10 Things I Learned In 2013 So That You Don’t Have To

By September 13, 2017

Cherry Pie Quinoa Breakfast Casserole (9) Overflowing pie, super slimy smoothie, the ugliest loaf of grain-free bread you’ve ever seen… Some may call them “failures”, I like to think of them as lessons. And today? I’m counting down the top 10 lessons I’ve learned this year, with a couple of life lessons sprinkled in. Would love to hear from you in the comments today – what major lessons did you learn this year? Cherry Pie Quinoa Breakfast Casserole (53) 1. Hemp milk doesn’t make a good base for Quinoa Breakfast Casseroles. In fact, baking with any Homemade Hemp Milk just isn’t a good idea. I tried it in multiple recipes and the tiny fibers from the milk separated from the baked dish. The separation created a really off consistency. Not pleasant. Cookies--2-3 2. Using 100% coconut butter as frosting between cookies makes them next to impossible to eat. Coconut butter as a base for a frosting is a great idea. But as the only ingredient? Not so good. In this recipe, I tried to sandwich coconut butter between two Carob Crunch Cookies. It was all fine and dandy until the coconut butter hardened. I had to practically chisel my way through that cookie. lessons 3. Cooking and blending lentils is not the way to make lentil crackers. These crackers were so gross. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. Instead of cooking the lentils, it’s best to make a flour out of the dry lentils and make crackers from that. lessons2 4. Fermented tapioca does not equal Vegan Cottage Cheese. It equals really gross tasting tapioca pudding. Lesson learned. Anyone have some ideas on how to make a good vegan cottage cheese recipe? I’m all ears! lessons3 5. Mashed cauliflower and beans with loads of barbecue-like spices will not result in Vegan Ground “Beef”. I will never use cauliflower in this way, ever again. It’s best for Vegan Cream of Mushroom Soup and Vegan Lemon Pudding. 6. The perception that you apply to your world is your choice. Kevin and I went through some major emotional, spiritual and financial challenges in 2013. When the stuff got rough, we made a commitment to one another to stay positive. Positivity and happiness is a choice. You just have to surrender to it. Read more: Closing a Chapter Gracefully (Even After a Rough Ride) GreensandProteins-0958 7. Las Vegas has one heck of a health scene. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, paleo or somewhere in between, Vegas has you covered. I was SO blown away with the options. Read more: What a Nutrition Educator Eats (Vegas Edition) India_Feb29 (112) 8. A soul-filled goal will empower you, connect you to your truth, spark your soul fire, and transform your life. What I want to feel creates what I want to achieve. Read more: Creating Goals with Soul 9. Every person in our lives, no matter how brief their role, are seeds of opportunity bursting with limitless potential. Seeing the good in others is a seed that can transform your perception from fear to love. Read more: Limitless Potential Everywhere VivianShot-111 10. Fully healing from an eating disorder is a long, long journey (but so totally worth it!) This year, I made a promise to myself to go that last little step toward healing forever. Read more: The Last Chapter Quote-Line2 I would love to hear from you – what lessons have you learned in 2013? Please, share in the comments below! You never know how your story will transform those around you.

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