you’re orthorexic
  12. How to be a Fat Fueled vegetarian
  13. How to support hormones by eating high-fat, keto
  14. How much fat to eat on a daily basis when you don’t want to count macros
  15. What to do with cravings on high-fat, keto
  16. Signs that it’s time for a carb-up
  17. How to manage your workout schedule when you have adrenal dysfunction
  18. The best time to eat carbohydrates for your sex hormones and adrenals
  19. Introduction to Fat Fueled profiles to make your high-fat, keto eating style work for you
  20. What to do when you gain weight on keto
  21. What to do when you aren’t getting the results on keto
  22. How much fat is too much on keto
  23. How to listen to your body on keto
  24. How to make a vegan keto Bulletproof coffee
  25. How to balance alcohol consumption with a keto diet
  26. How to make a high-fat, keto smoothie
  27. The best Fat Fueled Profile for adrenal dysfunction
  28. The best carbs for a carb-up
  29. How to improve sleep on keto
  30. How to understand when you’re actually hungry




Today’s keto recording is an epic one, too long for standard transcription services. I hope that it is okay for you to listen in to this one! Transcription will be back up and running for next week’s video!

Of the 30 keto answers, which piece resonated with you the most? Any major shifts that you’ll be implementing into your eating style? I’d love to chat about it with you in the comments below…

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  1. Hi leanne… I am a 53 year old full on menopausal female. I have been following you for 4 months now…I don’t drink alcohol , and did count my macros for the first 6 wks to get a sense of what to eat and what the fat protein carb ratios look like. Since then I just “wing” it. I began carb up around wk 8. I lost about 10 lbs the first 3 wks….since then 0. But that’s okay….I feel great as far as energy….believe I am fat adapted as I don’t need to eat much…prob average 12-1800 cal /day or less. My concern is…..I seem to be holding fat around the middle. I am 5’6″ 135…not overweight and recognize there is a hormonal element in this. Would this now be more of a focus on exercise?

  2. # 21 for me….
    The first 2 weeks on keto I lost 9 lbs. after that I lost another 2 lbs slowly. For the last month I haven’t lost a thing. I’m staying within my numbers and I can’t seem to get out of this. Thank you!

  3. If I didn’t mention before why I love your work so much is that I’ve spent many years being an extreme, critical, ‘research manic’, regardimg natural health &science from around the globe. Your creative ways to express incredible , accurate, and thankfully un- commercialled world health wisdom is truely a blessing to us ‘low on trust & tired’.
    Fantastc eray of videos! Ii still have more to connect with :-)

  4. #27 resonates with me … After Adrenal melt down. I was a work a holic! …i was far more addicted to my 30-40 expressos a day than being my closet smoker self, getting 4-6 hrs sleep a night for a few years, insane personal stress ….then melt down …so much so, doctors first diagnosis was multiple sclerosis…. Then my A personality came out again, and lead to overwhelmed research…. I most definitely had become ‘auto immune charged’ but scars/lesions on nerves on spine, were more consistent with old injuries than anything else and lesions on brain memory can absolutely be caused and have shown to be highly hormone caused (genetic, my 20yr daughter has extreme pituitary gland swelling). Not meaning to pass on my overwhelmed self, BUT I am overwhelmed, out of money and patience for multiple sclerosis being a billion $ industry. I am truely trying to decide if I should go straight to your second book with regards to diets best for Adrenals,thyroid. Pituitary …and very slow gallbladder. I beg for structured simplicity until I calm down LOL.
    PS. Since I spent career & personal life regarding health focused empowerment (specialy for youth and they’re caregivers) i have no excuse for not taking care of myself (always wanting to save world) YOUR IMPECCABLE RESEARCH ASTOUNDS ME.
    Sincerely, Thank-you

    • Thanks for sharing! If you decide to give my program a try, I’d love to know if it works for you.

  5. Hi–I’m 52, in menopause, and have tried keto type diet with my husband for the past several months (with carb breaks when we are away on vacations). I didn’t eat sweets, fruit (except occasional few raspberries or blueberries), processed foods, pasta, grains or bread when we were stringent. I do drink alcohol but only vodka, bourbon, tequila or dry wine (less so). I’m very active although I don’t do much cardio other than some fast walking. We eat grass fed beef and local pork and chicken and do intermittent fasting almost daily with bulletproof coffee (grass fed butter and coconut oil). I lost a few pounds the first few weeks but NOTHING since. I’m so discouraged and really don’t know what to eat anymore. I know cortisol and hormones are the root of my issues, but I’m not ready to wear baggy pants the rest of my life.
    We bought keto blood testing kit/strips (at considerable expense) but have never managed to test on regular basis as it seemed so complicated and there were so many variables it was overwhelming.
    The last video said you would address post menopausal issues with keto but I didn’t hear anything and until you’re in it I wonder how helpful you (or anyone) can be. I’m not FAT, just 10-15 lbs heavier than I would like to be (5’6″ 160lb ish, muscular build) and would like to feel slim and healthy and energetic.
    Oh–and I can’t sleep without aids (drugs) though I tried a host of natural ones first.
    Finally! What is the light therapy you recommend? I couldn’t recall what video it was in.
    Thanks much and congratulations on your business and lifestyle!