Video: Is Keto Right For You?

Is Keto Right For You? #keto #lowcarb #menopause

Wondering whether a low-carb, high-fat eating style is good for menopause, hormone replacement therapy, athletes, pregnant women, or children?

It’s important to know whether the changes you’re making to your eating style are compatible with where you’re at in your life right now.

While I’ve seen the keto diet work for all sort of people, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel good whatever eating style you’ve chosen.

In today’s video, I share my thoughts on whether the keto diet is good for menopause, keto and perimenopause, following the keto diet while on hormone replacement therapy, ketogenic eating and athletes, keto diets for pregnant women, and whether children should eat keto.

With each section, I’ve provided suggestions on how to optimize your ketogenic diet with one or more of my keto programs.

And! There is a bonus video in today’s post: part 1 of this video series where I answer whether keto is good for men, diabetics, vegans, people without gallbladders, and more.

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NOTE: There was a little error at 5:31 in the video where I say lower FAT instead of lower PROTEIN by 30%. Sorry for the confusion!


  • Will keto work for me if I’m taking hormones?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m in perimenopause?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m in menopause?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m eating high protein low-carb?
  • Will keto work for me if I am an athlete or a super active person?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m pregnant?
  • Will keto work for children?



In part 1 of this series I answer:

  • Will keto work for me if I’m a guy?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m vegan or vegetarian?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m diabetic (type 1 or 2)?
  • Will keto work for me if I want to lose weight?
  • Will keto work for me if I have food allergies?
  • Will keto work for me if I don’t have a gallbladder?
  • Will keto work for me if I’ve had gastric bypass surgery?

Watch it below…

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  1. Hello, thanks for the information. I’ve been doing Paleo for the last month and only lost 1.6lbs and think that maybe Keto will be better. What is it that Keto does to help me lose the weight that Paleo doesn’t? Can I do both, I know they are close but there are differences. Can you help with that? What is a good way to start?

  2. Thank you so much for providing this service!! I’ve been “on it” since last December; have lost about 7 pounds, but now seem to be stuck.
    I’m 82, moderately active, currently at 1100 calories, 25 carbs, 75 protein, 110 fat. Having difficulty getting all nutrients on basic vegetarian diet (no dairy or eggs either). Do use a plant protein based powder from Bluebonnet. Would you again steer me to other resource(s)! So appreciate your insights, but mostly your dedication!!!

    • Your story is absolutely incredible! Thank you for sharing and for sticking with me! If you’re looking for a few other resources, I do have some ebooks that you might find useful. Fat Fueled is particularly good for tailoring keto to your specific needs!

  3. Very informative videos, thank you. But I would like to find out, if you know why, after being on LCHF since September 2017 that I would get Low Thyroid. I had Hyperthyroidism for 7 yrs 2005-2012. In 2013 taken off, my numbers very good. So been off medication for the last 5 yrs an doing fine. Some weight gain, no more hair fall out or other issues. Then November of 2017 test results came back Low Thyroid. Major hair loss again and other symptoms. I have dropped 30 lbs since being on the LCHF/Keto and I mix it Intermittent Fasting. Couldn’t figure out why my energy was going down as well in spite of eating LCHF. Could there be a reason why my thyroid is low while being LCHF for some time? Now I am back on medication.

  4. Hi Leanne, I am a type 1 diabetic and have been on a keto diet for about a month now. When I check my blood sugars, they seem to keep creeping up and I am forced to inject a few times a day even though I am not eating too much protein or carbs. Any thoughts?

    • Hey, Renee! I highly recommend that you work alongside your health care practitioner on this. With my past clients, I found that playing up the fiber is something that can help, as well as making sure you’re eating enough overall.

  5. Should you stay on the diet when you are doing everything right & you just can’t seem to get into ketosis? Can it be bad for you? Feel good, but ketones just don’t go up, blood glucose stays in the high 80’s. Have a hard time sleeping & cant do magnesium or melatonin, feel hung over the next day… love your thoughts

  6. hi leanne i wont to buy one off your program not realy sure which one will suite me but i have all ways done rhe blood type diet i am A type so i wondering is the keto diet good for type A as i dont red eat meat and dairy and dont do well with lods off fat thanks elizabeth

    • Hey, Elizabeth! All of my programs are dairy-free, but it sounds like the Fat Fueled may work best for you. This program shows you how to make keto work specifically for you. There’s a section that explains how you can thrive on keto without beef and there’s a section that will help you figure out your magic fat number. I hope this helps!

  7. Your videos are so awesome.. I can’t wait for the next one every week. Thank you so much for all the education and resources you provide!!

  8. You mention a video about how to heal the gallbladder but I can’t find the link. Could you please share it as I have a friend that is on the waiting list to have hers removed.