No bake Raspberry Cashew Granola Cakes

Have you ever set out to do something to benefit your health only to realize it’s made you absolutely miserable?

Story of my life last week.

I began my yeast killing plan last Saturday with the best intentions, but by Tuesday I was exhausted, stressed, consumed by guilt, and craving anything I could get my hands on.

As someone who has struggled with an unhealthy relationship to food in the past, this is not a good place to be.

It’s taken me years of forgiveness, perseverance, countless hours listening to my body, and removing the fears I had around eating foods like animal proteins, fruits, oils, nuts, and seeds, to create a positive connection with food.

Being tossed into a yeast killing plan that eliminated some of my favorite foods and restricted me with portions and guidelines, just isn’t right for me.

So, out with the previous plan and in with a new plan statement. [Statements are much better when it comes to drastic changes. It’s all about setting the intention!]

I will support my body and health by choosing foods and supplements that will nourish my digestive system.

aka baby steps. Although it means I may have to live with these yeasty beasties for a bit longer, at least I’ll be in a healthy place when I get to the end!

And that to me, is what it’s all about :)

… that, and healthy treats to keep my body smiling!

No bake Raspberry Cashew Granola Cakes
Recipe type: Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free, Sugar free, Yeast free
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6 cakes
Pump up your healthy fats with this no bake treat! My favorite way to enjoy them is 1 minute out of the freezer as a super chewy and satisfying snack. Inspired by my Original Granola Cakes
  1. Place cashews and coconut oil in the bowl of a processor and process until smooth. It will take about 6-8 minutes and you’ll have to scrape down the bowl a couple of times.
  2. Meanwhile, combine dried fruit, chia seed, coconut, and quinoa flakes in a large bowl.
  3. Once cashew butter is complete, add raspberry jam, vanilla, and lemon rind. Pulse to combine.
  4. Drop cashew mixture into dried fruit + nut bowl and stir until combined.
  5. Spoon mixture into large muffin liners or a muffin tin, pressing down firmly on each one, flattening with hands.
  6. Place in the freezer for 30 minutes to firm up.
You can use any dried fruit you have handy. My dried fruit choices were: ¼ cup mulberries, ¼ cup dried pears [diced], ¼ cup dried cherries.

Feel free to use any type of raspberry jam you have handy. I like fruit juice sweetened opposed to corn syrup or cane sugar sweetened as it has a bit less sugar.

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Have you ever had to step back, check in with yourself, and readjust your goals? How did it make you feel?

How do you keep a positive connection with food? Is it something you think about?

If you made these granola cakes, what dried fruit would you put in them?

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  1. Hi Leanne! I’ve been following your blog for a year now and love love love everything you create. I’ve been making these bars for a while, and I love them! I’ve been curious about making a version with not as much dried fruit to cut down on the sugar a bit. What do you think about using fresh fruit instead of dried? Thanks!

    • Hi Nicole – I’m so happy that you like my recipes and am thrilled that you’ve been following me over the last year. You know, I’ve never thought of adding fresh fruit, that’s smart! I’d go for fruits that were a bit drier just as the more moist the fruit; I would imagine, the harder for the cakes to hold together. Things like blueberries, apple pieces, and banana may work well. I wouldn’t try something like a juicy pear or orange segments. May get a little crazy! Hope that helps :)

  2. I have recently discovered your blog and LOVE it! I am so excited to try these recipes. I have noticed on a lot of them you note the protein, fiber, vitamin DV content. Do you have caloric content for your recipes as well?

  3. I just stumbled upon your website and I am in love. Just this morning I decided I HAVE to start eating better and taking care of myself. I am overweight and just dont feel good most of the time. I am soo anxious to start trying all these wonderful recipes and to start changing my life for the better!!! Thank you!!!!!!

    • Good for you, Carrie! Please stop in once and awhile and let me know how it’s going!

  4. Thanks for sharing this on foodbuzz! These babies look gorgeous. I have been going ga-ga over no bake treats lately. I love how this recipe doesn’t require added sugar. I’ve bookmarked it, and can’t wait to try it!

    I know what you are going through, and how hard it is. 2 years ago, I discovered that dairy, yeast, eggs and gluten was affecting my digestive system, and was asked to stop eating those stuff. Thankfully, I can take some yeast now. I was totally miserable back then. I think taking baby steps does help:) What really helped me control my cravings was a big cup of green smoothies in the morning – it was what my doctor recommended. Basically, I blended some spinach, apples and berries, and drank it. It may sound awful, but it’s pretty good. Also, I made sure I always had a handful of nuts in my bag. The first 3 weeks will always be the hardest. It takes 21 days to break a habit:)

    • Good for you for taking the advice of your doctor [and awesome that they suggested a greens smoothie!] I find smoothies really help me too. You’re right about 21 days, it sure is a long process, but totally worth it!

  5. These look great! Just keep remembering to support yourself and what your body needs and you will be just fine!

    • Thanks for the words of encouragement :) You’re so right!