Video: Is Keto Right For You?

By December 14, 2018

Is Keto Right For You? #keto #lowcarb #menopause

Wondering whether a low-carb, high-fat eating style is good for menopause, hormone replacement therapy, athletes, pregnant women, or children?

It’s important to know whether the changes you’re making to your eating style are compatible with where you’re at in your life right now.

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While I’ve seen the keto diet work for all sort of people, at the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel good whatever eating style you’ve chosen.

In today’s video, I share my thoughts on whether the keto diet is good for menopause, keto and perimenopause, following the keto diet while on hormone replacement therapy, ketogenic eating and athletes, keto diets for pregnant women, and whether children should eat keto.

With each section, I’ve provided suggestions on how to optimize your ketogenic diet with one or more of my keto programs.

And! There is a bonus video in today’s post: part 1 of this video series where I answer whether keto is good for men, diabetics, vegans, people without gallbladders, and more.

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NOTE: There was a little error at 5:31 in the video where I say lower FAT instead of lower PROTEIN by 30%. Sorry for the confusion!


  • Will keto work for me if I’m taking hormones?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m in perimenopause?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m in menopause?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m eating high protein low-carb?
  • Will keto work for me if I am an athlete or a super active person?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m pregnant?
  • Will keto work for children?



In part 1 of this series I answer:

  • Will keto work for me if I’m a guy?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m vegan or vegetarian?
  • Will keto work for me if I’m diabetic (type 1 or 2)?
  • Will keto work for me if I want to lose weight?
  • Will keto work for me if I have food allergies?
  • Will keto work for me if I don’t have a gallbladder?
  • Will keto work for me if I’ve had gastric bypass surgery?

Watch it below…

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