Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast Casserole + Blogiversary Giveaway

Thank you to all that entered this giveaway. I appreciate each and every one of you more than you may know :) I’ve just randomly selected a winner, and Becca’s comment was selected. Her favorite recipes are gluten-free naan and twix bars. Great choice, Becca!


I love baked oatmeal. Don’t you?

It’s hearty, soothing, and hits the spot whether it’s cooked in muffin liners or stuffed in a pumpkin.

But if you’re sensitive to oats; as I’ve recently discovered I am, having that rich and delicious bowl of baked oatmeal may not sooth your insides the way it’s supposed to. Darn that oatmeal, eh?

Lucky for us, quinoa is your gluten-free best bud when it comes to replacing the bowl of oats that you may or may not have become quite fond of over the years. Or, maybe you can eat oats a plenty but you’re looking to switch things up to keep life interesting…

Try quinoa, you’ll like it :D

inspired by my Pumpkin Quinoa Breakfast Casserole.

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Apple Pie Quinoa Breakfast Casserole
Recipe type: Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Refined sugar-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2 servings
Breakfast casserole similar to baked oatmeal, but without the oats! Great for Sunday morning brunch, or a treat on a cold an blustery day.
  1. Preheat oven to 350F and lightly oil a 2½ cup casserole dish.
  2. Place all casserole ingredients minus the chopped apples into the dish as listed. Stir to incorporate, then add the apples.
  3. Cover and cook for 30 minutes or until liquid is absorbed.
  4. Meanwhile, combine all topping ingredients. After the 30 minutes are up, remove casserole from oven and sprinkle topping over top of the casserole.
  5. Return to the oven and cook uncovered for another 10-12 minutes until golden
  6. Remove from the oven and allow to sit and cool for 5-10 minutes before consuming.

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Instead of melted coconut oil, I used my new organic butter infused olive oil from DanaShortt Gourmet that Angela and I picked up on the weekend. This stuff taste like the real thing… but it’s vegan, gluten-free and 100% amazing!

The recipe calls for 1 cup of chopped apples which; if your apples were a bit on the tiny side like mine were, means you’ll need 1.5 apples. Guess what I did with the 1/2 apple?

Coated it in almond butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon, of course!

I’m sure that you could use other grains in this recipe, too. In fact, as I just typed that last sentence… I remembered actually trying (and posting) this recipe a year and a half ago. Shoot! Well, if you’re curious to know how to make this with millet and amaranth, check this out.

Let’s go with… I meant to do that!

The apple mixture should look like this once it’s cooked for about 30 minutes. The quinoa will be soft, liquid absorbed and it’ll be smelling up your kitchen something fierce.

Lay the topping on and throw it back in the oven!

Watch closely so that the top doesn’t burn. It’ll change in an instant!

Blogiversary Giveaway

Healthful Pursuit has been rockin’ the allergen-free recipes for 2 years! Can you believe it? I sure can’t.

To celebrate, and to show my appreciation for each and every one of ya, I’m giving one lucky reader the opportunity to win a homemade treat made by yours truly. Yes, I’ll bake you something special and send it to you lickity split!

How to enter: What are your 2 favorite Healthful Pursuit recipes of all time? Let me know by leaving a comment. The winner will be selected and announced on Monday November 5th.

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  1. After tweaking my diet around for the last few months I’m coming to the verrrry unfortunate conclusion that I may be sensitive to oats and apples :( they are the life blood of my diet! I’m not sure if I have the will to live anymore.

    As for recipes I’d love to try – gotta go sweet and would love the vegan rice krispy treats & fudge-tastic brownies!

    • Oh no! Well, the good news is that if you eat a lot of them it could just be that you’ve developed a small sensitivity and a couple of months without them will do wonders to your reactivity… Crossing my fingers for you!

  2. That breakfast looks so hearty! Can’t wait to try it. I am such a soup person especially in the fall/winter so some of my favorite recipes of yours are your soups-and I double the recipes and freeze jars of them for easy meals. Two of my favorites are your recent curried cauliflower and apple soup and the vegan carrot fennel soup. Texture is amazing!!

    • I’m big into pureed soups too, Mollie. The texture is pretty great. I’m working on a couple for next week that I’m sure you’ll enjoy!

  3. Congrats on two years!!! Wow!!

    Fave recipes…omg. Can’t pick. Some of your no-bake balls, your granola, your cute individual breakfast bakes, the fact that you can make every thing vegan and GF, all your smoothies…seriously, too hard to pick!

    • Wow is right! It feels like just yesterday that it all began!

  4. Congratulations on making it to 2 years, you must be very proud :) I am almost glad I live in Australia so that I don’t have to try and pick two of my favourite recipes, I love so many of them!

    This looks delicious, great photos. I have been making quinoa in a porridge for breakfast, but I might have to try this recipe instead.

  5. Happy Blogiversary Leanne! What amazing things you’ve done over the past 2 years. This recipe sounds like a perfect use for Dana’s butter olive oil. I KNEW we made extra quinoa on the weekend for a reason! ;) My 2 fave HP recipes… hmm very tough decision! I’d have to say the carrot cake protein bars, and your pumpkin smoothie!

    • I’ve already made 3 recipes with that olive oil. It’s amazing stuff. Definitely should have bought more. Safe travels today/tomorrow!

  6. Happy Blogiversary! Love your site! I’ve made a few of your recipes and loved them!
    This is hard! Two favourite recipes are cranberry turkey meatballs and quinoa salad with smokey bear dressing

  7. I have recently gone dairy/gluten free to try to control my Inflammatory Bowel Disease and can’t tell you how wonderful this website has been for me! The recipes are yummy, quick AND easy! So far, my two favorites are the Pumpkin Gingersnap Chia Breakfast Parfaits and the Gingerbread Protein Pancakes. As I explore more and more, I am sure I’ll add many more to my recipe box! Thanks Leanne!

  8. I gonna choose one I haven’t tried yet, vegan twix! Those were my favorite as a kid! And anything with quinoa and pumpkin – love the stuff! And love your site by the way, I check it every morning :)

  9. Yay congrats!! I would love to try your No bake Lemon Cashew Squares & Paleo Picadillo Casserole – oh they look so dang yum!

  10. Mmmmm…the chocolate raspberry quinoa cake looks heavenly and anything involving pumpkin and lots of cinnamon!

    • I’m making that cake for a friend this Friday. It’s a good one!

  11. LOVE your blog, and fun attitude! Very inspirational. As for my fav recipes, I think they are two I haven’t yet tried but know I will love – the gingerbread house, and the chocolate coconut cookies. Gingerbread is a favourite holiday treat, and chocolate and coconut are two of the best ingredients in the world.

    Okay, now I’m craving both things. Think you could come up with a delicious recipe for something with gingerbread, chocolate and coconut together???? lol….

    • Gingerbread and chocolate, eh? I’m down for the challenge! I’ve added it to my Christmas recipe idea list. Thanks for the idea and good luck with the giveaway :)

  12. Hello!
    My fav healthy wake is your Green Energy Smoothie……there’s nothing more refreshing! I’m also a MAJOR fan of your Pumpkin Spice Quinoa Breakfast Cake.

    • MAJOR. Wow that’s awesome, Abigail! I’m really happy that you like them :)

  13. Leanne, this looks absolutely AH-MA-ZING! And your pictures are simply mouthwatering. I think they’re my favorite ever! Well worthy of a 2nd blogiversary.

    Congrats on your 2 year mark, I hope you continue blogging for years and years and years. You’re like my main source of inspiration, so thank you for doing what you are doing on a daily basis. I, for one, truly appreciate it and, while I may not comment on every single one of your posts, you can rest assured that I read them all and always look forward to getting the latest one delivered to my inbox.

    You totally rock, Leanne! Keep up the amazing work.

    • Thanks Sonia, your comments mean so much to me. And some of those dishes are the ones we found when we were at the market! I’ve already used all of them in one photo or another. Successful shopping trip, I must say.

      • Ah ah! I knew it! I immediately thought that it was them when I saw your pictures. Good thing you bought them after all! Totally agree on the successful shopping thing. I find that, pretty often, it’s the things that I hesitate the most to buy that result in the prettiest pictures, or that inspire me the most when I get home. I often end up using them right away!

        • Interesting… I’ll be sure to keep that in mind because you’re right, that’s been the case for me more than a couple of times!

  14. Yataa 2 years already!
    Those are; 5 Ingredient Chewy Chocolate Coconut Cookies (easy to make when you get unexpected visitors and soooo delicious!) and no bake granola cakes, I could eat those every day. Simple ingredients often make beautiful recipes. My guests in the Netherlands loooove them both :)

  15. Hmmm as the others said, it’s really difficult to pick just two! I think the ones I’ve made the most and very much enjoy are the caramel apple smoothie, and the maple turnip and carrot mash. So simple & delicious! I have trouble digesting bananas, so any green smoothie that doesn’t have bananas and is STILL delicious is a winner!


    • Bananas seem to be bother a lot of people these days. I’ve had lots and lots of people ask me for banana-free smoothie recipes so know that there’ll be more for you to indulge in in the months to come. Thanks for reading!

  16. Smoky Chipotle Veggie Chili and Cranberry Barbecue Beef Oven Stew are two of my favorite recipes- and they are perfect for this time of year! :)

  17. Happy Anniversary! I love your blog, your allergen friendly meals, and your creativity. I especially loved the Healthy Hallowe’en series; great job with those recipes.

    My favorite two recipes by HP are: Homemade Twix bars and your gluten-free naan 2.0 (still can’t believe you created GF naan!).

    • Thanks Becca! Gosh, I haven’t made that naan in over 2 months. I really need to get on it!

  18. My two favourite recipes are hands down, the no bake granola cakes and coconut almond butter/vanilla almond flax butter. The granola cakes go a long way around here! I make them constantly and in huge batches! I have added pumpkin to them and other nut butters and a variety of seeds too! They rock my world, I keep them in my freezer and grab one when I need a snack that I wont regret, because it is full of health and so darn delicious!
    I am obsessed with almond butters, and I have mixed my coconut butter with my almond butter for your coconut almond butter mixture and love every second of it! I got a food processor last April and have been processing my almonds to oblivion to make those tasty butters to put on bread, fruit, and celery sticks!
    Congratulations Leanne, on your two years!!

    • Wow, I’d kind of forgotten about the granola cakes. Perhaps a third version should be in the works for me. I love the idea of adding pumpkin, that would be a really, really good combo!

  19. Congratulations! I feel like you’ve always been a staple in my recipe-bookmarking, it’s hard to think of a time before Healthful Pursuit was an option (although it wasn’t so long ago).

    My two recipes that I default to the most are the Beary Simple Cookies ( which I’ve used as gifts, including for my mother’s birthday (although I made them cat-shaped, thanks to Etsy-found cookie cutters), and the Coconut Surprise Breakfast Bake ( which I have recreated and reimprovised on again and again – practically every morning!

    Congratulations again, and I look forward to never missing a recipe – which means I’ve got to start trying a lot more to catch up…

    • Great choices, Shelby and thanks for reading and following me!

  20. Happy Second Blogiversary!

    I love this recipe! So great that you didn’t add oats! Finally a blogger who doesn’t overuse oats!

    As for my two favourite recipes of yours…Only TWO?!?!?
    I’ll try…
    -Pumpkin Spice Quinoa Flake Bake, and
    -Sleepy Blueberry Muffin Smoothie (in which I use quinoa flakes instead of oats)

    Have a wonderful day!!

  21. This is a tough one…but my sweet tooth won in terms of my favorite recipes you have featured.

    My picks are:
    Caramel apple doughnuts
    Gingerbread brownies

    Congratulations on your blogiversary. I very much enjoy reading your posts and look forward to another two years :)

    • My sweet tooth wins every time too. Thanks for following along Rachel!

  22. Hmm faves….I like the simple chocolate coconut cookies, and I really enjoyed your posts on juice cleansing.

    • That’s great to hear, Fiona. I have a new cleanse program starting on Monday if you’re interested in a second go at it!

      • Excellent! I look forward to it.
        Congratulations on two successful years of blogging, by the way!
        Excited to see what you whip up next!

  23. Congratulations!
    I am a huge soup addict, and I just love your curried cauliflower and apple soup, as well as your pump up your greens ‘creamed’ soup.

  24. The sweet potato carob chip cookie is my all time favorite cookie recipe, these cookies are incredible and everyone loves at my house!
    Another recipe From yout blog I like a lot is the Sleepy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Smoothie, oh so good! I even like making it withut cocoa and having the almond butter flavor shine through, love almond butter!
    All your recipes are awesome, it is really hard to pick just two, especially since I love oatmeal and quinoa, and you have amazing recipes and ideas for both of those.

  25. My two favorites would have to be the Oil-free Carrot Cake Protein Bars and the Grain-Free Banana Bread. I love these as snacks to hold me through till lunch time. I actually made the carrot protein bars for my road trip to california. They were lifesavers thank you so much for these incredible recipes.

  26. Happy Blog-iversary!!! So exciting! I just started reading recently so I’m not sure what my two favorite recipes are- probably that edamame pate you posted yesterday and this one! It looks fantastic!! Love the idea of using quinoa at breakfast. Though your nuts & seeds toffee bars look delectable… Now I’m going to spend all day looking through your recipes haha!

  27. Happy Blogiversary!! Two years sure flies by! My two favorite recipes are the double down chocolate power muffins and the grain-free banana bread. These are my go-tos any time I want a healthy treat. Even my sceptical husband loves them! Thanks for all your wonderful recipes, I always look forward to reading your blog :)

  28. My two favourite recipes that I’ve made over and over from your blog are your grain free carrot protein bars and your guest blogger, Tasty Yummies, gluten free vegan lentil “meat” loaf :) so good and versatile, both don’t require heating and are easily portable (which is good for me as I carry my food everywhere)!!

  29. Hmm, that would have to be the spiced flax balls (perfect for this season!) or one of your many smoothies, especially the ones that incorporate greens! Love making those right after a morning run, leaves me feeling good!

    Congrats on the anniversary, and keep up the good work, I find your blog so inspiring!

  30. The favourites change every time I ready the blog – and I just keep adding to the list. The tops picks for the past couple of weeks are the Pumpkin Orange Cream Smoothie and the Curried Apple and Cauliflower Soup (delicious!!!)… and I use your mix for chi spice in just about every thing that I eat :) Thanks!

  31. Congrats! Time sure flies :)

    My fave recipes include the no bake twix bars and the cinnamon buns. Or anything sweet really :P

  32. Choosing just 2 favorite recipes is not easy. But I’d have to say any of the Quinoa Flake Bakes and the Carrot Cake Protein Bars. Thanks again for sharing your fantastic creations with us :-)

  33. YUM! I’m allergic to oats too, and this looks amazing.
    I was wondering if you had ever used Medicine Flower flavor extracts? I saw it over on one of the raw vegan blogs, and it sounds too good to be true, so i looked them up and yep, they are completely natural and organic with no additives or alcohols of any kind. They have yummy flavors like white chocolate, watermelon and coffee etc… I wondered if you had experience with them. Here’s the link

  34. All of your recipes that I’ve tried have been wonderful! I think my favorites would be any of the quinoa flake bakes (I make them all the time), and the no bake granola cakes. This quinoa breakfast casserole looks like it will soon become another favorite. I love baked oatmeal with apples, so I know I’ll love this too.

  35. I absolutely loved any type of baked oats or quinoa. Growing up, we had everything under the sun in a crisp style. It reminds me of Autumn. Great job!

  36. Gotta say, your Cranberry cream cheese sugar cookies and the potato dill soup are the winners in my book! (Can you tell I’m gearing up for delicious winter food?) :)

  37. Congrats on your Anniversary!!! I’m so happy to have found your site and don’t think I can live without your inspiration. So here’s to 50 more years :D
    It’s hard to pick just two recipes. I have loved many of your bakes, but the Lemon Blueberry is the one I make the most. Pumpkin Spice Quinoa Breakfast Cake is one of my favourites too.

    • 50 more, now we’re talking! Good choices, Tamikko. Looking forward to cleansing with you next week!

  38. I have made SO MANY of your wonderful recipes it truly is hard to pick just two!!! But two that come to mind that I thoroughly enjoyed are: the Raw + Vegan Nanaimo Bars (SUPER YUM!) and Berries ‘n Cream Chia Pudding (oh so good!).
    Thanks for all of your wonderful posts and recipes!

  39. That’s a hard one!! I’d have to say the Grain Free Ginger Spice Muffin Tops and the Raw Carrot Cake “Cheesecake”!

  40. Congratulations on the 2 year anniversary! All the hard work, long hours, and endless number of emails… such a great resource!

  41. I think this one may turn in to a favourite! i’m sensative to oats too but really miss my oatmeal kick.
    my 2 favs are
    1- green goddess dressing, make it ALL THE TIME; and
    2- your banana bread smoothie, love love love it!
    Happy blog birthday!

  42. Congrats on 2 years of amazing recipes! Thank you for hosting such a great & unique giveaway. My favorite two recipes have to be the Gingerbread Protein Pancakes and the Cinnamon Waffles with Cream Cheese frosting. I’ve been craving warm breakfast foods & these look amazing!

  43. Congrats! Your site grows more beautiful daily. I love your recipes. I am really trying to like quinoa so I will have to try this recipe.

    In terms of my favs from you, I would have to say key line pie green smoothie and banana chocolate chip protein pancakes come in 1st. I have to admit that your 5 ingredient vegan rice crispy treats come really close though.

  44. Leanne
    Congrats on 2 yrs of success! Here’s to many more!
    I love so many of your recipes, and many have inspired me to be creative (sometimes I’m creative due to necessity), so I always look forward to a new post in my inbox. 2 of my favs are the sugar free coconut bark, of which I keep a stash in the freezer so I can start my days with a square of healthful deliciousness, and when the peaches are perfect in July I love to make your peach breakfast bake. I am sugar and mostly fruit free so I can’t enjoy the peaches as I used to, but I’ve been able to adapt a lot of your recipes to meet my needs.
    Oh and I can’t forget how my daughter loves loves your maple mystery butter.
    Thanks! Ann

  45. Definitely the salad with the dill chickpeas!! But I think sending that to me would be gross, haha.

  46. Hi! I have barely stepped food into the blogging world (reading them, that is, writing one is not even on my horizon right now) and yours was first I signed up to get emails from. I am an RD and entered this online food world recently when I was looking for some inspiration for a plant-based nutrition class series I taught over the summer. Anyway, thanks for your fun blog, two recipes that I have enjoyed include: key lime pie green smoothies (my class of families with middle school age kids loved a version of this!) and stampede barbeque lentil sandwiches (I found this recipe on your blog after making something similar for my class that I called “sloppy lennys” as a healthy spin on “sloppy joes”…i taught them to just substitute lentils for beef in their favorite BBQ recipe….however, your recipe sounded better than my favorite family BBQ recipe). CHEERS!

  47. This recipe looks so good! I love you blog!
    My two favourite recipes would have to be your chocolate mug cake and your cinnamon buns. They are both soo great!! Thanks for all you do!

  48. Happy Anniversary! We loved baked oatmeal over here so I would like to try some of your quinoa breakfast casseroles; definitely the pumpkin one!

  49. What a great post and giveaway Leanne! I seriously love all of your recipes but some of my favourites would have to include the Malai Kofta and Raw Cashew Lemon Drops. Yum – Happy Blogiversary to you and thank you for your wonderful work! :)

  50. In the spirit of Halloween I figured I’d mention two of my favorite sweet treats from your website. I love the Raw and Vegan Nanaimo Bars along with the Guilt-Free Toffee. Being Paleo I love how both of these recipes manage to follow my dietary restrictions while also being absolutely delicious. With the Nanaimo Bars I manage to still get a thick and delicious sweet reminiscent of my brownie-eating days. And toffee also happens to be one of my favorite guilty pleasures of my past, but as the name says, these are absolutely guilt-free.

    Keep up the great work and congrats on 2 wonderful years!

  51. Congrats on 2 years! You have some damn fine recipes, so choosing only 2 is hard, but I love your Sweet Almond Spread and Bombay Banana Smoothie!

  52. Congrats on 2 years! I’ve loved every one of your recipes that I’ve tried, but my favorites are your Bacon Wrapped Dates (with almonds!) and Cranberry Barbecue Beef Oven Stew!

  53. I haven’t had the chance to try a lot of your recipes, but I loved the lemon pudding (with avocado) and I’ve been eyeing the cinnamon roll porridge with millet! Thanks for the giveaway!

  54. I can’t believe you’ve been doing this for only two years – and SO MANY WONDERFUL RECIPES to choose from in so little time! My #1 favorite recipe is the Gingerbread Brownies. My very first gluten free baking recipe I ever tried, and so far about the only thing I’ve made that I can actually eat. (Wonder what is in gluten-free chocolate chips … dairy?… that makes it impossible to eat cookies with them in the recipe.) My next favorite recipe is the Classic Smoothie. Of course, I never just stick to the recipe. I add different fruits, sometimes carrots, and other nut butters. But that recipe is used every day.

  55. Happy 2 years! and Happy Halloween!

    Only 2 recipes??!! Thats way too hard, all of your recipes are divine (even though I’m vegan, I find myself drooling over your non-vegan recipes as well!)

    I would say no bake pumpkin tarts, and vegan lentil meatloaf! Oh but I do love the sweet potato hash, and the chocolate banana cake bars…..and all of your smoothies….and all of the mini breakfast cakes…..oh man this is making me hungry!

  56. Yum, this casserole looks incredible, I have never bakes oats or quinoa, I think I need to try, asap. I actually try not to eat to many oats as I tend to get a bit of an upset tummy when I do, so I just take it kinda easy!

    Congrats on two years Leanne! Wow you have certainly accomplished SO much in that time!! xoxox

  57. I have been loving your breakfast recipes lately. I have a whole bunch pinned that I cannot wait to try. I recently made your Witches Brew Breakfast Pudding and that was a lot of fun! I’m thinking tomorrow I might try your Pumpkin Spice Smoothie!

  58. DEFINITELY the Peaches ‘n Cream Overnight Oats and the flax balls. I have made (and since modified) these two recipes so many times. I really think it was the overnight oats that taught me the greatness of chia seeds! Thanks for all of your recipes…this casserole looks pretty incredible, too, and I’m excited to try it next.

  59. your smoothies have all be amazing!!!! and your pear salad…. love plain and simple (:

  60. Anything including baked apples makes my heart so, so happy. It immediately fills the house with delicious, more-than-likely cinnamon aromas and tastes delicious! My favorite dishes if yours are the vanilla fifteens & candy apple macaroons (my first macaroon experience, ever. I was amazed)!

  61. Love all your recipes, I check your website every day..If I have to pick two, I will pick the Maple Layered Oat n Applde dessert jars (OMG…addictive), and the No Bake pumpkin tarts (so rich). Congrats! you’re doing fantastic.

  62. Bacon wrapped dates since i love both things so much ! Plus,apple cinnamon overnight oats always wins too

  63. Happy blogiversary! I’m a fan of your Crock-Pot Turkey and Navy Bean Pumpkin Chili and Eggplant Curry recipes.

  64. I’m in Australia so guess it’s not possible to be in this comp, but had to let you know hubby and I are hooked on your masala basmati rice – love it! Thanks for all your inspirational recipes.

  65. I love your recipes – two of my favorite or at least the ones I’ve made most frequently are the apple quinoa flake bake and the chocolate coconut cookies…thank you!

  66. Wowieee. That’s harsh. Making us post our 2 FAVORITE HP Recipes of all time??
    I’ll take that challenge, but it won’t be easy…
    Your Vanilla Almond Butter is my go to recipe. I make it ALL the time. I love making almond butter, but sometimes need a twist!
    And all your Indian recipes like the curry and naans! YUM! I’m in the process of trying them ALL.
    Thank you for that!

  67. Leanne,

    I LOVE your blog. I pretty much feel compelled to make every recipe on it, dig your sense of humor and share many of your sensitivities, including oats and GAH corn, and wheat and for me dairy.
    I need your help. I just made this friggin delicious breakfast quinoa. Followed the recipe and my quinoa, is not cooked. However, IT TASTES SO AMAZING I HAVE TO EAT IT ANYWAY!
    Cleary you need to send me some bakers goods quickly. :)
    So should the quinoa be cooked or have the texture of regular cooked quinoa? Help!

    • Hi Jane! Sounds like we have similar tummies, very cool. Yes, the quinoa should be cooked through. Was the casserole covered well? I covered mine with tin foil as the little casserole dish didn’t have a lid. Or it did… but I lost it. Heh. Also, I keep a thermometer in my oven now to make sure it maintains the right heat. I can tell you with 100% confidence that the oven was 350 for all 30 minutes! If it’s still uncooked and the water is still there making it all soupy, it’s not done. Best to cover it up again and cook it a bit longer. Hope that helps!

  68. Ooh I know which two I love – caramel apple doughnuts and nanaimo bars! Though your main meals and smoothies are my very favorite too ;)

  69. Hi Leanne! So hard to choose! I guess the zucchini wrapped goat cheese rolls and rich chocolate quinoa cake are both up there.

  70. Congratualtions on 2 years Leanne :) Just look at how far you have come! It is so hard to pick only two of your recipes as my favorites… one would have to be your overnight banana cherry pudding, and another would be your 15 minute salmon cakes!

  71. Happy Blogiversary! I am always blown away by your sweet treats so having one of them delivered to my doorstep sounds fab :) Huge fan of your nainamo bars and I’ve always wanted to try your picadillo casserole!

  72. Congratulations, you do a great job, and I love your site. Whenever people ask me about clean eating, I always direct them here. They inevitably love it as well. Although I really like a LOT of your recipes, the ones I make the most are the simplest – the sleepy raspberry lemon poppy seed smoothie and the quinoa flake bakes, especially the ones with chocolate!

  73. Hola!!! I just found your blog and i am in love!! I just ran out of quinoa and when I restock I will absolutely be making this!!


  74. This is first time to visit your blog.
    I like your blog and like you sharing all the recipes.
    I will try to make all health food.
    Thank you for sharing great blog.

  75. What a great idea ~ a Blogoversity! :)
    Thanks for the kind idea!
    My newest favorite recipe is the Pumpkin Orange Smoothie – that’s the bomb!
    And despite the challenge to make it, the TWIX bars were phenomenal,,,but the Chunky Monkey “ice cream’ runs a really close 2nd.
    But you know what I’ve found? You work really hard to make them ALL taste good so THANKS FOR THAT and happy blogaversity!

    • Thanks Jana! Good luck with the giveaway and thanks for reading and trying out my recipes! Have a fabulous weekend :)

  76. Ahh, this is just the recipe I was looking for as I was lying in bed last night thinking about the food I can actually cook now because we finally got our power restored from Sandy! My all time favorite Healthful Pursuit recipe would have to be your Pumpkin Mousse Squares. YUM! Never will I ever eat another pumpkin pie/pumpkin baked good other than that, nor will I even be tempted for that matter (I’m allergic to gluten, soy and cane-sugar). As for second favorite, hm…. you have such brilliant recipes! But, I must say, with the gluten allergy it was nice to discover those coconut curry socca crackers! So, I’ll go with that! I use them as ‘buns’ for portobella burgers.

  77. Leanne – I cannot thank you enough for posting so many WONDERFUL, delicious recipes. The No-Fuss Jambalaya is a staple in the house, especially in the cooler months and I cannot get enough of the Banana Muffin Sleepy Smoothie. I could go on and on….

    Thank you for continuing to create such healthy and fantastic dishes!

  78. Hi Leanne,
    I’m on a mission to try everyone of your recipe posts! I’m new to your site and have only experienced some of your recipes. I have a huge sweet tooth and I have to say I love your TWIX recipe. I had a taste right before a Moksha yoga class and all class I was mmmmmming, not ohmmmmming:)

    Another recipe favorite I adore is Sweet Potato and Fennel Curry.

    I look forward to your energy and inspiration through your e-mails and have my paper and pen in hand waiting patiently to record ingredients needed for one of your new recipes.

    hope to see you on your mat one day. I am the one mmmmmming:)

  79. Oh my gosh my favorites are definitely the quinoa flake bakes and the vegan rice crispy treats! I’ve been eating the rice crispy treats alll week and can’t get enough! Your recipes are all amazing…you are so talented!

  80. I had to let you know i made this bake last night and tucked it away in the fridge for breakfast this morning. Amazing! I am trying to learn to love quinoa and this recipe helped me in my quest. It was so amazing. The apples and cinnamon and quinoa all marry wonderfully together. Great filling breakfast. Thank you. I will be making this again and again.

  81. Gingerbread Brownies!!! I love chewy, moist gingerbread! And Sun dried tomato and chickpea salad was a big hit this summer! Thanks for all the great recipes, keep them coming!

  82. Hey Leanne! Congrats! I was thinking about trying this recipe with oats or with an oat/quinoa combo, because I love quinoa and oatmeal, but my family is partial to quinoa. Any suggestions on how many cups of oatmeal I should use? Or any substitutions! You are much better at trying out new things and getting amazing results, so I thought I would consult you before I tried to change this recipe!!

    • Hi Moira – thank you very much! Hmm… I’m not too familiar with oat to water ratios and such, but I bet you could so something similar to what I did with this recipe: then just add apples, spices, and the topping. You could do it in the cups so that your family could put whatever toppings they want on it, or do it in a large casserole dish. Enjoy!

  83. My two favorite recipes are the Happy Tummy Breakfast Pudding, which I eat almost every day, and the Fennel and Sausage Pasta Salad. I love the Pudding because it is so high in fiber and delicious! I almost always eat it with blackberries and walnuts, but also create variations with kiwi and coconut. It is amazing! The Pasta Salad is wonderful. It has so much flavor, and even though I was afraid the pasta might taste of black licorice, it did not. Everyone in my whole house loved it! :)

  84. one of the recipes that I always come back to are the almond buckwheat Goji bars, it was one of the first recipes that I found on your site and I love them. They are the perfect combination snack.
    another one that I just discovered and have made way too much of this fall is the Light Quinoa and Avocado Tabbouleh salad

  85. I dont think I could choose my favorite recipe!!! I would have to go through all the recipes I have bookmarked to choose just ONE

  86. I have been in LOVE with all of your recipes for months! It’s a shame I hadn’t discovered your site sooner. My two favourite recipes would definitely have to be, firstly, the carrot fennel soup! Even my anti-soup and anti-vegan family loved this one. I just decided to leave out the part that it was vegan. Second… might have to be a tie between the pumpkin ginger breakfast parfait, pumpkin spice quinoa flake bake, and the gingerbread brownies. What can I say? I just love fall flavours!

    • Yes, you’re definitely a Fall flavors girl from the sounds of it! Glad that you found me and are enjoying sharing my recipes with your family!

  87. Who are you and where have you been all my life? Why have I not come across this site before? Let’s see, I’m going to try….oh, I can’t list them all, EVERYTHING!!!!
    Congrats on your anniversary.
    You are amazing!

    • haha hey, Rayca! I’m happy that you found me :) Can’t wait to hear how you like the recipes when you make a couple!

  88. I had to substitute a lot! Unfortunately with less healthy ingredients. had to use plain old Ms. Butterworths syrup, vegetable oil opposed to coconut :( and pumpkin seeds opposed to delicious pecans. We’ll see how it turns out.

  89. Oh my goodness!!! This was AMAZING!!! I am not vegan or gluten-free, just like to eat healthy. I love quinoa for a dinner side dish so when I came upon this I thought I would give it a try. I did modify it a little as I didn’t know what quinoa flakes were (I used bran flakes) and I used real butter instead. I also added a touch of nutmeg. I did have to bake it for quite a while longer however (like 1 hour). Not sure if it was my oven, because after 40 min the quinoa was still raw. But it was worth the wait! I am serious! This is DESSERT quality. I topped it with a little skim milk and I was in heaven! Thank you so much. I will be looking through all your recipes now.

  90. This is fabulous!! I was at the store last night, and they were out of steel cut oats, and came across quinoa, which we have never had before, so went to handy dandy Pinterest and found your recip, and decided to give it a go. Made it this morning, and all four of my kids loved, I mean LOVED it (9 years all the way to my 20 mos. old). I had to make due without some of the listed ingredients, but we will be adding this to our morning breakfast rotation, for sure!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Oh, PS-I posted a pic to FB about how delish this was, so now everyone wants your recipe!!!

  91. Hi, I’m glad (in a way) that you have an oat intolerance! But only because it means you have lots of alternatives on your website. I used to make overnight oats because I work early. Do you see a way I could make this work making the night before? I’m wondering how well it would turn out if I were to warm it up in the morning. It look soooo good!

    • Hi Kari – no worries, just make ahead and reheat in the morning! I’ve done it a bunch of times.

  92. This was amazing, The kids couldn’t get enough of it. I would make this for company.

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