Healthful Hints: The Worst Sweeteners

We’ve talked about healthy alternative sweeteners but now it’s time we chatted about the worst.

You may be surprised to learn which popular sweetener made the list, what ingredients are in common laboratory sweeteners, and what they can potentially do to our bodies.



My favorite snacks that use healthy alternative sweeteners:

Grain-free Ginger Spice Muffin Tops

Grain-free Apple Pancake Cobbler

Caramel Apple Green Smoothie


Raw Spirulina Energy Crunch Bars


 What are your favorite meals or snacks that use healthy alternative sweeteners?

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  1. Thanks for yet another great review, Leanne.
    Focusing on sucralose is crucial, because so many people I know fall prey to the sexy advertising.
    This is so important an issue I will share this and urge everyone who sees this to do the same.

  2. Hey Leanne, I love your website. It’s a real inspiration. I’m a nutritionist myself, and aspire to become a holistic nutritionist (I just don’t have the time or money yet… but I will one day ;-)

    Great topic on sweeteners. I very much agree!
    Something completely different; I was wondering are you Dutch in one way or another? Vogel means bird in Dutch, and it’s a relatively common surname here in Holland :-)

    Love from Leanne (lol, it’s always kinda funny to meet someone with a similar name :D)

  3. As one whose always on the lookout for sugar “substitutes” that aren’t made in a lab, I really appreciate your post. However, when you spoke against sucralose by saying, “There are no covalent bonds in nature” I was surprised! It is the very covalent bond that holds two hydrogens to an oxygen that makes life possible: yep, water is an example of a molecule that is held together by covalent bonds!!! Perhaps you were thinking of something else?

    • Hey Shannon, thanks for catching that. I’ve been meaning to edit the video but with going on vacation in just a couple of days, haven’t gotten around to it as I understand now, that I explained it incorrectly! Great to hear you’re a bodyrocker, too. How long have you been doing it?

      • Understandable! I’ve been bodyrocking for seven months now. The feelings you were describing on your other posts about beings surprised by the transformation? Same here! I came to it after about a half year of serious running training and it was a welcome change of pace. Good luck on your trip!

  4. I finally just got around to watching this. Great video, Leanne! I was never huge into agave but I did give it up when I started doing work for Clean Eating Magazine, since they don’t allow it. This is a great explanation for why to avoid it. I’ve been meaning to pick up some xylitol to start experimenting with it – I have high hopes!

    • Wow, I didn’t know that Clean Eating Magazine doesn’t allow agave. Very awesome! I love them even more now :) I’m really loving xylitol. It’s nothing like stevia and acts so much like sugar!