12 Healthy Winter Dinner Recipes


I love dinner, you love dinner, we all love dinner!

I love dinner so much that I (accidentally) used a knife to chop a chunk out of my thumb Wednesday night in anticipation for dinner. Major fail. Those bell peppers were just so slippery and my thumb got in the way of the awesomeness that was my newly sharpened knife.

I’m not one to get squeamish over blood, guts and gore, but the sight of my own thumb all mangled up was enough to make my knees fall out from under me, granting me a nice ride in an ambulance to the nearest hospital. Kevin and I got to hang out for a couple of hours, he wrote me a script on his phone that turned ferry dust, honey and tea into a message that said, ‘Kevin loves Leanne’, and after I was all patched up, I came home to a rather large bowl of homemade ice cream and passed out for the rest of the day.

Never a dull moment (haha get it? Dull… knife…) in this house!


But back to dinner…

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a warm meal on a blustery day. I’m big on preparing these types of meals on the weekend, freezing them in individual containers, and throwing them in the freezer for some quick dinner action throughout the week.

Of all the dinners we enjoy, I’ve put together a list of 12 of my favorites, half are vegan recipes and the others are packed with meat!

Thumb cutting not included.

Click on the images to be directed to the recipe!



Miso Gravy Bowl: These bowls are loaded with veggies, protein, and beneficial bacteria from the miso. It’s one finger licking, energy producing, immune boosting dinner!

Masala Casserole: One pot Indian meal filled with the flavors of biryani – fresh vegetables, masala, tender basmati rice, but with minimal prep work.

Ginger Pasta Fry: The ginger, onion, and coconut oil sauce bring the veggies to life! With over 12 grams of fiber and 17 grams of protein, this 15 minute meal is perfect after a long day and will give you the boost you need to push through the evening.


Quinoa Kale Pilaf: A great warm-you-up dish for a cold day that wont leave you spending hours in the kitchen.

Chipotle Chili (a Healthful Pursuit Recipe Card): A warming thick and spicy vegan chili filled with root veggies, beans and a pinch of cinnamon.

South Indian Veg: One pot meal of spicy south Indian rice with lentils and homemade coconut masala.



Paleo Spaghetti (a Healthful Pursuit Recipe Card): Roasted spaghetti squash served with a homemade bison and bacon sauce.

Cranberry Beef: Throw it in the oven and forget about it! This dish is full of flavor – from the deep cranberry sauce, to the sweetness of yam, mixed with the satisfying taste of organic beef. Perfect for weekday family meals, served with toast, tortillas, or socca.

Turkey Rolls: Lean and clean cabbage rolls made with roasted veggies, homemade marinara and ground turkey. No grains!


Turkey Chili: A warm and delicious crock-pot prepared pumpkin and tomato based chili filled with turkey, white beans, and sweet onions.

Paleo Picadillo: The picadillo casserole is a classic Cuban beef hash recipe. Generally it’s made with bacon, ham, cumin, and oregano, but like all things, I had to switch it up a little ;)

Jambalaya Bake: A 4 step casserole is music to my ears and it will be for you, too!

Have you tried any of these recipes? If so, I’d love to hear about it!

Are there any dinner recipes (in need of a makeover perhaps?) that you’d like to see here on the blog?

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  1. OUCH!!!! I hope you’re on the mend. I did that in August and it’s awful. And I know it throbs and stings and it’s probably nagging you nonstop. Hang in there – and tell Kevin you need…chocolate to take your mind off it! :)

    • The throbbing is the worst. It’s just so darn painful! Why, why?! I love the idea of chocolate from Kevin. Yes, that would make me feel a whole lot better.

  2. These are all so beautiful Leanne! I’ve run out of miso but since I’m going to Fiddleheads tomorrow, I’m totally going to get some and make something like your miso gravy bowl. These days, a nice warm bowl of veggies after work with a few other wholesome mix-ins is exactly what I crave!

  3. So excited to try the miso gravy bowl! I’ve been on a MAJOR miso kick the past 2 weeks, mostly making use of it in a thrown together (to taste) sauce of yellow/white miso, vinegar and tahini. I can’t get enough of the stuff. I was just remarking that my first container of miso lasted me YEARS, and in the past year, I’ve been through 2 full-size containers of it! I’m much more a fan of the white/yellow variety than the darker ones, though. Do you have a preference?

    • I am totally hooked on South River Organic Miso. they have some specialty Misos…one being Dandelion Leek…that is delicious. It’s the darker variety though. They also have some beautiful light sweet Misos as well.

    • Wow, good on you for attacking the miso! I’m like your previous self, I’ve had the same jar for awhile now. I always buy the brown rice miso. I think they have white rice, too? But I’ve been told those two are the only gluten-free ones.

      And the curry leaves… I bought mine in India sooo unless you want to go on a little trip! I’ve seen them at the Indian grocer a ton of times. Have you checked out Silk Road Spice Merchant?

  4. PS Do you get your curry leaves from an online source? My local Indian groceries don’t carry them. . . ?!? Do you have a good source you can share?

  5. Leanne…I just started following your blog and visiting your site a few weeks ago and I love your recipes. I can’t wait to try them!! I’ve been collecting them on Pinterest so I don’t lose the ones I want to try. I’ve recently (2 months now) gone wheat, dairy and sugar free and am still eating a little bit of meat. Your site has really helped me feel excited about my new goals. Your recipe are so creative and fun! So thank you for that.

    So sorry to hear about the chunk out of your thumb. That’s just the worst, isn’t it? Especially when you are using your hands all the time and have them in and out of the water. I hope you heal quickly!!

    I’ll be talking to you in the future I’m sure,

    • Hi Nancy – thanks for stopping in and saying hello (as well as helping others with their miso selections). So happy that you’re welcoming these changes that you’ve made to your eating style with open arms! Know that no matter what your dietary preference, you can still have FUN! The thumb is doing really well, should be all healed up in a couple of weeks :) Have a great weekend!

  6. Last night I legitimately had a mini-meltdown because I was so tired of eating the SAME darn thing for each meal. Then you come along with 12 dinners that are not just delicious but gluten-free. I think I love you. :)

    Have an awesome weekend!

  7. Hope you are healing up ok!! I love these round ups of recipes, I always find some I haven’t seen before but need in my life!! That quinoa kale pilaf in particular is speaking to me.

  8. Oh Leanne, I’m sorry to hear about your thumb :(. Sending hugs your way. I hope you’re able to find some relief from the pain. Now that I’ve been in pain a few times from surgeries I know what pain is and escaping into meditation or a movie seem to be the only way to get through it for me. Most people do not understand how much pain one can feel and med’s do not help. I got surgery on my foot in Dec. and right after the freezing wore off I cried in pain for 3 hrs then went to bed. Then it became aches and throbs, and finally tinges of pain out of the blue. It was really itchy in the end with littler twinges of pain at the end. It’s not completely healed yet, still a scar of dry skin. I hope this doesn’t scare you but help you. The pain will subside. Please get some rest and get better quick.

    • Wow, that sounds horrible, Tamikko! I’m happy that the worst is over for you. I chose to go med-free so it’s been a whirlwind of extreme pain but it’s feeling pretty good this morning. Thanks for your message and for sharing your story. Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend ;)

  9. Oy! That looks/sounds terribly painful! I hope you are healing well. Looks like you will be making food that does not require a knife…that will be a hard one. Smoothies perhaps? Have a great weekend resting & healing!

    • I was terrified to pick up the knife yesterday… but I did it and I managed to survive. Will definitely be taking it easy though! Smoothies sound like a very, very good plan. Have a good one, Suzanne :)

  10. “my thumb got in the way of the awesomeness that was my newly sharpened knife.” best.line.ever.

    thanks for putting these recipes together in such an organized way!!!!

    • haha I’m glad you liked that, Sophie! Heh, since I couldn’t spend any time in the kitchen cooking I decided to try a new format for the roundup post. Happy to hear that you liked the organization of it. Will definitely be using this format going forward. Have a good weekend!

  11. Great recipes!…comfort food for sure, 2 more weeks of detox than I can try some of these.
    Your poor thumb, that must have been painful. I used to have a phobia about sharp knives, I was always afraid of cutting myself, but now i love chopping, but I found out a couple of months ago when I sliced off a piece of my thumb that dull knives are also dangerous.

    • Eak yes, my injury would have been so much worse had it been a dull knife. At least that’s what the doctor said! Good on you for conquering that fear… and good luck with the rest of your detox!

  12. Oh dear! Please rest up and sip a little wine to ease the throbbing. Thanks for all the inspiration! One of these days, I will finally have all the ingredients on hand-good thing there is Amazon.com!

    • Hi Lisa – I just add 1/2 cup water, 2 ice cubes, 2 tablespoons unflavored egg white protein, 1 tbsp vanilla balsamic vinegar, 2 cups frozen strawberries to my vitamix and use the tamper on it until it’s creamy and completely smooth. It’s SOOOO good! The egg white protein makes it so fluffy and amazing.

    • Thanks Dayna! I’ve been loading up on the vitamin C, should be a-ok in a couple of days :)

  13. thanks..so far no cravings for anything forbidden. Hope your finger is on the mend. :-)

  14. Good grief! I hope you heal quickly and the throbbing subsides really soon! Maybe you can relax over the weekend and you’ll be a lot better by Monday. You have so many wonderful recipes to try – this will give me a chance to catch up, maybe? :-) Be well and be safe!

    • Thanks Cat! I took it really easy this weekend and it’s feeling so much better. Thanks for your nice message!

  15. Wonderful list of recipes. I’m glad you’re doing well. My daughter-in-law had a dull knife accident not long ago herself. Not fun, and a reminder that I needed to sharpen my knives.

  16. Oh no! Sorry to hear you almost lost a thumb, Leanne! Hope you didn’t end up spending too much time waiting at the emergency… hospitals are pretty brutal around here! Did you end up getting stitches? Hopefully you can still cook your heart out, injured thumb or no injured thumb. Would be a shame if we had to be without your recipes for an extended period of time!

    Get well soon, Leanne’s thumb! :)

    • Hey Sonia – We were in emerg for 7 hours or so, no different than back home. The paramedics and doctors were SO great. I cut my thumb through the middle of the nail, down to the bone using the corner of the blade, so they couldn’t stitch it up unless they completely removed my nail (which I didn’t want them to do!) so they glued it up and sent me on my way. Can’t use it for a couple of weeks, but I’m getting pretty creative on cooking without a thumb! Granted, it takes me longer, but I’ll be a pro in no time :) PS: so happy that you liked the soup!!

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