Video: What’s Wrong With The Ketogenic Diet

By October 6, 2018

Video: What’s Wrong With The Ketogenic Diet #keto #lowcarb #highfat

Where the ketogenic diet for health and weight loss fails and what you can do instead to create a keto eating style that works with you… for life.

I’ve been eating “keto” for nearly a year. It’s an eating style that focuses on fat as the primary source of all intake in an effort to “flip the switch” on our metabolism, enabling us to burn fat as energy instead of glucose (sugar).

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When I first started on this journey, I was appalled with the resources out there. Many people, places, and spaces were recommending oodles of dairy, with very little mention of the quality of ingredients used, low-carb and keto products galore, and vegetables were consumed on a very, very minimal basis.

After months of creating a high-fat, keto eating style that worked best for me, I experienced a dramatic loss in my weight, hormone regulation and healing on all levels. I packaged up the keto program I’d developed and called it The Keto Beginning – a whole foods approach to ketogenic eating. I shared it so that our community could benefit from a whole food approach to high-fat, keto living beyond what “conventional” keto resources out there were offering.

A must-watch if you’re keto or interested in high-fat, keto living with a focus on nutrient-dense whole, keto foods for lifelong health.

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  • Where the ketogenic diet for health and weight loss fails
  • How to create balance for lifelong ketogenic eating
  • How the right kind of keto eating style allows us to listen and trust our bodies
  • How everyone can adapt a high-fat, keto life


Done right, eating high-fat, keto has the potential to detox our bodies from bad estrogens, eliminate sugar cravings, connect us with our bodies, help us build trust in our appetite and the signals our body sends us, maintain a healthy weight, regulate hormones, and more.

The key to success is being open to finally creating your eating style, with a focus on fats, a reduction in carbs and seeing where your body takes you.

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