Healing and Repairing my Digestion: Part III

For more on my healing and repairing digestion series, check out: Part I, Part II

It’s day two of my juice fast. One last day of juice and I’m on to smoothies.

Just one more day. One more day. Maybe if I keep on repeating it, Wednesday will be here before I know it?

I’m hungry… but not like starving, gut wretchingly hungry.

Yes. I made that word up.

It’s more like – when I don’t think about food, I’m fine. But every time I’m around it, see it, or think about it I want to chew something.

Being that I’m practically in love with all things food, not thinking about it is next to impossible.

I tried to go on Pinterest last night. Bad idea. I caught myself eying up a lollipop thinking it looked tasty.

I hate lollipops.

Hunger pains aside, here are some things I experienced during my first day of my juice fast:

  • After my sweet and green juice, I worked up a sweat to this bodyrock.tv workout. I felt great afterward!
  • I found I had more energy than normal throughout the day. My thoughts were clear and concise
  • My stomach made weird gurgling noises all morning
  • Preparing lunch for your boyfriend while on a juice fast is a horrible plan. I totally wanted to break down and bite into his chicken salad sandwich. But I didn’t. Lesson: avoid food preparation if you’re able
  • Sliced ginger and a squeeze of lemon in hot water is awesome. I drank this mix all day in between my juices
  • I didn’t experience any gas, bloating or unexplainable pains in my abdomen until around 7pm last night and they passed after I enjoyed a mug of warm ginger lemon water.
  • My digestion was slow yesterday but there’s definitely stuff a brewing. Hoping things will improve today and tomorrow
  • My sinuses feel SO clear
  • I found that singing helped with my hunger pains (maybe distraction?) so I blared the tunes and sang along to 90’s pop music for a couple of hours last night
  • I had strong cravings before bed so I made a small glass of fruit juice – 1 orange, 1 apple, 1 cup strawberries which totally did the trick. Then I made a second batch and froze them into popsicles. I cannot wait to snack on them later today!
  • In total, I drank around 2 liters of water, 2 liters of juice, and 250mL of digestive tea

You guys had a couple more questions, so figured I’d answer them here so everyone can benefit!

How do you plan on preparing your vegetables and fruits? Do you take the skin off? Clean them?

You do not have to do much preparing, other than removing the peel from things like oranges or the seeds from peppers. You can throw the whole fruit or veggie in your juicer just the way it is. No need to cut off the tops of carrots or remove the core of an apple.

Something I didn’t mention yesterday and probably should have was washing your produce before making your juice! Very important.

You want to make sure you thoroughly wash your produce to remove as many pesticides as possible. The type of wash you purchase depends on the type of produce you’re cleaning. For things like lettuce, broccoli, grapes, berries, and spinach, your best bet is to soak them using a product like this. For produce like apples, tomatoes, or pears, you can do a spray and wash using a product like this.

Alternatively, you can try your hand at making your own.

I’ve heard it’s bad to drink liquids out of a straw. Is that true?

If you struggle with digestive issues such as gas and bloating, you may want to try drinking your liquids without a straw to see if that helps. When you drink out of a straw, you’re likely to swallow too much air which then introduces excess gas in your upper intestinal tract. This excess gas is then trapped causing bloating, or released in the form of belching.

Although I take pictures of many of my drinks with straws, I never ever use them!

Beets are good for your digestion. Why doesn’t your juice contain beets?

Today’s juice does! I’m a big fan of green juices. Maybe because I have this perception that they’re healthier for me even though I know they’re not. I guess I just like the idea of drinking a bright green drink as opposed to other colors!

Something you may not have known about beets, but that I thought was really interesting…

[Taken from WH Foods]

An estimated 10-15% of all U.S. adults experience beeturia (a reddening of the urine) after consumption of beets in everyday amounts. While this phenomenon is not considered harmful in and of itself, it may be a possible indicator of the need for healthcare guidance in one particular set of circumstances involving problems with iron metabolism. Individuals with iron deficiency, iron excess, or specific problems with iron metabolism are much more likely to experience beeturia than individuals with healthy iron metabolism. For this reason, if you experience beeturia and have any reason to suspect iron-related problems, we recommend a healthcare consult to follow up on possible issues related to iron status.

Or is it just interesting because I’m a nutritionist and get fascinated by the oddest things?

Cinnamon Ginger Nectar

Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free, Sugar-free, Yeast free, Corn free, Grain free

Green juice with cinnamon and ginger is the perfect way to ring in day 2 of my juice fast.

Yield: 1000mL or 4 cups

Servings: 1


  • 4 cups spinach
  • 1 head romaine lettuce
  • 1 English cucumber
  • 1 celery stalk, about 10 sticks with leaves
  • 1 apple
  • 1 small knob of fresh ginger, about 1 inch section
  • 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 5 drops liquid stevia


  1. If you have a ‘low’ setting on your juicer, begin with the softer veggies first – spinach, lettuce and cucumber. Then turn to ‘high’ and juice the celery, apple, and ginger.
  2. Transfer the juice to a blender, add cinnamon and stevia and pulse for a couple of seconds to break up the cinnamon.

For storage tips, check out this post.

View nutrition facts

I’m pretty sure cinnamon is considered a fiber and shouldn’t technically be consumed while on a juice fast, but I decided to live life on the edge today and indulge in the 1/4 teaspoon.

Love Drunk Spinach

Vegan, Gluten free, Dairy free, Sugar-free, Yeast free, Corn free, Grain free

A beautifully glowing juice packed with digestive supporting beets!

Yield: 1000mL or 4 cups

Servings: 2


  • 4 cups spinach
  • 1 English cucumber
  • 1 green pepper, seeds removed
  • 1 celery stalk, about 10 sticks with leaves
  • 4 carrots
  • 2 small beets


If you have a ‘low’ setting on your juicer, begin with the softer veggies first – spinach and cucumber. Then turn to ‘high’ and juice the pepper, celery, carrots, and beets.

For storage tips, check out this post.

View nutrition facts

Salad challenge or not, I don’t think I’ve ever handled this many vegetables in the span of two days!

Here’s to day two,

and to the caramel apple smoothie I’ve been promising you all… tomorrow.


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  1. Leanne, these recipes all sound fantastic!! Do you think both of these would work out ok in a powerful blender? I adore cinnamon so I might even have to go for a 1/2 tsp lol! Have fun chewing on your popsicles today! ;)

    • I don’t see why they couldn’t work, especially if you have something like a vitamix. Just add a bit of water and pulverize the HECK outta it!

  2. Funny beet story – my mom got a giant beet juice drink from WF and drank the whole thing. She woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom… her urine was red and she thought she was peeing blood. She went to the Dr. the next morning and they tested her urine. This is when she learned beet juice can make urine turn red. LOL!

    • Oh my gosh, that must have been SO scary for her! Happy it wasn’t anything too serious!

  3. I am loving all your photos for your juice fast! They are all just so bright, fresh, clear, & beautiful! I find that pretty interesting about the beeturia. I’ve been trying to incorporate more beets into my diet lately, and it’s been kind of hard! For some reason, that root-y aftertaste is just hard to get rid of. Although, whenever I’ve combined beets with chocolate, I don’t have that problem ;) They make a great combo. I made your ultimate green smoothie (? I think that’s what it was called) about a week ago and instead of using the spinach I used beet greens! I hope this juice fast is helping you, Leanne! [definately making me wanting a juicer that much more!] Have a great day! :)

    • I’ve never tried beets and chocolate… you’ve intrigued me! Have you tried golden beets? Their flavor isn’t as strong and they combine so nicely with maple syrup! Also, if you want to do a juice fast like this, you don’t need a blender. If you haven’t already, check out my post from yesterday on how you can juice with your blender!

      • Yes, I’ve combined beets & chocolate like you would avocado & chocolate to make a pudding/mousse type dessert, and it tastes amazing. Beets definately add a lot of depth to chocolate, you should experiment with the two, I’d love to see what you’d create :) I’m thinking I’d like to create a beet/cocoa breakfast bake…mmm! And no I have not tried golden beets! But I’ve seen them around, I’ll have to try them out next time.

  4. I experienced beeturia for the first time last month. I freaked out a little and then googled it to see what was up. When I saw it was an indicator for low iron, I wasn’t surprised at all. My mom has always been on the border for low iron, so it’s no surprise that I am, too. It’s really amazing that the food we eat can indicate things like that to us!

  5. how freezable are different juices? i tend to pre-prepare a lot of stuff in spurts, if i was to, say, juice a giant bag of spinach all at once, could i freeze it? what’s the best way to freeze/unfreeze?

    • Great questions! It’s totally possible to prepare ahead of time. I posted the details in yesterdays post on how to store, and freeze.

    • Thanks Averie. It’s been SO much work, actually. But it’s a nice change from taking pictures of sweets. Although I could really go for a doughnut right about now ;)

      • I am incredibly impressed with your photos. Juice and smoothies are hard to photograph. I just now tried to take photos of the juice I made and I just don’t think it looks all that nice. Looks like I need to buy some pretty juicing glassed :)

  6. I am loving all the colors of these juices, and of course, these posts! Interesting info on beets, I am definitely of the 10-15% of people that experience the beeturia. I assumed this was normal. Drinking beets and getting “pink pee” was always one of my favorite parts about it. Interesting to know it means something more. I have said this so many times this week but – the human body and how it is all intertwined and connected even when you think it isn’t – totally fascinates me. Thanks again for sharing all of this Leanne.

  7. These juices look beautiful! I always crave fresh juice in summer, but it’s much harder for me to stick with juicing in the winter when it’s so cold. I never knew the drinking through a straw could cause gas and bloating. That’s so interesting! I used to have a lot of digestive issues so I will definitely keep this in mind. :)

  8. I never thought about adding cinnamon to my juice! Great idea!!!!

    And I hear you about Pinterest while on any sort of detox/cleanse. Even though I can eat a solid lunch on my cleanse, I cant look at food pics after that window, because I know I have nothing to chew until the next day. Everything looks ten times more delicious than usual. Ugh!

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. That workout was so hard! I did it Sunday night and I felt dead by the end. I was sweating and panting like crazy. It really killed me. You were able to do it on this juice fast? How has the juicing effected your performance?

    I aspire to go on a juice fast one day, but it’s not in my budget right now. Although, I’m getting to a point of desperation with my skin problems that I’d try just about anything to have clear skin.

    Love the photos! Beautiful colors.

    • Hi Courtney! It was pretty hard, hey? I was cursing at my sandbag during those darn squats. My gosh! Monday (day 1 of my juice fast) was the only day I’ve worked out while on this cleanse. I was going to workout today but didn’t feel up to it. I’ll go back to the gym tomorrow when I transition to smoothies.

  10. Leanne, your photos look stunning with those pretty colors. I am going to try your concoction today! But I saw an ingredient which I have been unable to handle its taste, BEETS!!! That spells horror to me…I always think beet is an acquired taste. What should I do? Any substitution or do I simply omit it? Save me, Leanne! I’m dying to try out your interesting juices …

    • Hmm I didn’t taste the beets at all in this drink as there aren’t too many of them. If you really don’t like the taste AT ALL, then you could replace with an apple! The beets give the juice a bit of it’s sweetness, so that should do the trick. Enjoy :)

  11. Your juices look so beautiful!! And hang in there! I did a 10 Day juice fast last summer and I felt so amazing afterwards. Definitely worth it!

  12. Glad to hear things are going well – you are so strong! I was surprised to read that you still exercised during your juice fast, I guess it just proves how much energy and nutrients you are still getting. I love beets too and added one to my protein smoothie last week – yum!

  13. Love the vibrant colours! This post makes me proud of 14 year old me, who regularly bought carrot and beet juice at the food court while my friends were getting Maccas. and embarrassed for 24 year old me who now drink coffee instead of vegetables juices…

  14. Just read for the first time- found you on tastespotting. Your juices sound delicious! I just thought I’d mention, in case on one else has, that if you do a longer juice fast you’ll find that the hunger goes away after about 3-5 days. That’s when the healing really begins and you really start to feel good! Great job on your juice fast- it’s such a great thing to do for your body! :)

  15. One of these days, I’ll learn to read more before commenting… after reading parts I and II I see that you already know all about juice fast detoxing. Anyway, congratulations on listening to your body- that is a skill that most of us have lost, I think. Thanks for sharing your journey!

    • Thanks for your comment, Cary :) You’re right, come the end of the fast I was starting to loose hunger pains all together.

  16. Just a word on juicing whole apples, growing up we were always told there is a cyanide like poison in apple seeds and not to eat them, since i have read on many sites to juice the whole apple if it is organic. So I started questioning if it was juts an old wife’s tale? Well, I just wanted to share this link… It seems you might want to take the seeds out after all

    • Oh wow… I thought it was an old wives tale! Thanks for sharing this, Simone :)

  17. Hi, just found this while inquiring about juicing (and gas). ?
    Anyway, glad to find a couple more recipes. I’ve been juicing
    past few days & it seems I need to drink much more than I am.
    Any idea what the correct amount should be, and the total veg
    vs. fruit ratio, if any?
    I’m using a couple books on juicing for ideas but am being some-
    what intuitive with myself and this wasn’t a “planned” juice fast.
    Just love it! Hoping the gas situation improves though. Lol
    Thanks for these ideas : )
    Oct.24, 2012

    • Hi Wendy – If you’re doing lots of juicing it’s best to limit the amount of fruit you’re juicing to maximum 3 or 4 pieces per day. You can have fresh juice everyday, but I wouldn’t go more than a couple of days on it alone. You may want to look at candida as a possible issue of why you’re getting gas as that’s one of the main things I see with my clients when they begin to drink high-sugar juices homemade or otherwise. Best of luck!

  18. Hi I was just reading your digestive healing excerpts and I find them fantastic! I have huge digestive issues and I was recently diagnosed with IBS. My nutritionist gave me a diet to follow called low-FODMAPs have you heard of this? I want to try what your doing but I was wondering if it is safe for people with IBS as the diet my nutritionist gave me says to avoid apples and several other fruits and veggies. I would really appreciate any help you can suggest as I would love to heal my digestive system and feel good :)
    Please help!

    • Hi Chelsea – I have heard of the FODMAPS diet and have tried it with little success, although some of my clients do really well on it. The recipes on my blog do not follow the FODMAPS diet so you’ll have to check your cheat sheet of foods you’re not able to eat and adjust recipes accordingly. Something I’ve found super helpful in healing my digestive system is drinking lemon water in the morning before food and not eating until I’m ridiculously full. 300 calories per meal is best for me as it doesn’t overburden my digestive system. Enjoy the journey!

  19. Hi Leanne

    I am having a big problem with my sinuses and post-nasal drip. It really is affecting my life quite badly (no sleep, lack of concentration, constant swallowing and coughing) I see and ENT next week. I have a good juicer and am going to do a juice fast for 10 days to see if it will help. Here’s hoping!

    My question is…when you say “stalk of celery” do you mean the WHOLE head? Not a big celery fan but could take one or two ribs of celery.

    Thanks in advance! :-)

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