Video: My Favorite Keto Greens Powder, Digestive Enzyme, and Snack (What Leanne Loves Episode #7)

My Favorite Keto Greens Powder, Enzyme, and Snack. #keto #lowcarb #highfat

Three keto-friendly things I’m loving lately.

There are things that I use every day that I’m obsessed with. Which is why I started a little thing I like to call, “What Leanne Loves”, maybe you’ve watched My Favorite Quick Protein Options (What Leanne Loves Episode #6)?

Every 2 months, I’ll be sharing 3 things that I am using to balance my health without breaking the bank. These things make my life better. These things make me happy. And maybe… these things could do the same for you.

I have found these products, I have loved these products, and I want to share them with you so that you can (potentially) love them, too!

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  • The difference between greens+ and greens+O
  • The components of a balanced digestive enzyme
  • A kid-friendly snack that’s lower in carbs than traditional bars


What are your favorite keto-friendly supplements? And, what snack can your children not live without?

This just in… The lamb in Wild Zora is pasture-raised without any added hormones or antibiotics.

Regarding NOW Super Enzymes, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Partner Guarantee
My team and I work on finding the best products that not only have quality ingredients, but care about their customers. It has taken us years to find products with ingredients and integrity that I can stand behind. These brands want to be part of our community, and this blog post is one of the ways we’re sharing their awesomeness. Opinions in this blog post are never ever influenced by the partner. Like, never!
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  1. Question about the greens powder. The US version doesn’t say “greens”. They have one that is fermented vegan proteins and one fermented whole body. Do you know which of those would be comparable to the greens you referenced?

    • I haven’t tried the whole body one, but it looks like that’s the one that contains more greens. If you try it, I’d love to know what you think!

  2. Hi Leanne,
    just wondering with being post menopausal and using the collagen how much more protein would I be able to have? just listened to #39 podcast, I will have up the fat even more like just eating fat bombs & Rfl

  3. Hi Leanne,
    You have changed my life! I had weight loss surgery and lost all my weight over 160 pounds going from 317 to 155. I kept off the weight during the “honeymoon stage” but the last 5 years I gained 54 back, my doc said I was still great that was my set point. I said NO and long story short found you, loved the your personality and wealth of knowlege and the fact you are real and approachable and have 34 of those pounds GONE!! and feel better than I did at 155! Novel now over, I have a question, they removed my Gall Bladder and I have been using the Source Super Enzymes and Ox Bile with Probiotics (3 items), with the NOW Super Enzymes you mention they have OxBile, would I need to take additional OxBile or just the NOW??

    • Wow! Congrats, Marie! That’s so amazing :) I’d love to share your story on my testimonials page. If you’re open to it, please email your experience and a picture of yourself to my team so we can add it. As for the Ox Bile, this is totally up to you and your healthcare practitioner. You could try both and see which works best for you.

  4. What’s the best way to remain keto (without gaining weight) while on a road-trip…and staying in a motel (with a fridge)?

    • Fill it with water, black tea bags, coconut oil and hazelnuts :) …. just an example lol.

    • Such a great question! I’ll consider creating a resource on this :) In the meantime, your question would be awesome for my live Q&A every Thursday at 10:00 am EST on Periscope and Facebook Live. Download the Periscope app and follow me at Healthful Pursuit to be notified when I’m live, or like Healthful Pursuit on Facebook. Also, I love bringing my RFL along with me on the road.