Running Toward Pleasure


My commitment to creating goals with soul this month is transforming my life and my business.

I’ve traded in my dream board for a small sticky note with three incredibly powerful words on it (my core desired feelings) to keep me focused on how I want to feel every moment of every day.

I’ve started asking myself why I want things and making choices with purpose.

I’ve started witnessing my feelings and staying cool in times of potential freak-out-ed-ness.

I’ve been staying balanced regardless of the stuff around me.

I’ve been running toward pleasure despite what Tom, Dick or Harry may have to say about it.


And, I’ve been creating meaty, delicious goals that have purpose, strength and meaning to me.

Best of all? I’m learning how to understand myself, translate my feelings into actions and feel supported every step of the way.

My Desire Map experience has been blissful.

One of my ah-ha discoveries has been witnessing how often I let fear of failure dictate the choices that I make.


This is usually how it goes…

I gravitate toward a crazy, huge task that involves a lot of risk, makes me feel really good thinking about it, but could lead to absolute failure and embarrassment. And; more often times than not, I’ll choose to suffocate the task with excuses and go with a less intense thought or idea.

Sound familiar?

Once I realized that this was an issue for me, I knew that I needed to prove to myself that the projects that ignite the strongest passion in me are the ones I should be chasing and that fear of these projects failing shouldn’t hold me back from creating things that feel good to create.

The result? My fully refreshed, sleek and simple healthy meal plan program – a project that I’ve been working on in the background for over a year but never really brought into the spotlight until now.


I worked day and night for 2 solid weeks refining the new 7-day meal plan format, information page and even came up with a stellar plan to re-release it out into the world. I’m really sticking myself out there and embracing the pleasure it gives me to create it, regardless of the outcome. And it feels good.

I am so incredibly devoted to helping our community embrace a healthy lifestyle. I’ve seen meal plans transform people’s lives and; if I can play a small role in that transformation, awesome.

You can head on over to my meal planning page to see my passion at work!

Now I’d love to hear from YOU…

What’s one thing in your life that you’re passionate about but have avoided because you’re afraid of rejection or embarrassment?

How do you set goals and stay committed to them?

This space is sacred so if you’re sharing your fears, know that you’ll be treated with kindness and compassion from everyone in our little community!

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for introducing me to Danielle LaPorte! I absolutely DEVOURED her website and Pinterest pages yesterday after reading your post. It is just the shot in the arm I’ve been looking for. I had dinner with a friend last night who enjoys motivational, inspiring “stuff” and also needed that shot, so I told her all about your blog and Danielle’s site and we both left dinner completely fired up! Love your blog and so many of the recipes. You are super inspiring to me – and hopefully now to my friend, as well! Blog on, Leanne!

    • Fired up convos with a close friend are the BOMB! I’m so happy that you two are jacked up on life and forging forward. That’s awesome. Love that I could kick it off for you. Thanks for sharing my blog with your friend! Did you grab yourself a Desire Map book? Would love to know how you like the program when you go through it. Kevin and I did it together, the whole way through. It was such a powerful experience to do it with someone else!

  2. Great idea with the meal planning page. I am sure many would appreciate the hard work you’ve put in to gear and encourage them towards healthy living :)

    • Thanks Kiran! That’s the name of the game… if I can help one person a day, I’ve hit my goal!