Video: The Problem With Counting Macros on Keto

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Why I stopped counting macros while eating keto. How to continue eating high-fat, low-carb, keto without counting calories and macros.

Counting the keto food I eat makes me crazy. And also, macro percentages, grams, and pie charts overwhelm me. You too? Perfect. Let’s chat about this a bit more.

Whether you’re up to your ears in keto living and loving every moment, or you’re totally overwhelmed with the concept of counting and tracking your macros on keto, I have news for you… you don’t have to keep tabs on your keto macros to be successful at rockin’ a ketogenic (high-fat, low-carb) eating style.

I don’t count, and many of my clients don’t count either. We’re all out living our lives, enjoying the fats, and eating without our food trackers glued to our fingers. It’s liberating. I think you’ll enjoy it.

If you’ve been interested in eating more fats or you’ve been counting, measuring and tracking your way to crazy, I’ve got keto solutions for you!

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  • What keto macros are
  • 3 reasons why I don’t count macros on keto
  • How to eat high-fat, low-carb, keto without tracking macros



What relationship do you have with macros, calories and tracking your keto meals?

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  1. Hi

    I have been doing keto since November 2017. I have lost 43 pounds so far I’m just not sure I was doing it the correct way. I started keto for the purpose of weight loss and have learned so much about Keto and women’s health since then When I first started I was following the macros for a Facebook group I joined my macros were 20 g of carbs 45 g of protein and 90 g -135g of fat depending on my hunger. In January 2018 I started reading your book the keto diet and listening to keto For Women Show where heard you as a guest. I’m now listening to all of your podcasts from the beginning on the keto diet. I really want to get away from counting my macros and tracking all of my food. But it seems like everytime I do that it kicks me out of ketosis and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. I test with a keto mojo.

    When I first started I was 175 pounds and I’m only 5 feet tall. I have now got down to 132 pounds but now I’m more concerned about health than I am about the number on the scale. I believe my calorie intake for the last couple months was way too low.

    Back in November I started walking 5 km in the morning and now I’ve worked my way up to more of a run walk run walk.

    How do I figure out what is the right amount of calories to eat and now I’m getting the right amount of fat and protein without tracking ?

    Thank you so much for your Podcast and your wonderful book.

    • Hi Victoria! A lot of it is practice and learning to listen to your body! I actually talk about this in detail in this podcast on intuitive eating, if you’re interested! As for calories, multiply your weight by 15 to get an approximate target for caloric intake.

  2. I bought the bundle and it would only let me download the 30 day plan I paid 197 I am hoping you can resend the other one to my email ashulman66@gmail

  3. Hi Leanne,

    I really love all your take on keto. I am tracking macros because I’m just in week 3 and want to get the hang of this thing. My biggest concern is that I’m not hitting my protein macros. I get so full, especially on the fasting days where I’m eating in a 6 hour window. I also am doing small carb ups at night otherwise I’m awake forever. Is there a way to get protein in me without filling me up with more food? I can do collagen but it’s not a huge protein source is it? I’m also not a big meat eater.


    • Thanks, Renee! Collagen is a great protein source! It has 10g per serving. I tend to have 2 servings a day, mixed into my Rocket Fuel Latte, Keto Lemonade, tea, sauces, etc. This video compares different collagen brands, if you’re curious. You could also try doing a protein up instead of a carb up. It works even better than a carb up for some people– there’s more info about it in this podcast episode. Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Leanne
    I am now reading your book and I love it! I just am not sure which keto is right for me. I’ve been Keto since Juli 2017 and nothing changes with me. I still weight the same and all measurements stay the same as well. I calculated my macros which, it’s said 1200 Cal (15 g Carb, 60 g Protein, 100 g Fat). I am 41, 158 cm, 61.5 kg. Lightly active and I am of reproductive age with hormone concerns. I am IF (16:8) but this doesn’t help as well. I am very frustrated. I would do Keto right to lose body fat. I have a big wish that your book would help me on my journey as I decided to get it. Please kindly advise what should I do? Love, Dew