Closing A Chapter Gracefully (even after a rough ride)

By November 27, 2018

The last 12 months for Kevin and I have been sprinkled with many emotional, spiritual and financial challenges.

Quitting careers, loosing grandparents, changing dreams, mega work travel, cross-country moves, budgetary constraints… the list goes on.

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Positive or negative, difficult or easy, one thing remained the same through it all…


We come out on top every time (because we believe we can). – @be_healthful


No matter what came our way, no matter how difficult the situation, or how lost we felt in it, we worked together and we got ‘er done in the best way we knew how.

So, while Montreal didn’t exactly work out, and came with a slew of rough stuff, the adventure was quite the learning experience.

And as we make our way across Canada to Alberta, we couldn’t help but create a list of all of the positive, awesome things we’ve learned, seen, experienced and loved during our time in the East.


We’re injecting value into our lives, creating positive memories and proper closure by changing our perception of our life experiences.


Here goes…

We love burgers.

We’re proud of Lexy and Pebbles (our dogs) and their ongoing curiousness, maturity, and ability to adapt to whatever we go through as a family.

Employment contracts are best written out… on paper… and signed.

We can work under the same roof for a year and not kill one another.

Having great neighbors makes a house a home.

Unless you have the time and passion to learn a new language, moving to a place where English isn’t the norm probably isn’t a good idea.

A cake can be made on convection roast… with a broken bottom burner.

We aren’t duplex people.

Hot yoga rules all.

Shaw cable is better than Videotron.

Proper snow removal is so flippin’ awesome.

We could write a guide on how to avoid potholes.

We love brick houses.

We like industrial spaces converted into homes.

Language barrier has a big impact on our standard of living.

We crave the outdoors.

We love Quebec City.

Niagara Falls is so much smaller than we imagined.

It’s important for us to be close to the people we love.

Leanne hates working in her office and would much rather create makeshift workspaces all over the house.

New York is magic.

Family is everything.

Snuggling up under a blanket on the covered patio to watch thunderstorms is all sorts of romantic… and doesn’t cost a penny to do.

Apple picking is everything we dreamed it would be.

If you’re not happy, all you have to do is say so.

When the going gets tough and times are tight, buy a Costco membership and a deck of cards.

Yes, people really do pay $1.55 per liter for gas.

Sauerkraut is a perfect condiment for any breakfast.

It is very possible to eat healthy on a ridiculously tight budget.

I’d love to hear from you –

Tell me about a time where you toughed things out and looked at your situation in a positive way. Do you feel like this helped with closure?

OR if you’ve never done this…

What life experience has chewed you up, spit you out, and still feels like it’s weighing you down? What sorts of super awesome, positive things can you say you learned from the situation?

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