Carb Ups, Going Off The Pill, Napping and Intuitive Eating

Episode #008 Carbing up, going off the pill and intuitive eatingKeto podcast answering your questions about going off the pill, carb-ups, intuitive eating and potential dangers of napping.

  • Different forms of carb-ups
  • Side effects of going off the pill
  • Intuitive eating vs. nutrition “rules



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  1. Hi Leanne, my daughter who is 21 now went off the pill nearly 2 years ago and no period… I have her going to acupuncturist. She is taking cited and vitamin D. She has a higher fat low carb diet mostly. She doesn’t have PCOS but PCO which I think is hormone imbalance. Any suggestions?

    • What is her BMI? I got my period back only after I gained enough weight meaning not at the lower end of normal weight but with enough fats in my body. I also started to eat a lot more carbs as they help in gaining weight and they are quite important for hormones.

  2. Hi Leanne,
    I have a question from a few podcasts ago regarding Dr. Johnson. I have hypothyroidism and have had for years and thought that I would be on medication forever. I have recently been listening to you and Amber and doing some research on my own and discovered this may not be the case. I stay away from fluoride, eat lots of selenium and iodine containing foods but my medication stays consistent. My question is do you think that going to Dr. Johnson is my best and most affordable way to go about finding answers(inflammation, sensitivities, etc.)?

    Thanks so much…love the podcasts and recipes on your site.

    • YES! He is amazing. I’ve gone from 90mg to 30mg and my next test (I have a feeling) will confirm that I don’t need to take thyroid meds anymore! I highly recommend him. Tell the ladies that Leanne sent you, they’ll treat you so well.

  3. Hi Leanne!

    I LOVE your blog! Your chocolate pomegranate mousse is a classic in my home! In fact my daughter, 3, asked us to leave some for Santa. That was the perfect treat :)

    My question is about eczema. I have it quite serverly on my palms as well as the back of my neck. I truly believe that the things that we go through can manifest themselves through our skin and so, at the age of 40 I’ve finally opened the door to healing from my parents divorce. Something I didn’t even know bothered me. Parenting has been such an eye opener for me and I’m in a beautiful relationship that makes me feel safe…so I’m doing the inner work. It’s not easy but it’s so rewarding.

    My question to you, is, would you consider making a lifestyle/eating change too? I’m already dairy free for my daughter and mostly wheat free too. I don’t do any cooking or baking with wheat or sugar, but I’ll have the odd whole wheat wrap once in a while. I love my coffee and red meat but I’m very mindful of what I put in my body. Do you know anything about TCM? I am naturally drawn to hot foods. Is the solution more fish? Anything you can offer would be amazing!!

  4. Thanks for featuring my question on this episode. Your insights were very helpful.