Should You Start Fasting? Here’s How (as a Woman)

By June 27, 2021

Should You Start Fasting? Here’s How (as a Woman)

Bio-individuality is a beautiful thing! Teaching you how to setup your fasting protocol to work for your body. We’re chatting about whether fasting for more than 7 days is safe, how to choose a fasting day that works best for you, whether fasting should be done while pregnant, and a bunch more!

I’ve had so much success on the ketogenic diet as I use high-fat to heal my body and my relationship to food. At first, I didn’t really use fasting as I found it affected my hormones negatively. After a bunch of research, I’ve started adding fasting back into my ketogenic diet.

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I’ve adjusted my fasting protocols over the years, so I want to share some updates to the fasting protocols that are always changing as we as a collective learn more and more about the body and what works best (and what doesn’t!).

Today’s video about fasting for women is all geared toward really answering your questions as it relates to fasting.


  • Are 7-day fasts beneficial?
  • How to break the fast after 24 hours or more of not eating
  • Symptoms to avoid while fasting – how to know it’s working vs. not!
  • Thoughts on bulletproof coffee and how to change it to be BETTER
  • The best way to prep for a fast and what to plan for before you start


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