Pumpkin Orange Cream Smoothie

By December 14, 2018

Pumpkin Orange Cream Smoothie

Yoga challenge. Are you doing it with us?

Can I be honest?

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It’s hard.

Not that I want that to deter you… but this is harder than I thought it was going to be. My body hurts, my heart can’t take it at times, and I’m sick of washing my yoga gear every gosh-darn day.

There are days I don’t want to go. Like really, really don’t want to get off my butt, put my workout clothes on, a jacket, get on the bus, and go to class.

Pumpkin Orange Cream Smoothie

I make up a billion excuses about what I should be doing instead of yoga – I bury myself in my work, wait until the very last minute to eat dinner and then say I can’t go because I’m too full, I even pretended to fall down the stairs so that Kevin would take pity on me and tell me I didn’t have to go. What’s with that?

Do you find there are things in your life where you do the same? Resist it like the plague even though you know it’s good for you?

Fake trip down the stairs and all, I’m proud to say that I’ve gone everyday now for 18 days and I’ve written about each of my struggles, happy moments and everything in between in my yoga journal. It feels good to share my thoughts in there and I’ve found talking about this has helped me stay committed… so thanks for listening.

Pumpkin Orange Cream Smoothie

My heart’s opening, I’m working through emotions I didn’t even know I had, and I’m drinking a lot of smoothies!

I’m not sure what it is, but every time I’ve gotten home from yoga, I just want to drown myself in a smoothie. Doesn’t matter the kind, just something cool and refreshing, packed with nutrients, and maybe a little sprinkle of nuts, seeds or dried fruit…

and pumpkin.

Pumpkin Orange Cream Smoothie

When it came time to make myself a smoothie a couple of days ago, I was reminded of the gorgeous pumpkin and orange cupcakes I spotted on I Adore Food and I went for my own rendition of the unique flavor combo.

I was a bit hesitant with it at first, but boy was it delicious!

Head on over to my Happy Days Inspirations page for the recipe.

For the dairy-free version of this recipe and it’s nutrition information, click here.

Pumpkin Orange Cream Smoothie

Other than joining in on the yoga challenge ;), what do you have in store for the weekend?

I’ll be… doing yoga…heh. I’m also excited to be meeting up with Sonia at the Jean Talon market today, dropping Kevin off at the airport tomorrow, and perhaps sleeping in for a long, long time on Sunday.

Have a great Friday!

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