15 Things You Can Expect In 2014

By November 5, 2018

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Hey beautiful!

Lofty goals and I just don’t jive… I suck at resolutions.

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Instead, I see everyday as an opportunity to get closer to myself – January 1st, June 24th, and beyond.

This year I am publicly declaring my intentions, chasing after a feeling, not a goal. (Read THIS if want to flip goal setting inside out, too)

Here are the 15 things that you can expect from me in 2014…

  1. More conversations between you, me and our entire community in the comments on the blog – come chat in the comments, NOW!
  2. An influx of 1 on 1 time in my calendar.
  3. More cookbooks and guides to get you where you want to go, fast.
  4. Loads of personal stories and windows into the healthful life I’m living – my last chapter of eating disorder recovery, food allergies, bone density, fertility…
  5. Lots of step-by-steps, guides and 101s.
  6. Refreshed meal plans to simplify your journey.
  7. Expanded creativity, quality and love – I’m praying for brilliance to shine through me.
  8. More yoga.
  9. Increased practicality.
  10. Reconnection to the original reason I went into the business – to encourage women to live a liberated life on a restricted diet.
  11. A little less time on my computer and more time in the kitchen (may mean a little less emails from me, but more delicious recipes!)
  12. Fewer partnerships with brands (which will result in a laser lucid list of products I rely on)
  13. Less Facebook, more Instagram, more Twitter.
  14. Annihilation of scatterbrained design. An effortless online experience (my new website) is weeks away! (Get a sneak peek at the new design by checking out my Twitter and Facebook pages)
  15. Reduction of personal email responses, more group conversations in the comments of every new blog post.

And a few surprises… like an in-person workshop series that I wont tell you much about now… except circle September 23 on your calendar.

Oh, and lots and lots of generosity. Speaking of which, here is something that I made for you.

I hope you love it, I hope it’s helpful, and I can’t wait to work and play with you in this year and beyond.

What are you planning to do MORE of in 2014? What are you planning to do LESS of?

Your response will encourage the ladies in our community to take a peek into their own lives and perhaps see something in a different light that they hadn’t before.

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