Ruled by Your Diet? Steps for Change

Ruled by Your Diet? Steps for Change #diet #chronicdieting #nosugarcoatingpodcast #keto

Ketogenic podcast. Chronic struggle against your body? How to stop searching for the answer OUTSIDE of yourself.

  • Ending restriction monkey mind
  • Diet rules that ruin lives
  • The most powerful weight loss tool


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  • Announcements (08:03)
  • Ending restriction monkey mind (17:17)
  • Diet rules that ruin lives (47:16)
  • The most powerful weight loss tool (56:06)


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  1. Hey Leanne – great episode. I had a couple of questions – you said eat back to how you were as a kid. But I ate a LOT of junk food. I’m assuming you don’t mean that, right?

    Also, why is eating to treat a disease you think you might have so bad? Or at least seeing if symptoms improve on a diet. I have a lot of joint pain I’ve been trying to improve. Keto helps, but it’s not 100% like I’d like.

    • Hey! When I was a kid, I listened to my body a lot more effortlessly and just ate what I wanted/what my body needed without worrying about the macros, calories, etc. This is what I mean. Treating a disease you’re not sure if you have can be harmful if you end up supplementing with things your body doesn’t need and investing a lot of time and energy into it. Alternatively, your intuition may just be correct and treating before testing can be helpful. I hope this helps!

  2. I’m now overwhelmed with stuff and don’t know where to start. I need to keep it simple. I have begun reading “The Keto Beginning” to try to understand why the scales keep going up when my food consumption is going down. So far so good. I think I will just blindly follow the 30 day plan and hopefully my thinking ability will get more clarity and I can make sense of how I reached this obese disgusting body. I do not want to be the fattest body on a table in the morgue. So embarrassing.?

    • Hi, Alison! Thanks so much for listening. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, starting with listening to your body, self-love, and self-acceptance can be a great place to start. I have a podcast on this subject that might be helpful for you:

  3. Amazing Stuff, I really appreciate your thoughts and all the handwork you guys put in these podcast. This is what I needed exactly, freedom, I was on the verge of breaking down being unsuccessful on Keto, but you showed me how important my freedom is, I don’t need to be miserable, I will find something that I love and is good for me too.

    • Thanks for listening, Tamz! I’m so glad this podcast was helpful for you :)