Attain total body confidence, regulated metabolism + liberated health without the need to radically reduce (or even count) calories

By November 3, 2018

The Keto Beginning: Complete Guide + 30-day Meal Plan for Whole Food-Based Ketosis

The complete guide & 30-day keto meal plan to create lifelong health and lasting weight loss with whole food-based nutritional ketosis – a launch pad for creating a healthy + hot body… for life.

When I started developing a whole food-based ketogenic eating style for myself, I went in with 0 expectations. I dared to do something different from anything I’d ever done. It was scary, terrifying even, but it paid off, fast.

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In 30 days (my 30-day progress below), I experienced radically reduced weight, freedom from sugar cravings and healthy hormones. What’s more, is that YOU, a brilliant community of thousands of women, were cheering me on from the sidelines, genuinely interested in using whole food-based ketosis to influence their lives, too.


Originally, I had no intention of sharing this keto journey with you… but I’ve seen too many good things come from it that keeping it to myself didn’t seem right. So, after months of keto recipe testing, keto meal plan creation and research, I’m proud to introduce you to my newest digital program, The Keto Beginning: Complete Guide + 30-day Meal Plan.

When what you’re doing isn’t working, The Keto Beginning is the rocket fuel for achieving flawless health and effortless weight loss through sound keto nutrition practices and vibrant food preparation in ways you’ve never seen before.

The Keto Beginning offers a unique guidance system to attaining total body confidence, regulated metabolism, and liberated health without the need to radically reduce (or even count) calories.


With The Keto Beginning, you’ll be shown how to use whole food-based nutritional ketosis to…

  • Reach your perfect weight without feeling restricted or deprived.
  • Gain the power to end food obsession + strict eating schedules.
  • Maintain steady energy, without relying on constant feeding.
  • Boost self-worth, self-respect, self-trust and self-love.

17 chapters, 147 pages + over 70 high-fat, low-carb, keto, moderate-protein, dairy-, gluten-, sugar-, grain-, soy-, legume-free recipes – this is the lifestyle change that empowers your body + mind to achieve the state of health you’ve been searching for.

If you want to take charge of your health in a new keto way, start by being open to the idea that what you think you know about health and nutrition is upside down, backwards and inside out. Nutritional ketosis; achieved by following a high-fat, low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein eating style, is a powerful, convenient, motivating approach to radically improving health. The transformation requires that we overcome a handful of age-old beliefs claiming health is achieved when dietary fat is restricted and carbohydrates; even “healthy whole grains”, are used as fuel. It is clear; through the results of many recent medical studies, that how we look at dietary fat and carbohydrates with respect to macronutrient uptake, energy production and the key to living a healthy life, is grossly inaccurate.

Get your copy of The Keto Beginning today and start looking at nutrition in a new way.

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The journey toward your hottest self begins by accepting that what you’re doing (and eating) may not be working for you anymore. We constantly limit ourselves by prescribing to an eating style that no longer serves us. If it doesn’t feel right – if it’s not resulting in flawless health and effortless weight management, chances are, you’re missing something. Venturing from the eating style box you’ve squished yourself into sets you on a new path, where you’re primed and ready to make things happen.

You are ready to make things happen.

People with allergies to gluten, dairy, sugar, legumes and grains, the paleo community, the low-carb, keto community and anyone looking to use whole foods to create a new life for themselves will benefit from The Keto Beginning.

Liberated from food cravings, blood sugar irregularities, mind fog, excess body weight, cancer risks and infertility, you will be shown how to effortlessly use food as the next step in your evolution toward health and hotness.

Achieve the state of health you’ve been searching for.

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I feel; deep in my bones, that the world is ready for this resource guide to a new way of approaching food, health, and their lives. The Keto Beginning is posed to encourage the Healthful Pursuit community to feel liberated on an otherwise “restricted” diet, empowering each of you with an everyday solution to flawless health and lasting weight loss without radically reducing (or even counting) calories.

It will act as a launch pad for thousands to effortlessly make living healthy, keto, and hot a full-blown reality.

Much love for your support and awesomeness,


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