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Video: 15 Signs You Need More Fat

by October 1, 2018

Signs you need more fat #lowcarb #keto #highfat

15 signs that point to you needing to eat more fat and the health complications that come from not eating enough.

Happy Wednesday! I know so, so many of you are thoroughly enjoying fat, eating it by the spoonful, and feeling amazing. But there are countless beings out there that are still restricting their fat intake and feeling horrible because of it.

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In today’s keto video, I’m outlining 15 signs that point to fat needing to take center stage in your life. If you’re already doing it, maybe you know of someone that could benefit from this information.

And, if you’re on the fence about this whole ‘high-fat’  or ‘keto’ thing, perhaps one, or more, of the signs I’ve shared describes your current state of health.

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  • How eating low-fat negatively affects your mood
  • When it’s time to eat more fat
  • Health imbalances that are signs of eating low-fat


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