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By May 21, 2019

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My 11 virtual book readings that I did in celebration of my newest book, The Keto Diet Cookbook. Each video highlights one of the themes in the book, giving you the tools and inspiration you need to prepare delicious keto meals for yourself, understand your body, and do keto right.

How very exciting! Whether you were able to join me for these live events, or this is the first you’ve heard of my virtual book tour, I think you’re going to enjoy each and every video below.

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From understanding calories, how the metabolism changes on keto, solutions to make keto meal planning easier, whether you should drink alcohol on keto, how to sync your keto eating with your menstrual cycle, and so much more… there’s something for everyone below.

In each video, I reference my following books:

The Keto Diet Cover

The Keto Diet: Launched in 2017, it’s a (very heavy) book dedicated to the keto beginner. If you’re new to keto, or struggling with some of the concepts, this is the book for you.

The Keto Diet Cookbook cover

The Keto Diet Cookbook: Released April 2019, this book focuses on meal planning, food prep, and cutting down the time you spend in the kitchen. This book is great for you if you are looking for quick and easy recipes, or struggling with keto meal planning.

Keto For Women cover

Keto For Women: Releasing June 2019, this book has no recipes and is all practical guidance to doing keto right, for your lady body. Over 400 pages dedicated to the healthful adjustments you can make on keto to encourage healing common imbalances from PCOS, PMS, thyroid, managing menopause, and more.

Okay, let’s get this viewing underway!

Keto Q&A: Cellulite, Always in Keto, Food Addiction… Answering your keto questions!

Keto Q&A: Calories, Adrenal Support, Salt Supplementation, and more: Answering your top keto questions while you navigate your low-carb diet.

Keto meal planning: How to plan your keto meals based on hunger or calorie goal simply without having to use any complex programs or calculators.

Alcohol on Keto? How to drink on the keto diet – which alcohol is safe, which isn’t, why sailors need to drink in order to stay sane, and my favorite wine!

Oils, proteins and sweeteners on keto: The fats I prefer on keto, what sweeteners I gravitate toward, and how I store food safely!

Cravings on keto… what to do? How to manage cravings for salt, sweets, coffee, you name it. The 6 steps I use to manage cravings on keto and what your cravings could mean.

Carb Ups: who should do em? We’re talking all about carb ups today and reading from my newest book, Keto for Women! Chatting about who should carb up, the benefits of practicing carb ups, and why cyclical ketosis could work for you (and signs that it’s not!)

Best (keto) Dinners & Snacks: Keto recipes that’ll make preparing low-carb dinners and snacks so much easier!

The Best Keto Breakfasts & Lunches: My favorite Keto-friendly breakfast and lunch recipes. Quick to put together, and delicious!

My Favorite Kitchen Appliances and Tools: The tools and gadgets I use to cut down on grocery expenses. Inexpensive hacks to save money and time in the kitchen.

Synching Hormones with Your Keto: Steps you can take to adjust your ketogenic diet to match up with your hormones and support them so that your sex hormones can be more balanced.

And there you have it! Thanks so much for hanging out with me!

You can purchase all of my books here. That page also has ample information about each book if you’re struggling to figure out which one would be best for you. I wrote them as a sequel, so each builds on the last… so in reality, you could have all of them and really enjoy it! But, totally up to you.

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