An Inside Look At My Next Cookbook

Juices, Smoothies and Cleanses Cookbook #glutenfree #cleanse #vegan

When I’m asked what I do for a living, my response is always::

I am a nutrition educator, blogger and recipe creator. But really?
I show women how to have a liberated life on a restricted diet.
Ultimately, my work is about empowering women to fall in love with themselves.

I live to be the support for you that I didn’t feel I had when I was trying desperately to love myself and understand what it meant to be healthy.

I have created programs, cookbooks, blog posts and recipes as tools to share my experience and connect with thousands of amazing souls (that’s you!) who want to make a healthy, happy and balanced life for themselves.

Juices, Smoothies and Cleanses Cookbook #glutenfree #cleanse #vegan

Your stories and experiences have shaped the Healthful Pursuit community and become my guiding light. I create out of need.

There is one aspect of my story that you’ve said resonates with you most (and one that I love chatting about)…

juices, smoothies and cleansing.

I have used the power of juicing, smoothies and cleansing to become the radiant woman I am today. I have a life I love, an eating style that works for me, and a body I now respect. I owe this magnificence to 10 years of whole foods livin’, nutrient-dense juices, fiber-packed smoothies and ultra-awesome cleanses.

I want to share this splendor with you.

Juices, Smoothies and Cleanses Cookbook #glutenfree #cleanse #vegan

So, I made a whole cookbook about all things juices, smoothies and cleansing, complete with over 55 NEW recipes, cleanse programs, meal plans, shopping lists and more. And, it is coming March 26.

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I am so excited to share this with you!
Juices, Smoothies and Cleanses Cookbook #glutenfree #cleanse #vegan
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  1. Thank you for your research and endeavors in this! I truly appreciate your hard work.

  2. Do you remember from a long, long time ago that I said I wished you had a smoothie book! I am so excited! Thank you!

  3. Thanks Leanne, I am so looking forward to it! I am really struggling right now with getting back on track with a healthy diet. One year ago today I had been exercising regularly, eating beautifully ( I had just come off a month long whole foods cleanse), and feeling great about myself. Then I got hurt. It has been a year of horrible pain in my lower back and right leg, numbness in my foot and leg, and no one has been able to tell me what is wrong and how I can fix it. I have been depressed, exercising in spurts because I always end up in worse pain, and eating junk. I am a huge emotional eater and I have been eating everything I shouldn’t to compensate for the pain and depression. Every time I try to start eating healthy again my kids and husband put up a fight to the foods I try to introduce. It is so hard eating the way I should on my own. I feel like I have no support and I can’t make two dinners every night. I love your recipes and your wonderful attitude on life. Thanks for your blog, it brightens my day when I see your beautiful emails in my inbox. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and talents, I really appreciate it!