American Heart Association says Coconut Oil is BAD

AHA says coconut oil is bad for you...

The American Heart Association has recently come out with a report saying that coconut oil has never been and never will be healthy. I made this video in my car because I couldn’t wait another moment to get the word out.

There is a new story that everyone is asking me for my opinion on. The American Heart Association has just released that coconut oil has never been or will ever be healthy. I have such a hard time with reports like this because there’s no science to back it up, only agenda. So, when I’m faced with stories like this I have to go to the facts.

Facts number one: HDL cholesterol is increased by eating saturated fat (of course the quality of the fat matters).

Fact number two: HDL over triglyceride is a better indicator of heart health.

Fact number three: coconut oil LOWERS triglycerides and increases HDL. Two things we want.

Fact number four: The American Heart Association promotes the use of vegetable oils.

Fact number five: it is been proven time and time again the vegetable oils are so inflammatory and horrible for your health.

Fact number six: there’s something wrong when someone promotes vegetable oils and says coconut oil is unhealthy…

I’ll be turning the other way on this one and ignore this crazy news story.

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Here is another videio (not made by me) highlighting things perfectly. Also, it’s hilarious.

I hope that helps!

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  1. You nailed it with “their agenda”… like you, I’ll keep using coconut oil and we’ll both keep pulling AWESOME cholesterol levels!

    • Hey Sara! Yeah, I found their assessment to be very odd, considering my past experiences. I know not everyone reacts the same way, but I have a difficult time believing that the research shows such an opposite effect to what I’ve experienced!

  2. Bahh hambug….I don’t buy anything anymore they have their stamp on it, so missleading…love all organic and sugar free coconut products.Love your site thanks for all you are sharing.

  3. I love coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut shreds/flakes, coconut milk….. nothing will come between me and my coconut

  4. Thanks for your response on the American heart association re coconut oil! I appreciate your candour

  5. No, the American Heart Association is bad. They should be shut down for their lies. Watch out for front orgs. They aren’t protecting you.

    • It’s always good to be critical, even of these well known, big name organizations!

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