Carb Binges, Intuitive Eating and Hashimoto’s


Keto podcast answering your questions on bringing, meal plans and balancing autoimmunity.

  • Carb binges
  • Eating intuitively on a meal plan
  • Hashimoto’s ups and downs


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  1. I just got diagnosed with early stages of hashimotos and hypothyroid. My acupuncturist told me that I should do less fat more protein. But my tests also came back with my liver doesn’t digest protein that well: help!

    • Hi Lily! Definitely talk to your physician when you get a chance, or a certified holistic nutritionist to develop a plan!

  2. I currently practice intermittent fasting (OMAD) no sugar or refined carbs, not even fruit. I an interested in the Keto lifestyle but find it impossible. I always go over on my carbs green leafy veggies) and never come close to hitting my calories. I want to enjoy the freedom your program offers; can you help?

    • Hi Renee! Keto is very freeing, especially since eating high fat is a great way to hit your calorie counts while staying satiated all day! If you want more details and some links, I’d suggest emailing my team for some resources at