Fat-Burning Bedtime Shake

A bedtime shake to repair muscles and switch you into fat-burning mode while you sleep.

Eating Style: Candida Friendly, Dairy-free, Egg-free, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Keto, Paleo, Refined Sugar-free, Soy-free, Sugar-free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Prep Time:

Serves: 1



  1. Add 1 cup fresh milk; I used almond milk, along with ice cubes, oil, turmeric, vanilla and stevia in the jug of your high-powered blender. Blend on high for a couple of seconds, until ice has broken up.
  2. Add in CALM and blend for 2-3 seconds. Depending on the temperature, the mixture will foam and become thick. Stop blender, add in remaining nut or seed milk. Place the lid on and shake to combine.
  3. Serve immediately.

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Milk: can be replaced completely, or partially, with brewed herbal tea of your choice.
Ground Turmeric: if you have fresh, use fresh!
Ground Vanilla Bean: replace with ground cinnamon if you’d like!
Coconut Oil: if coconut oil is used, the coconut oil will harden because this drink is cold. If MCT oil is used, the oil will not harden.
CALM Magnesium Powder: this drink is tasty without it if you don’t have CALM in your pantry… yet.

Nutrition Information Per Serving

  • Calories: 201
  • Calories from Fat: 186
  • Total Fat: 20.7
  • Saturated Fat: 12.4 g
  • Sodium: 360 mg
  • Carbs: 4.7 g
  • Dietary Fiber: 2.2 g
  • Net Carbs: 2.5 g
  • Protein: 2.1 g