The Keto Diet Podcast Episode #007: Personality Influences Diet

Personality Influences Diet #healthfulpursuit #fatfueled #lowcarb #keto #ketogenic #lowcarbpaleo

Interview with Gretchen Rubin, New York Times Bestselling author, chats with us about how your personality type dictates your success. By knowing your strengths and weaknesses you’re better able to achieve your goals, improve your habits, and structure your diet for success.



  • What stops us from being happy (15:07)
  • Tendencies for failure (32:01)
  • How your personality dictates your diet success (37:42)


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  1. Just a note that Gretchen’s last name is spelled Rubin. :)

    Thanks for the podcasts! I’ve been loving them.

  2. What do you use for your to do list online? In the beginning of the podcast you talk about how your list is in 3 different sections. You don’t see the other two lists if your high priority one isn’t finished. Do you use an application for that? If so, what is it?

  3. Loving the podcast 💕

    I would love your opinion on Stephanie Keto Person, she says a few opersit things to other Keto diets and it makes it confusing but your take and discussions is so much charmer and insightful.

    • Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add it to my list of potential podcast topics :)

  4. thanks for the great podcast. I am really getting a lot out of it. I came to your site today to find out more about the name of Gretchen’s podcast from episode #7. I did find the link to Gretchen’s podcast, but it would be nice to have something more specific. I would be great to have the name of their books, names of her podcast, name of the new app she was talking about, etc.


    • Amazing! So glad you found this podcast helpful :) Thanks for listening and for the suggestions! I’ll definitely consider being more specific in future episodes.

  5. I LOVED this podcast so much!!!! Thank you for bringing us such awesome content! keep it up and keep ’em coming!! Actually don’t, It’s probably too hard for you anyway….. (see what I did there Rebel?)
    No seriously THANK YOU!!

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