How to fast as a woman (what NOT to do!)

By September 28, 2021

Fasting for Women

Understanding how and when to fast when you’re a woman and still have a menstrual cycle, is key to breaking the fasting code. Feel great whether you do intermittent fasting, or 24+ hours of longer-term fasting with these strategies.

There was a time where I just could not fast. It just… caused more and more cravings and, didn’t feel very well in my body.

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It wasn’t until I dug into the literature, that I started seeing a pattern – there are times in a woman’s cycle where it’s GREAT to fast, and other times where it’s… not so great to fast.

With this newfound information, I started applying it to my personal fasting protocols and wouldn’t you know it, I could actually fast! Next up, was testing on my clients, then, to a larger group in the 6-week keto weight loss program.

Women were telling me how much easier it has been to incorporate fasting during these peak times in their cycle. Woohoo!

Wanna know the peak times for fasting (and feeding) on your cycle? This audio tells it all.

And, I made this video (see below) to explain the process a little bit more in-depth as it relates to longer-term fasts, 24 hours or more. Plus, we get in how to extend your fast, what signs to look for that point to you having to end your fast…

It’s a fasting party up in here!

The main takeaway with both of these resources is – not everyone’s fasting protocol is going to be the same. By understanding where you’re at in your cycle, and what fasting does to your hormones, you can better SUPPORT your body while fasting, as opposed to working against it.

Here are those resources again:

How to Fast as a Woman (and what not to do!)


Adjusting Keto for Your Cycle

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