Video: My Favorite On-The-Go Low-Carb, Keto Snacks (What Leanne Loves Episode #5)

My Favorite On-The-Go Low-Carb Snacks #lowcarb #keto #hflc #lchf #fatfueled

My 3 favorite on-the-go packaged keto snacks and 3 homemade keto snacks for quick and easy low-carb, keto travel.

There are keto things that I use every day that I’m obsessed with. Which is why I started a little thing I like to call, “What Leanne Loves”, maybe you’ve watched My Favorite Chemical-Free Beauty Things (What Leanne Loves Episode #4)?

Every 2 months, I’ll be sharing 3 things that I am using to balance my health without breaking the bank. These keto things make my life better. These keto things make me happy. And maybe… these keto things could do the same for you.

I have found these keto products, I have loved these keto products, and I want to share them with you so that you can (potentially) love them, too!

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  • Nut-free, keto granola-like bar
  • Vegan protein bar that’s low-ish in carbs
  • Completely sugar-free, keto chocolate bar, just 3 keto ingredients


What are your favorite low-carb, keto, fat fueled-friendly snacks? And, do you enjoy purchased keto snacks, or homemade keto snacks?

Let’s chat about it in the comments!

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  1. I just heard you On Jimmy Moore show, and I was so floored! Your story hits home! This is what I have been going through for 10 years or more! I was on birth control Gajned a lot of weight. I got off and my cycle wouldn’t come back! I waited years but no cycle or barely a cycle! I went to many doctors and was tested for pcos but that came back negative! They couldn’t help me! They just said lose weight! I wish I could lose weight it has always been very hard ! I am trying to get my cycle back and get pregnant! Well, I have hope now since I found you! Can you please tell me how you got your cycle back, did you take medication the doctors give to help bring it back, what type of doctor do I need to help me, and what should I be asking them? Sorry so long just ready to be healthy! I know need help but can’t find anyone!

  2. Hi , My diet goes like this as I am in India I do not have keto machine,,,,,, I am pre diabetics, I had rigrous 3 months keto diet in which I lost 9 kgs, my waist went in from 40 inches to 36 which is great, I am 43 weigh 97 kgs 5.91/2 tall

    My diet 4 eggs omlette with butter cabbage in afernoon 4 eggs,, evening 250 grams chicken or any meat soup, I used to drink coconut water daily, as snack I eat groundnut ang everyday avocado juice ,,,, I over came my sugar

    • One month I ate carbs anything possible as we fasted whole day for 30 days in Ramadan, still my sugar was controlled, now after this I got to know my body did not hv energy sign of sugar,,,, so now I am fasting Mon,Tue,Wed,Thur, evening I 6 I drink coconut nut water beef bone soup to the fullest, night 4 boiled eggs or 3tablespoon of butter with 2 teasp of coconut oil with stevia and vinegar and go to bed. On Thursday and Friday I eat anything rice biscuits fruits carb loading but my body takes for toss I get poop on Thursday Friday and Sunday only, it’s slightly constipated….

    • My question to you is this okay or any nutrition issue……I know for diabetics carb loading is of no use…. But I have to eat carbs

      In this diet am I stuffing protein too much???

  3. Do you have any ideas for vegans looking to start a high fat diet?

  4. I have been using a bar called Simple Protein..the ones I use only have
    1 g of sugar..What are your thoughts on this?

    Thanks, R

    • I’m not familiar with this bar. If you feel great eating it and it works for you, do it up!

  5. Hi, for someone who is trying to go Sugar free (as much as one can) but I love having a go to snack..I have recently found a Protein Bar called Simple Protein and some (not all) of their bars contain: 15g of Protein, 150 calories, 7g of Fibre and 1g of Sugar..What are your thoughts on this bar??

    • I definitely wouldn’t recommend eating a whole batch of flaxseed cinnamon buns or roasted herb crackers at once- that’s a lot of flax! But one serving of either recipe is only a few tablespoons of flax. If you’re not accustomed to eating flax, maybe start with half a serving and slowly increase from there. I hope that helps!