Video: My Favorite Quick Protein Options (What Leanne Loves Episode #6)

Favorite Quick Protein Options #collagen #hemp #primalkitchenfoods

Easy ways to get protein in!

There are things that I use every day that I’m obsessed with. Which is why I started a little thing I like to call, “What Leanne Loves”, maybe you’ve watched My Favorite Low-Carb Snacks (What Leanne Loves Episode #5)?

Every 2 months, I’ll be sharing 3 things that I am using to balance my health without breaking the bank. These things make my life better. These things make me happy. And maybe… these things could do the same for you.

I have found these products, I have loved these products, and I want to share them with you so that you can (potentially) love them, too!

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  • Pescetarian option for collagen
  • Plant-based protein oats (without grains!)
  • Allergen-friendly protein bar made with collagen


What are your favorite ways to take protein with you?
Let’s chat about it in the comments!

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  1. I’m looking for a Green Powder, w/o tomatoes! I tried toe fermented protein powder and it isn’t a keeper here! Any other suggestions?

    • Vegan greens+ o contains tomato? I had no idea! Sorry, I don’t have any other suggestions…

  2. Did not know about substituting Hemp Hearts for oats. Awesome!
    Thanks for the tip :)

    • I didn’t know about that either! It never occurred to me. Brilliant!