Our family’s pretty passionate about their grilling.

Come rain, sleet, snow or blizzard, my Dad will brave temperatures below -30C for a slab of charred meat. Crazy Canadian.

While I love my grilled meals, I’m not too keen on being cold. Thankfully, the weather’s just starting to heat up, neighbors are out on their patios soaking up the sunshine, and the weekend air smells of burgers! I guess this is when all the normal people start enjoying their barbecues?

As a member of the Glam Author Program, I get introduced to new products and events that may be of interest to you guys and one recent posting caught my eye, the Dole California Cook-Off.

Grill? Recipe contest? A chance to travel to California where they have some of the best barbecue weather in North America?

Sign me up!

There’s two parts to the cook-off:

  • A recipe contest: where you submit your original starter or appetizer recipe using at least one cup of any Dole product for a chance to win a trip to Los Angeles where you’ll compete at 2012 Dole California Cook-Off. The winner of the event will take home a cash prize of $10,000 and the two runners up will each receive a cash prize of $1,000.
  • Travel sweepstakes: submit your email address for a chance to win $500 and a trip to Los Angeles to be a Dole fan judge assisting in selecting the 2012 Dole California Cook-Off winner.

I’m still trying to figure out what recipe I’ll be submitting. Maybe a grilled banana fudge sundae with homemade vegan ice cream, kabobs or perhaps a sweet and sour pineapple glazed chicken? Ah the choices!

While I’m dreaming up my next grilled creation for the contest, here are some of our favorite grilled recipes we enjoyed last summer…

Lean and Clean Turkey Burgers

These burgers are high in protein, low in fat, and lick-your-lips delicious! To ‘clean up’ this burger, I swapped an egg for egg whites and bread crumbs for quinoa flakes making this meal a leaner approach to your everyday burger.

Grilled Fennel Dippers

I really enjoy fennel. Normally I’ll just cut it up and enjoy raw, but last summer I’d wanted to grill it!

Garden Patch Bison and Elk Burgers

The trick to getting Kevin to enjoy his veggies is to hide them in meat. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to prepare a double batch of these burgers on the weekend and store them for lunches for the week, or prep raw burgers, freeze and grill them as needed.

Grilled Mini Inside Out Apple Pies

I love pie and I love grilled pie even more! These miniature inside out apple pies are gluten-free, vegan and are grilled to perfection on the barbecue.

Let the grilling begin!

What are some of your favorite grilled recipes?

Compensation was provided by Dole via Glam Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of Healthful Pursuit and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dole.
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  1. I’d love to see grilled fruit recipes, if you’re taking requests. Grilled vegetables are my favorite. Give me simple summer vegetables with herbs and olive oil and I’m happy.

  2. So glad to hear about this contest! The wheels in my head are already turning, and I’m planning a grill-fest this weekend to test everything out!

    • That’s great! Would love to know what you come up with, Lynne!

  3. those apples are so creative, love it! I adore grilling in the summer. In fact my all time favorite smell is a summer barbecue wafting through the neighborhood ahhhh. Grilled pineapple to top a burger with is one of my favorites.

    • I’ve never had grilled pineapple on top of a burger. That sounds delicious!

  4. Those grilled fennel dippers look fabulous! I love fennel and it’s such an under-used veggie but it’s just fabulous, especially grilled!

  5. Good luck in the contest! My hands down favorite grilled item is pineapple. As if pineapple wasn’t amazing on its own, it gets wonderfully smoky and sweet from being heated on the grill. Amazing!

  6. Your photos look SO perfect in this post Leanne, especially the turkey burgers (nice buns!!) Good luck with the contest. I really hope you have a trip to California coming up in your near future! ;) My favourite grill recipes are
    – chickpeas and veggies, marinated in a super amazing marinade I concocted last summer, and grilled in a steamer basket
    – turkey burgers
    – grilled pineapple drizzled with maple syrup. SO good!