With so many resources out there on how we can improve our health, it’s no wonder our heads aren’t all spinning out of control! Conficting information on avoiding sugars, candida self diagnoses, gluten intolerance, removing grains, food combining and increasing pH can leave us all a bit overwhelmed on what steps we should take to better our health.

Just like everyone looks different on the outside proves that we all work a little bit different on the inside. Knowing that, the way each of us approach our pursuit to health is going to be a bit different. Here, I feature the hottest health topics and highlight the pros and cons to each to help us make sense of things so that we can make the right decisions for ourselves.

How to Meditate Your Stress Away

Power Posse Post by Alicia Lawrence It’s no secret: stress is everywhere. It surrounds us and consumes us. From expectations at work to busy family schedules, stress is real, and it can be overwhelming.

30 Cleansing Vegan Recipes

A collection of vegan recipes to help you transition to solid foods after your juice cleanse. Our 5-day juice cleanse with Total Cleanse has come to an end. Weee! That was fun. (A winner was selected for the Total Cleanse kit cleanse giveaway… check out this post to see if you won) Now it’s time…

Thumbnail image for How To Start Juicing + 3 New Juice Recipes

Power Posse Post by Neuroscientist, Alison Smith So…you’ve decided to start juicing but you have no idea where to begin. You gleefully saunter on over to your local department store to peruse the juicers, and discover that you can actually buy a juicer for only $40! Fabulous. Wonderful. Simple.

Thumbnail image for The One Thing That Is Holding Me Back

If you haven’t read My Last Chapter and you’re curious about how I got here, have a read before you continue. This topic is highly personal. I know that you will be gentle with my story and with others that choose to share their experiences in the comments. I hope that in sharing my experiences,…

Why You Should Soak Nuts Before Eating Them

A porcupine has quills, opossums act dead when threatened, and newts turn their ribs into spikes when in danger. Talk about defense mechanisms! But, did you know? Nuts have similar mechanisms, too? No spikes or death rays… but they do have a natural component that repels predators so that they can grow to full maturity….

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