Video: What 12 Months of Eating High-Fat, Keto Did To My Body

By October 5, 2018

What 12 Months of Eating High-Fat Did To My Body #lowcarb #highfat #keto

The effect that a high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein, keto eating style has had on my body in the last 12 months. What happened to my hormones when I practiced carb-backloading and more.

The results are in! Today, we’re comparing what my blood work looked like June 2014 before I ate high-fat, keto, to January 2015 when I had been eating extremely high-fat, keto 6 months, to July 2015 when I had been eating Fat Fueled, keto to heal my hormones and balance my thyroid and adrenal dysfunction.

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Why July seeing as it’s October right now? I wanted to provide a clean, 12-month update but also wanted to hold off on sharing it with you until all of my results had come back and I could share some momentous news with you. And, boy, did I ever…

A must-watch if you’re battling with imbalanced hormones, and looking to use a high-fat, keto eating style to get you there. PS: It may just convince you not to dabble with carb backloading if you’re struggling with these things…

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  • How carb-backloading affected my hormones
  • What happened to my triglycerides by eating more fat on keto
  • How heavy lifting affected my health
  • The spark that ignited my interest to develop the Fat Fueled, keto lifestyle to take my hormone health to the next level


Note: Carb backloading is a strategy where a person works out heavily and then POUNDS the carbs throughout the night. Anywhere between 300 to 500 grams of carbs are consumed. The carbohydrates used in a backload are things like carb powders and not-so-high-quality, insulin spiking foods. The goal is volume, not quality. This strategy is completely different than a carb night which aims at consuming around 100 grams of carbs in the form of sweet potatoes, cassava, green plantains and other plant-based foods.

I would love to hear about your high-fat, keto journey! Are you getting blood work done as you go? How has your body responded to eating more fats on keto?

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