9 Things You’ll Struggle with on Keto and How to Overcome

9 Things You’ll Struggle with on Keto #keto #lowcarb #highfat

The challenges you’ll face when you go keto. The common keto issues and how to overcome to help you pave the way to keto success.

When I found keto, I thought it was going to solve everything for me. And I was promised just that. Heck, all I had to do was eat copious amounts of fat and all would be well with my weight in a matter of weeks. “Smooth sailing, keto adapt” they say.

Gosh, I can’t tell you how misleading that information really was. Or, maybe I can tell you because you’ve fallen victim to the same claims.

As with anything, when you adopt something new, there are bound to be struggles along the way. And keto is no different.

While each of our keto experiences are unique (just like our bodies), there are 9 common struggles that each of us have likely gone through while going through the fat adaptation process.

Whether you’re still stuck somewhere or want to load up your skills before hitting the trails, today’s keto video highlights the common struggles and how to overcome them. Plus, if you’ve been experiencing any of these things and are doing keto alone, you may be given a sense of comradery you didn’t have before as you learn that your feels are ALL of our feelings, too.

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  • How to get over your fear of fat
  • How to not blame yourself for your food choices
  • Overcoming a love of sugar while keto-adapt
  • Maintaining patience when you get started on keto


What struggles have you had on keto? How have you overcome them? Let’s chat about it in the comments. Sharing your story can provide powerful change for the members of our community.

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  1. In your book you recommend using Magnesium with out sugar or soy, what brand do you recommend? Love your book The Keto Diet.

  2. Hi Leanne just curious about how to break a fast should I break it with Bone Broth or a regular meal Thanks, Annemarie

  3. Hi. I started this diet 1 month ago. I’m very Happy I can eat everything I couldn’t before but I feel I don’t have energy. I run 3 to 4 times a week and it’s been hard!!! And u have cramps on my legs at night. What do you suggest I should do?

      • Hi Leanne! I just started keto 2.5 weeks ago and your videos/ website have been very helpful. I’ve noticed some heart palpitations. And today I almost fainted in the gym working out. I’m eating a lot of food (I dont have a history of eating disorders)… I think its do to with my lack of electrolytes. What do you recommend that I do to increase my electrolyte intake? I’ve heard everything from magnesium, potassium and sodium supplements… drinking water with salt… putting extra salt in your foods over the course of a day… I also take a multi-vitamin every day. Please help!?

    • You probably need potassium and magnesium. My favorite snack for this is almonds. Avocados are great too.

  4. Hi,My name is Rosalind and I have been doing keto for several months and have lost over 60lbs,started out using 132 units of insulin and now down to 22 units,but here is my current struggle I seem to be stuck,my blood sugars are starting to spike and I even feel like I have put on a few pounds.I do know that I have been really stressed and some food choices have not been the best,how do I stop this and get back on track.My doctor recommended that I watch your website and podcast,it has been very helpful,still feel like I am missing it somewhere,WHAT TO DO! Thank you :)

  5. I’m just having a hard time knowing how much of each thing…fat, protein, and carb to eat each day. I want to stay at 1300 calories per day. And how can I get all that fat into my daily diet?

    • There’s a fabulous formula for calculating your macros and calories in The Keto Beginning. Once you’ve got the numbers figured out, the rest of the book will help you figure out WHAT to eat too ;)

  6. Can you eat green beans, just starting out and struggling, not a veggie fan

  7. Ok, I started drinking a keto fuel drink loaded with fats, because I found that I had a hard time incorporating all those fats in my diet. It works better for me. I drink it 1 or 2 times per day. But I at least drink it for breakfast.

    • I’m glad you were able to find something that works for you!