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Healthful Hints: My Favorite Healthy Alternative Sweeteners

by March 1, 2018

Since battling with a rough patch of candida, I’ve been working on ways to lower my intake of  unhealthy sweeteners. About a year of recipe development, research, and training of the taste buds, I now opt for sugar sources that are better for my overall health that still allow me to enjoy a sweet treat at the end of each day! Today we’re talking about what these healthy options are and why they’re better than other options.


Of the various sugar alcohols, xylitol is one of the safest, and tastiest. Make sure you look for the pure form (should be listed on the bottle) Some recipes that use my favorite sugars: Nuts & Seeds Toffee Squares Candy Apple Macaroons Homemade Chai Concentrate Oil-free Blueberry Streusel Scones Buckwheat Berry Binge Bars

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