Pumpkin Chai Smoothie

Happy October, everyone! Can you believe we’re into the 10th month of the year? Jeez Louise!

This October I plan to…

  • eat my weight in pumpkin
  • find myself cuddled up on my chaise reading the afternoons away
  • prepare a couple of recipes for Halloween

I suck at posting recipes for upcoming holidays. I had to learn through a poster at the grocery store that Thanksgiving is this weekend. Humph. There’s still 4 days to prepare a Thanksgiving themed recipe for the blog but something tells me I’m just going to skip the whole thing and go right to Halloween.

Any objections?

A couple of weeks ago, Rachel commented on my Bombay Banana Smoothie with a recommendation to add pumpkin to the mix for a Fall pumpkin chai smoothie.

Brilliant, right? Pumpkin and chai. Has anyone tried this combo before?

If you haven’t you must.

This smoothie is just over 400 calories per serving so it could serve as one huge meal or, you could split it with a friend and share some of that pumpkin love!

Whatever you choose, I’m 100% certain that you’ll walk away satisfied. Thanks, Rachel for sharing this fabulous idea with us all. My pumpkin adventures will never be the same.

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Pumpkin Chai Smoothie
Recipe type: Vegan, Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Sugar-free, Yeast-free, Corn-free, Grain-free
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1 serving
Spiced vegan smoothie that combines two classic Fall flavors, pumpkin and chai.
  1. Place all ingredients in your blender in the order listed, then blend for 30 seconds or until smooth.

    I love smoothies for the simplicity factor. Just blend and go.

    I’ve developed a habit of making a double batch of a smoothie and dehydrating it to make out-of-this-world fruit leathers. Heck, they’re more than fruit leathers, they power houses with ground chia, protein powder, little bits of veggies like carrot and spinach. They make for such a fabulous snack, especially for Kevin. I use my Excalibur 4-tray dehydrator that I purchased years ago from Upaya Naturals to do all of my dehydrating. It does the trick but four trays just simply isn’t enough these days.

    While I was reading up on how to use my new convection oven, I learned that I could convert the oven into a dehydrator. I didn’t even know this was a thing. All I need to finish the job is an extra rack for the oven that I’ll order from partselect (a Canadian parts store) and I’ll be dehydrating large batches of… anything! The opportunities are endless, really!

    Okay, off to yoga this morning. Have a fabulous start to your week :)

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    1. I’m also in slight denial that it’s already October! It’s always my favorite month of the year though, and now you’ve reminded me I’d like to actually get some Halloween-specific recipes collected to try out this year. I haven’t been doing much for Halloween in the last few years but now that I’m dating someone who loves the holiday I can’t wait to celebrate it!

    2. So cool that you discovered you have a dehydrator!!! Think of all the possibilities… mass batches of kale chips, fruit leathers, flax wraps.. gah I’m jealous! This smoothie sounds brilliant. I’m all for eating my weight in pumpkin this season too.. and I’m pretty sure I may already be close! LOL.. Have fun getting your downward dog on this morning!

      • Right? That’s totally where my head went, ‘Now I can dehydrate pounds of things at a time?!?!’

    3. I also plan to eat my weight in pumpkin ;) I’ve never made anything using chai spice though. This is a good simple start!

    4. Thanks for sharing this! I like your variations on my recipe and will try it out with the dates and ginger. I also love using David’s Pumpkin Chai tea in this smoothie. It’s so yummy!

      • Thank YOU for sharing it ;) I’m dropping into a DavidsTea shop this weekend to pick up some tea so I’ll be sure to search for the pumpkin chai. Yum!

    5. OMG I wonder if my oven can do that! That is amazing. My most coveted must get item is a dehydrator. (specifically a 9 tray 15 x 15 through Upyaya Naturals. I’ve had the idea of making green smoothie and juice leathers for a year now and only wish I could make them. Need to find an online booklet for my stove now. I have no idea where the instructions are. And I’m fine with you going straight to Halloween recipes. I eat the exact same thing for Thanksgiving and it’s so traditional that I know I won’t make any changes anyway. Everything and anything pumpkin is always wanted :) thanks for the great smoothie recipe! I’m opening a big can of pumpkin right now :)

      • I’m sure you can find your instructions online, they’re everywhere! Good call on the 9 tray. Had I done it all over again I definitely would have gone bigger. Go big or go home, right? Heh

    6. I’d love to join you in the pursuit of “reading the afternoons away.” That sounds just lovely. I have the hardest time finding time to read paper books (you know I’m reading online stuff all day), so I’ve downloaded some audiobooks & have started “reading” books that way. Perfect, because I can listen & clean, or cook dinner, or get ready for the day. 2-for-1!

    7. I absolutely love this smoothie!!! I jumped to get pumpkin spiced latte as soon as Starbucks started to offer, and I really enjoy pumpkin in drinks. Plus, I drink chai every morning starting with grinding cardamoms. This smoothie is meant for me! Thanks for the recipe!

    8. Yum…the smoothie looks delicious! You’ve still got time to make Thanksgiving posts for your American friends. Our Thanksgiving isn’t until the end of November. Have a great week!

    9. I have somewhat of a “random” question…Why does every Pumpkin (Chai) Smoothie have banana in it? You could still get sweetness from the dates (or stevia)

      What is it about bananas and pumpkin? (Just curious)

      • Hey Sophie – this was a spin on my bombay banana smoothie so I kept the banana in. I love banana in my smoothies, I think because it makes it really creamy. You could definitely leave it out though and sweeten in other ways!

    10. Best part about this time of year, all the pumpkin recipes that come with it! Amazing looking chai smoothie, keep it up!

    11. OMG, and I thought I was the only one. I too just found out yesterday that Thanksgiving was this week-end. To think that I had planned on making a healthy tiramisu for the occasion. Hmpft. Not gonna happen, I guess. No matter how much I try, I never seem to be able to come up with recipes on time to make Holiday themed blog posts. Looks like I manage to miss them all. Must be because I am not all that big on Holidays… Anywho, I’m real happy to know I am not the only one!

      And really? You CAN dehydrate smoothies and make them into fruit leather? And REALLY? You can use your convection oven to do that? WOW! Off to read on the subject.

      Geez, what great things did I learn just now. I think I can go right back to bed, my day has been made already!

      Speaking of which, have a great one Leanne. Hope you are feeling better. Haven’t gotten around to reading any of your posts (save for this one) since I got back from Cuba, but I am planning on doing that today. You back in Montreal now?

      Oh, and by the way: Gosh does that smoothie ever look GOOD. I need to get me some chai spice ASAP!

      Ok, I’m done now. ;)

      • Hi Sonia! Happy to hear you made it home okay. How was your trip? I bet you’ll be sharing all of your stories on the blog, can’t wait!

        Yes, I’m back in Montreal and doing a lot better. We went apple picking over the weekend which was such a great time!

    12. Hi Leanne! I just discovered your blog recently and it’s great. Thank you! I have a question, though… I just don’t understand how this recipe can add up to 400 calories. I’m shocked! Where do they all come from, the pumpkin? Chia seeds? How do you calculate this?

      • Hi Stefanie – I’m happy that you found me and you like my space here, that means so much to me :)

        I use about.com calorie counter to come up with a rough estimate for all of my recipes. I’m not a calorie counter myself, but a lot of visitors have asked for it. I think for this particular recipe the banana lends a lot (around 100 calories), the dates are about 120 for two of them as well. It all just adds up! I ended up making this smoothie and sharing it with my boyfriend Kevin, and he didn’t mind in the least! I hope that answers your questions.

    13. Just made this with a couple of changes and it is so yummy. Used half a banana and added some frozen cranberries, which I love for tartness, and subbed honey for the dates, since they always seem to leave pieces (even in my Blendtec) unless I soak them. I felt the chai spice was heavy on the cloves but I’m just going to up the cinnamon to get it to my personal taste. But all in all, an excellent smoothie! Thanks for this taste of autumn in a glass.

    14. me too! I thought the calorie count was a bit high for the ingredients … 31 grams of sugar and 15 grams of fat? really? YOWZAH!!!

      • The nutrition tables are there as a guideline only and will drastically differ depending on what ingredients you use. There was no way I could finish off this whole smoothie by myself, so I shared it with my boyfriend. Either way though, all of the ingredients are natural so the sugars are natural sugars, fats are healthy fats :)

    15. Leanne,

      Great smoothie. I too thought the chai spice was a bit heavy on the cloves. This recipe made four huge smoothie servings for me (and my husband) – not sure why it made so much, maybe due to using a processor which whizzed it into a thick bubbly concoction. Not very pumpkiny, and nowhere near as orange as yours even though I used exact recipe! I would add more sweetness next time too. Nice for getting into the spirit of Thanksgiving – a new celebration to us New Zealanders living in the far north of Canada. Look forward to some more holiday inspired (slash Halloween) recipes.

      • Thanks for your feedback, Christina! Have a great Thanksgiving.

    16. Hey Leanne thanks for the lovely recipe! I didn’t have all of the chai spice mix so I brewed up some chai tea and let it seep for a while, then made ice cubes out of the tea and next day delicious pumpkin chai smoothie was all mine!!

    17. ohh – i need more information about turning my convection oven into a dehydrator – this ounds like the best news I’ve heard in a long time and my life is pretty darn great! :) And this pumpkin chai smoothie sounds amazing!

      • Such a great thing, right? If you don’t have the manual to your oven anymore you should be able to find it online and see if it’ll convert. Good luck!

    18. Nice!! That encouraged me to go buy a pumpkin :)
      Also if you really pursue healthiness, please don’t buy canned pumpkin : it contains more plastics byproducts than bottled water and that the non-organic almond milk has almonds sprayed with heavy pesticides – and the almond-milk bottle is also coated with plastic and BPA that was heated up at high temperatures. (http://www.whatsonmyfood.org/food.jsp?food=AL)

      • Wow, thanks for the heads up Sommer! That’s so unfortunate… jeez!

    19. I am obsessed with this smoothie!!! I have made it at 5 or 6 times in the last 2 weeks since I found the recipe! Thanks, Leanne! This is such a winner. I ran out of unsweetened vanilla almond milk and so I ended up using chocolate almond milk… yum! I still prefer the vanilla b\c it doesn’t mask any of the other flavors, but either way this is delicious!! =D

      • Wow, chocolate and chai? What a delicacy! I’m so happy that you like the recipe, Chelsea :)

    20. How do you think adding oat flour and vanilla greek yogurt would be? I know this is for vegans, but I’m not. I’m just looking for fall inspired smoothies for breakfast. :)

    21. I just made this smoothie. Ohhh muhhh gawwww!!! I’m in love!! This really helps my craving for anything pumpkin, but I don’t feel guilty bcuz it’s packed with things that are healthy! I used coconut milk bcuz that’s what I had, and added a little almond butter bcuz I don’t have any allergies to nuts… Yummmmm
      This was sooo fab that I shared it on Facebook too! I’m glad google led me to your recipe. You have a new follower now. ;)

    22. This. Is. Incredible. I added a teaspoon of green tea powder for energy and some unflavored vegan protein powder. I will definitely be making more and telling everyone I know. :)

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