Video: What 12 Months of Eating High-Fat, Keto Did To My Body

What 12 Months of Eating High-Fat Did To My Body #lowcarb #highfat #keto

The effect that a high-fat, low-carb, moderate protein, keto eating style has had on my body in the last 12 months. What happened to my hormones when I practiced carb-backloading and more.

The results are in! Today, we’re comparing what my blood work looked like June 2014 before I ate high-fat, keto, to January 2015 when I had been eating extremely high-fat, keto 6 months, to July 2015 when I had been eating Fat Fueled, keto to heal my hormones and balance my thyroid and adrenal dysfunction.

Why July seeing as it’s October right now? I wanted to provide a clean, 12-month update but also wanted to hold off on sharing it with you until all of my results had come back and I could share some momentous news with you. And, boy, did I ever…

A must-watch if you’re battling with imbalanced hormones, and looking to use a high-fat, keto eating style to get you there. PS: It may just convince you not to dabble with carb backloading if you’re struggling with these things…

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I know that what I’m doing is working because; after 8 years of amenorrhea (missing periods), I’ve started ovulating and got my period… completely naturally!


  • How carb-backloading affected my hormones
  • What happened to my triglycerides by eating more fat on keto
  • How heavy lifting affected my health
  • The spark that ignited my interest to develop the Fat Fueled, keto lifestyle to take my hormone health to the next level


Note: Carb backloading is a strategy where a person works out heavily and then POUNDS the carbs throughout the night. Anywhere between 300 to 500 grams of carbs are consumed. The carbohydrates used in a backload are things like carb powders and not-so-high-quality, insulin spiking foods. The goal is volume, not quality. This strategy is completely different than a carb night which aims at consuming around 100 grams of carbs in the form of sweet potatoes, cassava, green plantains and other plant-based foods.

I would love to hear about your high-fat, keto journey! Are you getting blood work done as you go? How has your body responded to eating more fats on keto?

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  1. Hi Leanne,
    I’ve enjoyed watching a few of your videos and appreciate your experiences! I’m vegetarian and interested in the Keto diet for a running/fitness improvement. It seems that there are so many diet-lifestyle options, but as soon as sports are involved, the whole “sports nutrition” approach changes things again. Do you cover this in your materials?

    Many thannks,
    NSW, Australia

  2. Great info on here, thanks. I was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion and sub clinical hypothryoidism about 6 months ago (I went through a major life stressor, and previously had been training for a bodybuilding competition). I think I had these for years but no one would recognize the issue until it got so bad that I was suicidal for 2 weeks out the of the month from pms , and had been hospitalized for dismenorrhea several times. Not to mention complete exhaustion, irritability, brain fog, memory issues… I could go on and on. My cortisol is also low, progesterone low, and neurotransmitters are all low. I’m starting to feel a bit better through supplements, but instill have to be very gentle with myself. I eat pretty clean but have been searching for the right diet for my health issues. A guy friend with adrenal fatigue just started low carb and he says he feels pretty good. My doctor told me moderate carbs for energy but I feel I do better with higher fat/lower carb. So I thought about doing keto again (did it years ago) and came across your blog. Can you tell me how keto has affected your cortisol? Has it gone back up? I’m really holding onto fat because I’m in survival mode and I’m totally over feeling not only really crappy all the time, but also fat, especially since I can’t work out anymore. Also, what kind of working out could you do dealing with adrenal fatigue and being on Keto? I really appreciate the fact you posted about this, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

    • Hey, Kristen! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I’m so sorry to hear about the struggles you’ve been facing. I think you’ll find this video about adrenal fatigue quite helpful. Carbs can be beneficial, even when eating keto. Check out my video on why I practice carb ups. Also, do you have my program Fat Fueled? This program approaches high-fat, low-carb in a way that promotes healing, balanced hormones, and more. Tons of great info in there! I hope this helps :)

  3. I’m excited for you about getting your period back! that’s such a weird sentence to write. :) I dealt with amenorrhea for about a year and a half; when i began recovering from my eating disorder (and eating sufficient calories + fat) i remember how excited i was when I had a period. Now, i’m less thrilled with it, but still remind myself how anxious and bad i felt when it never came. My question is, and it’s probably super silly, will your new book have any like vegan options with the fat fueled way? I love that you love eating your meaty meats, and even though it’s not so much my thing; however, i’d still be interested in reading the book if there’s any info on some possible substitutes. if not: still go you for writing it and balling so hard! :)

    • Right? Such a weird sentence… For Fat Fueled, I do talk expensively about vegan and being fat fueled. And you may find it will work for you. It’s all about making it work for you and your eating style. I hope (if you get it) you find that it speaks to you!

  4. what about wieght loss doing high fat…it seems to be all about hormons…could it be not so good if i want to take off 8 kilos.thanx susan

    • Yes, you bet! That’s how I found ketosis and doing this from the very beginning

  5. Nice update Leanne! I have found with clients that backloading also can spark if not cause a disordered eating pattern and is something to watch out for :) So glad you’ve gotten your cycle back. High five.