Video: Signs You’re Fat Adapted

Signs You’re Fat Adapted #keto #lowcarb #highfat

How to know your body is burning fat, without testing for ketones. And, the difference between fat adapted, ketones, and the ketogenic diet.

The way I see it, becoming fat adapted means you have gained metabolic flexibility through a development of enzymatic processes which make it easy for your body to switch back to fat-burning after eating carbohydrates (this is especially important for those that practice carb ups).

When you first begin eating ketogenic, your glycogen stores drain, and ketones begin to generate. In this first period of transition on the keto diet, your body doesn’t quite understand that fat has the potential to be your primary fuel. Your body will be creating ketones, and you’ll test positive for them, but your body won’t be fully fat adapted.

Being fat adapted is state of pure fat-burning where your body has climatized to low-carb eating enough that it sees fat as its primary fuel source. This fat adaptation process can take two, three, sometimes four weeks to complete after beginning to eat keto.

Being fat adapted is what we’re after and today, I’m sharing how to know when you’re fat adapted. Ideally, once fat adapted, this is the perfect time to start a carb up practice. The timing and approach is fully detailed in the Adapted Fat or Full Keto Fat Fueled Profiles in my program, Fat Fueled.

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  • The difference between fat adapted and keto
  • How to save money when testing ketones
  • When to start carbing up on the keto diet


As someone who has been following keto for some time, were there specific things you noticed when you became fat adapted? Share them in the comments!

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  1. I started about a month ago eating keto. 2wks ago I got keto rash, still dealing with that. Then last week got keto flu. I still have a rash but at least I’m in Ketosis now. However for the first time I’m hangry all the time lately, and I haven’t lost but a few lbs. Feeling EXTREMELY discouraged to the point of giving up…,,please help

    • Uh oh! Keto rash tells me you may have an underlying imbalance, autoimmune condition, or lots of stress. I recommend checking out pg. 159 in Fat Fueled for more information on dealing with keto rash. If you feel that you’re just now getting into ketosis, it’s likely you’re not fat adapted yet and your hunger may be a bit off. It takes our bodies some time to adjust to the new fuel source (ketones), so hang in there and trust the process!

  2. Hi Leanne,

    I’ve been following your keto diet for a few months and watching your videos. I do notice that my body doesn’t handle alcohol well now. Ie I get tipsy easily and hung over quite badly. Most of the time that’s not a big issue but now I’m going on a girls vacation and I’d like to enjoy my vacation without eating keto in a strict way and be able to have alcohol. Do you have any tips or insight on making this switch for seven days to different eating and then getting back into eating keto when I get back?

    • If I were you, I’d really try to enjoy myself, ditch any guilt I might have around food choices, but still, listen to my body and respect its signals. Some people prefer to go all out on vacation and totally forget keto, others like to stick to keto all the way, and others do something in between, often focusing on having their carb-heavy meals or alcohol in the evening. When you get back, I recommend just shifting back into eating keto and moving on. Nothing fancy ;) I hope that helps and I hope you have a super fun time on vacation!

  3. Leanne, I love you. Now that’s been said, I was wondering. I’ve been keto for 4 months. I never get hangry, I can go 5-6 or more without extreme hunger, and I crave high fat foods verses carbs; so I believe Im fat adapted. What i dont have is copious amount of energy or clear thinking. Could tbe energy be just because I’m a mom, including a toddler who still not sleeping thru the night? And will I ever have a clear mind?

    • Hey, Rachel! <3 It definitely sounds like you're fat adapted. Unfortunately, if you're not getting good sleep, no amount of fat will give you that bountiful energy. If you feel like your sleep is pretty adequate, another possibility would be candida, which can often cause "foggy brain." Here’s a video all about candida and keto. I hope this helps!

  4. I’m confused. When I do a weekly carb up do I save all my carbs due the last meal and then eat an extra 200 grams of carbs (1gram for each pound)?

    • You don’t have to “save” all of your carbs for the last meal. I would eat high-fat, low-carb throughout the day without restricting low-carb veggies or anything like that, then plan dinner with your remaining carbs. Here’s a video about carb ups that should help!

  5. Hello Leanne,
    Just wanted to tell you that u are a great motivator and I get inspired when I watch your videos! Keep up the great work! My sister started me a month ago today on Keto & no more being HANGRY! Yeah me, I’ve been set free?!? Hope to acquire your book soon. Be blessed!

    • Thank you, Gabby! I’m so happy to hear you’re free from feeling hangry! Keep crushin’ it ;)

  6. Leanne thank you so much for this post and video!
    I’ve got your book The Keto Diet (after a coworker recommended it, and brought it to work…I thought, “No way can I just browse through this – I gotta get my own copy!”), and I’ve become a faithful listener to your podcast.
    Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you!!! Keto might just be saving my LIFE and my mental health!!

    • Amazing! This is so cool to hear. Thank YOU so much for your support ;)

  7. Hi Leanne,
    I need some help getting started. I have purchased your new book, but I still am uncertain about how to make sure I am staying within the micros using my own recipes. I have many meals that I make that are either Keto friendly that I can adapt to the diet, but what I am confused on is how do I know how many carbs and how much protein and fat are in a given portion and how I can make them work on this diet. Is there an app that I can can use to put in the weights of ingredients in a given recipe and get a breakdown? I don’t see myself following a meal plan although your recipes look great and I am definitely going to try them.

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