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The supplements I use on my ketogenic diet to help support fat burning, balanced hormones, digestion, and energy.

It can be challenging to determine what you do or don’t need when it comes to supplements, and even more so when you’re looking to improve your keto, high-fat, low-carb paleo life.

I’d like to think that there is a perfect balance between improving your keto life with a healthy dose of supplementation and not completely overdoing it.

After going from a whopping 50 supplements per day, down to just 17; I know 17 seems like a lot, but… I was taking 50, I’d like to think I’ve figured out a way to support my healing keto diet with a balance of keto-supporting supplements that do right by my body.

In today’s video, I’m sharing my keto-supporting supplements and therapies, everything I take on a daily basis that aids in balancing my thyroid (so that I can burn fat!), support my body so that I don’t slip into adrenal dysfunction again (also so that I can burn fat!), boost my digestive power (focused on nutrient absorption), and increase energy.

And! All of these keto-friendly supplements are keto because I have found that they don’t negatively affect my ketones, or spike blood sugar in any way. Win!

The FREE transcript below comes complete with the list of supplements that I recommend in the video, along with links to the places and spaces that I’ve found have the best deals. It’s highly recommended that you work with a medical professional to have yourself tested before starting any new supplement protocols.

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Which supplements do you take, and why? Sharing your keto supplementation with our community will help others come up with strategies to help support their keto lives. Share in the comments below!

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  1. When should I take my magnesium you did a video on you tube where you took one or more depending on the meal right after the meal. Can you please explain ?

    • Hey! I recommend taking magnesium before bed on an empty or almost empty stomach. I hope that helps!

  2. Hi Leanne,
    Love your site and videos! You’re a wealth of fantastic information and support!
    I’m following a Keto diet and am wondering: When is the best time to take our supplements to avoid conflict with fasting/carb up evening? I understand some supplements need to be taken at different times for maximum effectiveness, but is there a general rule? Could taking them in the morning, for example, with Bulletproof coffee counter the fast because the supplements are digesting?
    Thanks for any info you can provide and keep up the awesome work! :)

    • Hey! I love taking my fat soluble vitamins with my Rocket Fuel Latte (similar to Bulletproof Coffee), even when I’m fasting. And I prefer to take my probiotic with my carb up. Otherwise, I follow what the directions say or what my doctor suggests, for example, “take one at every meal.” I hope this helps!

  3. The Multi you take doesn’t look like the link you put on your Transcript. The link is for a Once a day multi and you say you take 2-2 times a day. Can you please clarify? Also, the enzymes don’t look the same. Now brand yes but different look.

  4. Hi Leanne,

    I take quite a few supplements and find the easiest way to organize them is using a craft supply box. Each compartment is for a meal or before bed – you organize it. At this point I can organize a month’s worth of supplements in one shot and not have to think about it on a daily basis. Keep everything in the fridge.

  5. Hi Leanne,
    Love your videos and the information you share… Have you tried either Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Lotion? Oil is a misnomer. Magnesium Oil is really a magnesium salt. I understand that the magnesium is absorbed better transdermally rather than by mouth. It is also good for pain. Just rub it in. Very cost effective… Keep up the good work!

  6. Hi Leanne, love what you do, however the title of this article doesn’t quite match the content. These are not keto/fat-burning supplements but supplements someone might be interested in if they have very similar health history to you (adrenal and thyroid issues). The average person rocking a keto diet might be mislead by this post as it is very personal to you.

    Also, that is so awesome you have been able to reduce your supplements! It’s a great feeling to do it, however I think you could also cut the bone formula and maybe the EFAs since you eat a great diet as it is and you are already doing the liver, multi, and I know you already eat a lot of flax and hemp and things like that. What about an algae-based omega 3 for some variety? Hmm I guess that EFA blend can help your hormones so I can see a reason for that maybe, but the bone formula can definitely be cut IMO.

    Best of luck on your quest for more magnesium.

    (I’m a RHN)

    • Hey! Thanks so much for sharing your feedback and suggestions. I appreciate it!

  7. This is awesome :) do you have a list of laboratory tests that you would suggest getting done? Thanks!

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