Creating Goals with Soul


365 days ago today, I was on a plane heading home from India with a heart full of radical ways I was going to change my life, ditch the extra baggage, and get real with myself.

Joy, bliss, freedom… they were all high on my list.

And, to celebrate, I’m going on a little journey this month. I’d love for you to join me!

Where are we going?

Why, we’re jumping on the train of desire (sounds a bit kinky, don’t it?), last stop, soul-filled goals.

What’s a soul-filled goal? Very good question. The concept totally boggled my mind the first time I heard it, too. But don’t worry, there’s no need to get your brains in a mishmash. This is fun stuff.

Check it…

India_Feb17 (5)

Picture this: you want that dream job, a loving husband, the perfect family, a strong yoga practice, more time to meditate, a fridge full of healthy food, a six pack (of beer or abs), a group of tight-knit friends, a cabin on the beach, early retirement, a life with no food restrictions, endless hours in the day to read, a successful career, an endless supply of fancy shoes, and a sweet car.

Those are all great things to want. But why do you want them? What’s driving your wants? What’s fueling your goals and desires?

Is it crazy to believe that, at the core of your wants and desires, lies a yearning for a specific feeling?

Think about it… how do you want to feel when you get that dream job, the loving husband or the perfect family? What feeling is driving that desire?

Figure that out, and you have a soul-filled goal. A goal with soul – a meaty, delicious goal that has a purpose, a spine, a backbone.

This soul-filled goal will empower you, connect you to your truth, spark your soul fire, and transform your life.

India_Feb24 (106)

Sounds pretty juicy, don’t it?

Danielle LaPorte, the creator of The Desire Map, believes that we have our relationship to goal setting and ambition backwards and inside out. We’re all searching aimlessly in the night, stabbing in the dark, hoping to catch a goal by the tail without knowing why we’re doing the hunting.

What I want to feel creates what I want to achieve.

Reaching into the depths of my desire to create a soul-filled goal seems logical, doesn’t it? It’s nothing like anything I’ve ever done, but makes so much sense to me… which is why I’m sharing this journey, my experience, and Danielle’s amazing work, with you.

Honest moment… the link I’ve used in this post is an affiliate link. And yes, I will make money when you decide to join me on this journey. But I wouldn’t be sharing this with you today if I didn’t feel super passionate about Danielle’s message, The Desire Map and the positive affect it’s had on my life in the week that I’ve been following it.


What’s the deal?

Maybe you want to feel happy, at ease, healthy, confident, strong, better, balanced, powerful, accomplished, capable, alive, fulfilled, creative, grounded, energetic, generous…

The Desire Map is about getting clear on the feelings that are driving your desires.

It’s about getting real with what you’re tired of feeling; what you would love to never feel again, and, instead, choosing to focus on life affirming feelings to create the experience you want.

It’s about getting in touch with the feelings that will fuel and transform the way you live.

The Desire Map is a multimedia guide to what you want the most. You’ll receive a book in the mail and access to Danielle’s Desire Portal – a space with audiobook downloads, videos, guidebooks, support… everything you need to make the most of the gentle journey.


Throughout this month, I’ve made a commitment to using The Desire Map to interrupt my mental complaints, point me in the direction of what I want, allow optimism into my life, expand my mind, open my heart and see more clearly. I’ll be sharing my discoveries along the way and would love to have a couple of pals to join in on the life changing ride with me. Are you in?

Tell me,

How do you feel about setting goals?

Are your goals and choices based on should’s, or because it’s what your parents did, or because it’s familiar?

What do you want to get out of life?

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  1. Hi Leanne,

    Its interesting to reflect on my life. 8 years ago I made a commitment to change careers, no small undertaking but I did it. I did the research, made my goals and dove in had first and achieved my goals. Its the proudest I’ve ever been of myself.
    Unfortunately my new career was one that was hit pretty hard in the recession and I was one of so many that lost their jobs. In the meantime I’ve found work, but the position was run by a mentally and emotionally abusive boss.
    Though I’ve moved on, I’m still picking up the pieces and trying to find the girl I used to be. My goals are baby steps and tend to be a series of should’s, but through every small goal I’m one step closer to finding myself and passion in my life once again.
    So many entries on your blog have helped me in this healing process, I thank you so much. I also thank you for suggesting the Desire Map, I think this may be exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  2. Hi Leanne,
    Does your affiliate link for the Desire Map have an expiry date? I’m just finishing up on Danielle’s Fire Starter Sessions (LOVE) and am hoping to sign up (get? enroll in?) the Desire Map for my birthday, which is coming up in a few weeks from now. I’d love to use your link (seeing as you were the first person to introduce me to Danielle’s awesomeness), so let me know if I can still clickety click on your link (and have you get credit for it!) Thanks!

    • Hi Dana! Fire Starter = awesome, right? Love it! Happy early birthday! My affiliate link does not expire so you’re good to go! Danielle is pretty darn awesome, I’m so happy I could introduce you to her. Have a good night :)

  3. oh my gosh, opened up your page and there’s a big MacDonalds commercial running across it…. OMG. a reminder what majority does and think of an easy meal on the go for little ones or a “special” treat while traveling. my neighborg exclaimed last week, why cook for kids, that McD now has a very good meal just for $4…. wow, do I have loads to say about it… just wondered if U knew or even if U have any control over McD running their ad on your page?

    • Ah! NO! Thank you for letting me know. I had no idea. I’ll look into it. Thank you so much.