30 Days of Fresh-Pressed Juice with Real Juice


If your digestion sucks, you’re worried about your vitamin/mineral intake, or there are days that you just cannot eat another green salad, I know exactly where you’re coming from.

In August, I started replacing 1 of my daily snacks with a fresh-pressed green juice to help with all of these issues + more.

After a couple of weeks of daily juicing, I was out of creative juice ideas and a bit exhausted from making juice every darn day!

Then I found Real Juice – a Canadian company with an outrageously strong commitment to getting fresh-pressed, non-pasteurized juice in the hands of Canadians, effortlessly.

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Real Juice prepares fresh-pressed juices and ships them Canada-wide. You order the juice, get the juice, freeze the juice, defrost as you need, drink the juice and improve your life.

Join me and Real Juice, November 19 – December 19 for a 1 Juice a Day Challenge and reap the benefits of this fabulously healthy habit.

All you have to do is drink 1 fresh-pressed juice per day, for 30 days.

If you’re able to make fresh juice for yourself daily, here are some juice recipes for you.

If you don’t have a juicer and aren’t ready to take the plunge in buying one, finding a company like Real Juice to deliver fresh juices to you is the best way to go.

Amanda, the owner of Real Juice believes that fresh, organic, fabulously healthy juice should be accessible to everyone. Amanda’s commitment to the health of the community that surrounds her makes me so excited to work with her throughout our 1 Juice a Day Challenge.

Benefits of Drinking Fresh-Pressed Juice

My slow digestion makes it impossible to absorb all of the nutrients from food. Juice is “pre-digested” making it easier for my body to get the nutrients it needs.

Eating 1 pound or more of veggies a day is difficult. Juicing is a way for me to get my veggies in without overburdening my body.

Food rotation is important to me to lower my risk of food allergies. Throwing different types of veggies in a juice keeps that rotation going and reduces the risk of developing even more allergies.


Comment below if you’re planning to join me for our 1 Juice a Day Challenge!

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  1. I just found this juice challenge today – Dec 1. Hope better late than never works here :D Will start today! I love juicing, but have been slacking lately – good motivation to get back on it! thanks!

    • Better late than never TOTALLY works here. So happy that you’re in it with us! If you’re planning to order from Real Juice, let me know what flavors you’re planning on getting! The pineapple + kale is SO good ;)

  2. Was stoked to try this because of the discount, but when I went to order the site gave me an error message saying the maximum number of uses had been exceeded and wouldn’t apply the coupon. :( No juice for me right now!

    • Hey Sarah! Sorry about this… sounds like there was an error with their cart. But it’s fixed now! Feel free to jump back in and make your order! PS: What did you choose? The Lychee Pear is SO INTERESTING!

    • Nice! Woohoo! No other information…. just 1 juice a day (of your liking) and I’ll be posting a couple of recipe ideas and combinations in the days to come!