Video: What To Expect When You Go “High-Fat” or “Keto”

Video: What To Expect When You Go High-Fat #keto #lowcarb #paleo #primal #health #nutrition

The 5 phases to expect when transitioning to a high-fat (ketogenic) eating style.

I’ve coached hundreds of women in shifting to a high-fat, keto eating style. And, I switched to keto too, back in June 2014. Hard to believe I’m nearing a year of eating keto. I’ve never felt more healthy, whole and full of life than I do right now.

Maybe you’re interested in all this high-fat, keto stuff but you’re a bit overwhelmed and not too sure what to expect?

I’ve created a clear 5-phase expectation outlook for you so that there are no surprises when you make the transition to keto.

A must-watch if you’re interested in improving your health with fats and eating keto but don’t want to be surprised along the way.

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  • Things you might experience during the first 30 days of eating high-fat, low-carb, keto
  • The 5 phases of becoming fat adapted
  • How to be the most-successful at following a ketogenic eating style
  • How to make low-carb, keto a lifestyle with carb-ups
  • The 4 carb-up strategies that I use with keto


No matter where you are on your high-fat, keto journey – phase 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5, your experiences can benefit the thousands of women in our community looking to change the way they take care of their bodies. Let’s chat about your experiences in the comments below…

What were your experiences during the 5 keto phases I outlined in today’s video?

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  1. Hi First of all Thanks for your very informative site. My Question is what about Digestive enzymes? I’m fast bloated after eating veggies?

  2. The magnesium link in the video doesn’t go to your favorite mag supplement anymore. Can you give out the link? Thanks!

  3. I tried to do this. I did the research. It sounded right. I got over the idea that eating fat would kill me. However, on top of the keto flu, my weight didn’t budge and my blood sugar spiked. Thoughts? No one I ask is willing to help. It’s like…well, didn’t work for you.

    • Hey! It’s hard to say why this may have happened without knowing more health history and such. I’d love to help you personally and come up with a plan that works for you. We can do this through SPARK sessions. Read more about SPARK sessions, here-

  4. I guess I’ve tried asking this question a few times now… I really think your input would be helpful. I’ve been working the Ketogenic thang since January. I’ve lost about 12lbs, my clothes fit better, and I’m feeling pretty great… but I’m vegetarian. What has been your experience with vegetarians on the ketogenic diet? I’ve noticed it seems you stay away from dairy, but I sometimes lean on it (and wouldn’t like to). Thoughts? Please, I beg you!!!

    • Hey Kelly! Watch the blog in the coming days/weeks. We’re doing a WHOLE vegan, plant-based keto event. It’s going to be epic!

  5. Hey so I have been slowly transitioning to a high fat diet while reading and watching everything I can on the topic and I was just wondering, what is or how large is the risk of putting on extra fat if your carb/protein/fat ratios aren’t “perfect”? It has only been about 4 days, and I am feeling fantastic, for the most part I feel 100% satiated, I have loads of energy and my yoga practice hasn’t suffered (we will see about running this week), but I am feeling a little round, not sure if it is all mental because of the amount of fat I am consuming…anyways is that normal? how balanced do I have to be? and how do I know when I have found a ratio that is good for me?

    • Hey! The “roundness” could be caused by a couple of things:
      a) your fat intake is too high
      b) your carb intake is too high
      c) you’re sensitive to something that you’re eating
      When you’ve found your ratio, you’ll feel great inside and out! Play with various ratios (as I outline in my book) and note which one makes you feel best! I hope that helps :)

  6. Love your videos & info – thank you for all you do!

    Super quick question. I’ve been eating a more high-fat diet, and especially in the morning is when I’ve made the biggest difference by cutting out all carbs then. Basically, for breakfast, I’ll have two cups of bulletproof coffee. It helps my energy for the rest of the day! BUT, it often leaves my stomach feeling a little uneasy or unsettled. Is this usual? I’ve been doing this for about 5 weeks now, so I thought by now it would get better… I’m wondering if maybe it’s just because I’m drinking breakfast instead of actually eating anything. Would you recommend adding some food for breakfast with the bulletproof coffee?

    • Hey Ann! I’ve created a recipe (coming to the blog in April) that should help with this problem. It’s a blended coffee recipe SPECIFICALLY for people going through what you are! Watch for it ;)

  7. I was wondering about eating high fat with no gallbladder?? Is there a specific problem with this?

    • I’ve fond that my clients with gallbladder imbalance (or none at all) can do this eating style, but benefit from a bit lower fat and using ox bile as a supplement.