Operation: Kill the Yeasty Beasties

A little over a month ago, I had just finished my allergy testing and was preparing for additional tests/shots with my Naturopath.

In an attempt to begin ridding myself of low energy, control my blood sugar, decrease my fuzzy brain and get rid of my bad skin while I went through additional testing, I set the following goals:

  • Reduce sugar. I switched my sugars to coconut sugar [low GI] and stevia [which I’m totally obsessed with now!]
  • Increase fiber. I’ve been able to increase my fiber by ~35%
  • Increase antioxidants. camu camu has been a nice addition to many of my smoothies.
  • Control blood sugar. I have increased legumes, but haven’t been able to get to meditation.
  • Remove all allergens. I only cheated once. I really wanted to try the juice Kevin brought back from the UK.
  • Improve absorption. I switched over 1 supplement to powdered form but that’s it.
  • Continue gluten free [even though tests showed I don’t have a sensitivity to gluten or celiac disease]

Well, the results are in and I’m happy to report that it’s definitely not as bad as I thought it was going to be!

I always expect the worst. I need to work on that.

The results

I have a rare form of yeast [it’s called saccharomyces cerevisiae] that is killing off all of my healthy bacteria, causing sensitivities to food, blurring my brain, and causing issues with my hormones. aha! Caught you, you little bugger!

Other than that, I’m in pretty good shape!

Intestinal yeast is natural to our intestinal system. The problem starts when this natural bacteria begins to overgrow. When we ingest antibiotics, sugar, birth control pills, sleep aids, drugs and medications of any kind, we kill off the bacteria that keeps the intestinal yeast in check. In other words, when we ingest something not natural to the body, the good bacteria dies off and is suffocated. Then the yeast start to run rampant in the body.

Great news is, that it’s easily fixed with a change to diet, a couple of additional supplements, and patience.

The entire process from killing the yeast > reducing inflammation caused by the yeast > repopulating my gut with healthy bacteria will take about 6 months.

If after 6 months I have reduced sensitivities, a clear head, and normal hormones, I’m in all the way baby, ya!!

The plan

I’m so happy that I started my cleanse when I did. Other than the fresh juices; which contain high amounts of sugar, many of the steps I’ve made have been in line with an anti-yeast [also called anti candida diet]. So, the changes I’ll have to make are quite minimal.

Intestinal yeast feeds off sugars – fruits, high starch veggies, simple carbohydrates, and complex carbohydrates [in larger doses]. The foods you want to focus on when you’re on this type of diet is fats + proteins + non-starch veggies.

So, the plan will be to:

  • Live ‘sugar free’. Coconut/coconut sugar + stevia only.
  • Reduce carbohydrates.
  • Increase non-starch vegetables.
  • Eliminate dried fruit. I’m giving myself 1 pass a week at first or I may die.
  • Rely on almond and coconut flour. These are great alternatives for low carbohydrate intake.
  • Decrease fruit.
  • Fall even more in love with coconut. It has caprylic acid that’s good for killing of yeast!
  • Supplements. Take caprylic acid in the morning on an empty stomach + potent probiotics before bed.

Daily portions will include:

  • 2 servings of complex carbohydrates
    • quinoa, rice, millet, kamut, spelt, rye, oats [yes, these are glutenous grains! I’ll explain below]
  • 2 servings of fruit
    • high fiber fruit like apples and berries are best
  • unlimited protein
    • animal proteins are best, but I’ll also be having 1 serving of lentils/beans per day
  • unlimited fats
    • hemp oil, flax oil, coconut oil, nuts, and seeds
  • unlimited non-starch veggies
    • cucumber, zucchini, onion, greens, bok choy, celery, tomatoes, peppers, etc.

Ending the cleanse

I was quite successful in completing all of my goals and managed to hold on for 14 days.

Results: my digestion sped up, I added more fiber and vegetables into my day, I’m drinking more water than I ever have before, I’m getting better with my chewing but I’m not there yet.

I ate like a queen on this cleanse. My favorites were:

Black Bean and Ginger Pasta Fry

Cinnamon Raisin Flatbread

4 Ingredient Itty Bitty Strawberry Coconut Tarts

Hidden Gem “Butter” Cookies

Coconut Curry + Miso Gravy Luscious Bowls

Vegan Creamy Honey Dijon Salad + Omega Croutons

5 minute Apple Quinoa Flake Bake

Peach Pancake Cobbler

Overall, I’d say it was a success!

Introducing gluten

The allergy tests have said that I have 0 sensitivity to gluten, but that wheat is problematic for me.

I have no doubt that my allergies will improve with the plan I’m on, but in the meantime my Naturopath has given me the green light on a couple of glutenous grains.

Kamut, spelt, rye, oats.


I’m super nervous. I haven’t had gluten in over 3.5 years minus the couple of weeks I ate gluten during my allergy testing… and that didn’t go over very well.

I’m going to start with oats today and see how things go. Guess what I’m having for breakfast?

Apple cinnamon Vegan Overnight Oats!

I’ve dreamed of this day… I really have.

Coming up later today: I’ll fill you in on how my first day of anti-yeast is going, what recipes I managed to come up with, and how the oats settled with me.

If all goes well, I’ll try spelt in a couple of days.

Journey to health is a series of posts dedicated to my trials and tribulations in optimizing my personal health.

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  1. I am in tears that I have sisters with these issues out here, though I this is one sisterhood I am praying we can all be cured from. I have done some research. I was never gluten anything until after my second child was born. I had always had” nervous stomach” bad acne, depression, cloudy brain (though one of the smart kids so I was labled a ditz), poor sleep, anxiety (only later in life), anemia and high risk pregnacies. After four years of no solid stool (wow right denial much?) and a slew of WTF conditions and bleeding from whence none ever should, I finaly went to see a GI. The diagnosed me with Celiac, colotis, and said I had a “rip-roaring case of it too boot”. So on the meds I went off the gluten (only with the strenght of GOD!!!! Curse you corner bakery!!) But here I am a year later, still ill and with liver and kidney issues (only a problem on the meds BTW). I always suspected yeast. But now that I am trying to go totaly med free (had to for a while but I feel stronger and can eat solid foods again), I am full force with all o-natural!! I take a kyo-dophilus digestion and immune health pill 2x daily as directed , we lack digestive enzymes ladies so pro biotics are good but look into enzymes. I also did som research and found an amazing link to link to link and found that we are going to very much benefit from anti fungal foods and extracts as mentioned above. I also decided to see a dermatologist becasue bad acne seemed to become cystic! UM, IM 35 NOT COOL!!!!! I was prescribed RX’s for skin too but the Derm didnt care that the antibiotic she RX”d could have sent my delicate self into C-DIff a sever stomach issue by stripping all and any remaining good bacteria I built. I didnt take it, but used the topical. Very little results. I did find that APPLE CIDAR VINEGAR is awsome!!! paired with coconut oil made my skin 60% better overnight!!!! Holy mMoses thank the Lord!!! I am going to continue with this for my skin while I work on the digestive tract. I think we all heal from the inside out anyway. I use the applecidar as a toner 1/10 dilution and then a smidge of Coconut oil as a moistureizer. I was so affraid to do this but it dosent clog pores and it DID NOT mke me greasy!!! It made me soft and it helped heal!!! I drink the ACV too about 3 tbs per 8 oz before bed..strong but not bad. I went off the stomach medication before because of liver issues and then as soon as my levels were heathy, I flared and right back to the pills at an increased dose. Ya know what, ur lives are just not worth some suit getting rich. Meds might be needed for a while but I am determined to be off them. PS my 15 year old daughter is a sever eczma and asthma allergiy gal, we are both glute free and I am de-sugaring her starting today. I will post results.

    Just keep swinning ladies!!!!

  2. Thank you for your quick response!

    I am trying to get referred to a naturopath but I am not quite sure what to ask for in terms of tests or nutrition advice. Which candida diet did you go on? The one listed here? In terms f working with me, how does that work?

    Thanks again! Love the recipes

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for your great blog. It is so interesting to read, your insight is great!

    I was just wondering about a few things. I too have been eating a whole foods diet and doing all the right things in terms of excercising and eating clean. Unfortunately, I too feel like I am constantly naseauted and fatigued no matter how well I eat or sleep. I have blurry vision, odd fuzzy brain feelings, and am feeling so frustrated.

    After researching a lot, I found that I may have Candida. I am wondering how your journey went with this, and how long you stayed on this diet? There is so much controversial information that contradicts itself that I am finding it really hard to start somewhere.

    Any insight would be great!

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Michelle – I’m happy you found my blog! I wrote this post quite some time ago. Since then, I’ve cleared up all of my issues! I was on the candida diet for a couple of months, then just went to a diet with little to no processed sugar and it went pretty well for me. Everyone’s body is a bit different, so your path may differ. I work with many clients on healing candida and would be more than open to work with you as well, if it’s something you’re interested in! Aside from that, I’ve added a candida-friendly section on my recipes page too: https://www.healthfulpursuit.com/recipage/?search_term=candida+friendly&ui=440&d=1

  4. Leanne,
    Great to find your website! I’ve been dealing with Candida issues for about 9 years and it turned pretty chronic in the last 2. I started with a pretty strict diet (no sugars, no carbs) right in the middle of december ’11. Then on the second week of January I went even more cold turkey to a Phase 1 program designed by Dr. Trowbridge (a leading expert on yeast problems), this phase “Limits” one to eating Meats, Veggies (non-starchy), Eggs, and Plain Yogurt. I find the lack of breakfast and “light dinners” a pain!! Since I can’t have any bread or oats, I am egged out, literally! BUT, and this is the MOST important part for me, the difference in how I’ve been feeling ARE TREMENDOUS! Fatigue is gone, ithcy scalp and ear lobes gone, fever blisters gone, I suffered with ‘morning-sickness’ type nausea for 2 years GONE! Among other symptoms which are GONE!
    Another GREAT side-effect of this diet, the sugar cravings have mostly gone! I used to think I was a ‘sweets’ eater, that those were MY cravings… well, two weeks into the diet, and I no longer even get a ‘salivary reaction’ when I walk by the pastry section at the supermarket… unbelievable, how we make our bodies addicted to refined CRAP! The only things that I salivate over are the crunchy slices of juicy apples I cut for my kids’ lunches! haha, I find it amusing to get huge cravings over fruit (which I’ll be able to incorporate soon enough)!
    I am grateful to have finally found something that is making me feel back to what I remembered ‘normal’ was! And I wanted to wish you a good ‘yeast-fighting’ journey! The results are worth it!!
    And I have a quick question over the coconut sugar. I’ve been off of all sugars and starches, except I’ve used a teaspoon of coconut sugar a couple of times on my plain yogurt (plain yogurt gets a bit boring after a while), is this not counted as a sugar? does it not convert into fructose/sucrose/etc.? How does it work to be able to use some of this coconut sugar as a sweetener and how much of it is it ‘allowed’ in a yeast-starving diet? I’d truly appreciate your opinion and input on this!!
    And to all who are going through this, stick it out, it’s worth it!!

  5. This article, as well as your video has really opened my eyes. I’ve been struggling with some symptoms you mentioned in your video- fatigue, fuzzy memory, confused, weight gain, join pain, digestion issues, occasional depression… I also have issues with insomnia, problems remembering things, lack of motivation (to a ridiculous extent, very difficult to motivate myself).

    I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and I have anemia. I’ve been put on oral contraceptives to try and help the anemia, as well as iron twice a day. I had hoped that I would start to feel better as these things were treated, but the only significant change is I lost 5 pounds. The joint pain isn’t AS bad, but it’s still there. I had started eating a healthier diet before I read this, and now I’m really going to try and kick myself in gear. I’m going to try and order that test, through my GP if I have too.

    Thank you for writing this!

    • Thanks for sharing your story, Candice. I hope you get to the bottom of it all :)