3 Ingredient Peach Syrup with Bring Joy

By December 17, 2018

Janae is a mother, a wife, a darn good cook, and very skillful at making her kitchen creations look astounding. Since the moment I visited her blog back in April, I’ve been inspired by her attention to detail, creativity and artistic ability. You’ll see exactly what I mean when you read her post today.

Take it away, Janae!

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I’m thrilled to fill in for Leanne today.

Leanne inspires me with her attention to detail, her lovely photography, & delicious recipes.  I love how she appreciates fresh, vibrant, & gluten-free food.  She’s got skills in the kitchen & has a way of sharing them that is inspiring, not intimidating.  I especially love her 5 ingredient vegan rice krispie treats–a healthier, delicious, better alternative to what most of know as rice krispie treats.  And that’s what I love about Leanne-she shows us how to take some of our favorite foods & make them even better!

A little bit about me.

I’m a mother of four.  I love chocolate chip cookies (gluten-free & vegan, please!).  And I adore fall, especially September.

September is the month of the peach, & there is nothing like a freshly picked peach.  I’m not talking a freshly picked from the produce aisle peach, but rather a I-just-got-this-off-the-tree, fat & juicy peach.

We’ve been enjoying  fresh peaches (my father-in-law has a small farm which includes a few peach trees) of late.  I’ve discovered a few tricks, I guess you could call them recipes, with peaches.

For the peachy syrup, it’s important to let the peaches sit in the syrup.

A good sit (at least a half an hour or so) will really bring out the juices & create a delicious, natural syrup.

Nothing more to add & no heating necessary!

View the nutrition information here.

This syrup would pair well with:

Buttermilk pancakes (GF + vegan)

or served over some

Vanilla Bean Icecream or Raspberry Icecream

Another thing you can do with your peaches is add them to salad.

It’s not atypical for me to have something green for breakfast.  I’m known for eating salads in the a.m. & this is a salad that I had recently for breakfast.  I enjoyed the contrast of the sweetness from the peaches, the savory/nutty almonds & the bitter greens.  Use your favorite vinaigrette (raspberry or cranberry work well here).  If you use pre-washed greens, this sweet & savory salad takes less than 10 minutes from start to finish!

View the nutrition information here.

What’s your favorite way to eat a peach?

More of me at my blog, bring joy, where I share insights into food (gluten free + vegan),  fitness (videos), & family.  I’m also on twitter, pinterest, & fb.

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